Course Check: iXS European Downhill Cup 3 - Pila, Italy

Aug 3, 2013
by Karl Burkat  
On board with Emilie Siegenthaler as she flies down the course in Pila.


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 Pila in Portuguese Means Penis xD watching the go pro video... well, its a big Pila Big Grin
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 Looks like you need a big cock to ride the Pila that fast too!
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 I imagine Ms. Siegenthaler doesn't have a big penis. Maybe some huge ovaries, but not a huge penis.
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 No, Satn, what we need is big balls Big Grin
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 Big balls are hidden inside in this case.
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flag Sontator (Aug 3, 2013 at 12:44) (Below Threshold)
 Maybe she likes a big pila though.
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 Less of that Mr Sontator. I know it's pinkbike and normally you'd get away with saying that but i'm not having it. not today
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 Weoew weoew weoew its the Lennox rider police mobile
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 I apologize for my immature double entender in particular to Ms. Siegenthaler, although i'd have to say the other kids started talking dirty.
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 And Kona, in our country, Cona, means vagina, so lets see some KONA going down PILA
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 good job theres not a mountain range in portugal called "PILA" because describing that you have been riding on PILA all day could prove awkward
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 Great to see some footage from a girl riding the track.. I was there trying that track last week! Really inspiring to watch Emilie on it :-)
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 Next ..vid and voice from Ragot ..pls
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 Emilie has a great voice for this, she should do more. I love how Claudio and Stanny ride, but hearing a female Swiss accent is much more appealing
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 (And I'm guessing attractive) :p
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 i love this girl Big Grin ! especially the "Whoo's"
and she cute bullit.. @

even after workout Wink
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 That was the HOTTEST track preview!
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 That voice and all the innuendos in that video is worthy of a semi.
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 That is fantastic )) How can one not get excited, seriously: " It will, ahhh, be quite hard, ohhh, to ride... hhha aaahhh, here is tight... ohh ahh, wet,...,ohh open section, ahhh Big Grin , I will watch another time, for sure
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 She was riding PILA after all... Smile
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 Wow... Stay classy pinkbike.
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 It was presented by Spank.
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 Maybe it's just me but I have never seen a DH Track with so many Tree Padding's. Amazing Preview.
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 what a hard track !all is in there !rock, roots, fast sectoin, slower section, huge berms, steep sections...exactly the kind of track I wish ride, but not in once, and not in talking !
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 this could be a cool track for the world cup calendar. would love to see how greg minnaar rides between the tapes.
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 I guess i have to take all of these comments as compliments... Cheers guys!
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 We want WC back to Pila ... !!!!
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 I hope that in Pila, there are also many Konas.
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 Rode it last week, That video does not show any where near how steep those rock sections are and in the woods how tight by the yellow pads. Gnarly track excellent footage.
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 A few thoughts that were racing through my head:
- Good riding technique
- Sexy voice and accent
- Nice big kitchen
- Quite technical
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 Jeez, you guys are pathetic. Can't see a woman ride/talk without drawing sleezy innuendo from it? You all need to get laid, ASAP.
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 Yes lets do it! And we ll how they manage the talking in a foreign langage when riding. Its not about how fast the run is. But i guess everybody understood that except you.
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 Whooo - what a great course, whooo, that has to be the most wrapped up protected track I've ever seen, whooo, Hope you do well Emilie. Whooo!
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 sweet course sweet check Smile
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 wow, this many comments and no marriage proposals yet. All jokes aside great riding and thanks for the preview.
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 Ace video! I love her accent! Good rider too! Smile
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 iXS courses always look so fun!
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flag Pavarotcsi (Aug 3, 2013 at 15:22) (Below Threshold)
 Whit that much of pedaling it looks more like an enduro course.
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 It's a race... There are supposed to be pedal sections...
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 Ill be there in just over a week- wohoo!
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 that looks so fun. super fast big drops.
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 awesome track!
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 where can i see this live?
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 In Pila !LOL don't think there is a live broadcast !
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 There isn't a live broadcast, though you can still view some live timing results on the ixs downhill cup site.
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 That was great to watch and what a savage course!
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 That is a sweet looking track
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 Hope WC will hit Pila soon!
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 'Oee, bit tight here' thats's what she said ^^
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 That track looks fooking dirty! I want to ride!
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 Jump Uhhhh,, Juump UUhhhh Jump Uhhhh,, Uhhh fast section, uhhhh jump
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 this chick is come she is not in the WC circuit?
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 why marshall are soldiers?....only in italy...
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 Yeah noticed that too...
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 i was there for the race and apparently because there is not enough volunteers for marshalls so they use the army
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 Snowboarded down that track its sick
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