Coast Gravity Park Moments - Matty Miles

Nov 4, 2013
by Coastal Crew

From the beginning our crowd funding campaign was all about getting people out on our trails, and behind our vision - not necessarily trying to raise as much money as we could. We were blown away by the backing of the mountain bike community and have now sold over 1300 tickets and have raised almost $60,000! This means now because of your support we can build several new trails and further develop the entire structure of the park! Thank you!!

Help us get closer to our goal, we need your support more than ever. With only 4 days left to get a ticket we encourage everyone to share this video and our crowd funding page. Get behind us and help found the worlds next gravity park!

Questions about the park? Check out our crowd funding page.

Because the response to the park has been so unreal we want to bring you a few more visual treats to keep you excited! This is an ongoing unscheduled series - CGP Moments bring you direct action of riders and their favourite features around the park. Matty Miles rides one of our ramps and demonstrates how we all wish we could whip!!

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If you missed it and are wondering what Coast Gravity Park is all about check our video "An introduction to Coast Gravity Park" to get the full scoop!


CGP Moments #1 - Dylan Dunkerton

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  • + 61
 Mr miles has style for miles
  • + 20
 Where would rather have a season pass to.... Whistler or Coast Gravity Park. Probably the hardest question i would ever be asked
  • + 51
 you wouldn't be a man if you didn't go for both..
  • + 12
 It would probably be a year long pass as Coast Gravity Park...
  • + 3
 I wonder if Coast Gravity will do a summer and winter pass separate? I still say it's win win if you buy both. CGP for when you don't want to make the drive to Whistler and CGP for when Whistler shuts down for winter! Win Win...
  • + 1
 Good point that does sound very appealing, bit of vareity to riding swell
  • + 3
 zalgrath, it takes longer and is more expensive to get to the CGP than Whistler from the Lower Mainland. Don't get me wrong though, it's a dope idea and I'm stoked to hit it up year round.
  • + 2
 Get a summer pass at whistler and a winter pass at CGP, if they aren't doing year long
  • + 0
 Yeah, good luck paying for the ferry every weekend. 45 minutes, not counting the wait or the 30 minute drive on the other side. Maybe I'm bitter because I lived on the coast for 2 year and now they build this.
  • + 1
 ClarkJordanP is 100% correct, unless you work for BC Ferries or can fake a disability you don't have the money for the ferry every weekend lololol
  • + 1
 Sounds like it's a bad ass idea but just the wrong location then. They should have just put a lift on one of the Mt @ the North Shore
  • + 17
 Am I the only one who wishes that these were longer? I don't mean to complain.
  • + 1
 You could not even see the whip take off and landing. It is just a commercial. The park is year round, people will be showing up there.
  • + 2
 Damn. I wish I didn't live 1,000 plus miles away from all the action. Oh well I got my own mini Coast gravity park I have been slaving over....its just on another coast and of course not as bad ass and the dirt over here is so much harder to work with. Also the East coast mountains are more like hills compared to the west. I need to move out there!!!
  • + 1
 The trail and concept looks and sounds amazing .Most people do not know what it takes to build and sustain a good set of trails. They just want to get up and ride. I believe all riders should build their own trails and support the local ones. This one is a little far away for me but if you are far away like me just remember you too can grab a Mcleod and take it to the hills. Every state has a local bike park. You should get involved no matter where it is at....
  • + 2
 if i lived over there id definitely buy a 4 day pass! but the distance......
  • + 2
  • + 11
 What else can I look at?
  • + 1
 The new best 44 Seconds of my day
  • + 0
 Warning: Spoliers to anyone who doesn't want to know all about the park and it's features.
  • + 1
 Goodness aboot!
  • + 1
 Super Nice
  • + 1
 I live there
  • + 0
 Specialized demo 8 Big Grin
  • - 1
 no gloves since, his first video
  • - 3
 that whip tho...
  • + 0
 though, its though
  • + 6
 though it's it's
  • - 1
 i love matty miles
  • - 1
 exploded downtube?
  • + 1
 I must admit it looks a little strange if you look close...
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