Contour 'Where The Trail Ends' Moment - Cam Zink 360 in China

Oct 16, 2012
by CONTOUR Cameras  


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 I dont know... that 4 footer i hit this morning was pretty big....
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 You would have liked my curb hop, then.
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 Why has no "big" bike compant picked him up yet? Get him on Giant with Sorge
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 i cased a bunny hop
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 contour footage looking good for a change
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 I want to see him riding on Santa Cruz V10!
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 You mean you've never heard of Hyper Bicycles? Well you should probably go to your local Wal-mart and check them out...
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 @Icculus19425 Zink is on a "big" bike company, probably one of the biggest in volume. Hyper bikes are sold in every walmart & kmart across the country!!!
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 Isn't this like Iron Horse back in the day? I though I read Eric Carter was running it these days.
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 im no longer doubting Hyper bikes, it survived a 60ft crash across a canyon for christ sakes
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 lol I meant to say "Why has no "real" bike company picked him up yet? And yes I dont doubt hyper bikes, at least the 1 they made for zink I dont doubt.
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 Pretty sure you don't need to tell us how bad ass Zink is. We all saw Rampage. Dude is rad.
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 rampage in the gobi anyone?
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 Rampage World Tour! Virgin, Green River, Gobi, Nepal, Argentina, and Kamloops!
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 wow this pleease^!
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 if rampage is the freeride equivalent of olympics, shouldn't it be held in different locations around the world?
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 "Cam Zink is more bad ass than you" - Captain Obvious on Cam Zink
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 @Icculus19425 Zink is on a "big" bike company, probably one of the biggest in volume. Hyper bikes are sold in every walmart & kmart across the country!!!
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 Starting that line with a 360 drop was cool. Good job Zink, you RULE!
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 Cool video but they should have released this before they posted the most epic helmet video ever aka his crash from rampage.
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 Looks like he's riding on mars!
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 It's really cold on Mars
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 denis80. he use to ride for santa cruz back in the day
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 hell, that 360 looked f*cking gnarly!
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 what happened at 1:15ish?......mountains on the horizon...bam no mountains....go pro's vid of the day don't have that kinda edit jump..just sayin....Zinker your always be the Shiz!
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 Someone clearly edited the headcam footage after the filming.
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 i love u zink
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 I hate the gopro knocking sound, but the quality on this video seems off... 1080p right?
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 You can never really get 1080p with youtube, it's not really a good way to judge video quality from these things- in my opinion. My buddy has a hero 1 that I have borrowed several times, and even with it being an older unit the quality is amazing when you watch the raw file on a computer, but once you upload it online it turns to crap
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 It's shot by a Contour. Gopro > Contour.
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 i caught that
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 True. I do like the look of contour better but the colors seem muted a little. Go pro the colors are vivider but the f-ing fish eye lens and noise suck.
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 holy mother fucker
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 baddest man in mtb
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 oh my god
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 *Go pro

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