Videos: Crankworx Red Bull Joyride CONTOUR Footage

Aug 29, 2012
by CONTOUR Cameras  
Andreu Lacondeguy's qualifying run where he took the last drop deep and blew his rear tire:
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Cam McCaul's three runs in the finals:
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Up close and personal footage of Cam Zink's crash:
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 Lol "youve had back surgery before right?" "No." "So thats the only thing you havent broken?" "Gah i guess so"
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 Its a shame. Zink was putting together a really solid run.
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 Awesome pov from Contour. It was hard to watch Zink lay there in excruciating pain, been there too many times myself. Classic dialogue though, "Just give me a minute."
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 Cam's runs were totally wacky. Talk about a happy ending on those first two. Props to Zink, he's one tough S.O.B.
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 McCaul's huge backflip made me feel like I was on an amusement ride!! And side note, tail whips look sick on helmet cam...
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 the contours are looking good! that's some crazy footage, but almost doesn't do the stunts justice, they make it look so damn easy.
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 C Mac's vids were so entertaining. I'm happy he got onto the podium. They must've slowed some shit down, like the first 60' flip he was in the air for 5 seconds? I would think Zink shredded his back pretty good landing like that. His superman was awesome with the bike swinging out sideways. I wonder if the wind did that or if he did it on purpose.
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 Holy sh**. The landings looked perfect in person - watching the helmet cam sends a whole new appreciation for what they have to do out there - over and over again, 100% right.
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 I love Cam's chuckling after every run.
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 contour is more stylish!
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 Damn, Zink's personal video, that's heavy shit..
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 Zink fractured his back according to his brother...props for going huge and pushing the limits. Keep representing Northern Nevada Cam!!!
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 He was out hitting a skatepark with his bro the other day. Should be go to go by Rampage. can't wait to see him throw down there.
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 does anyone know what happened to zink?
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 Zink's alright! Scary crash though.
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 Yes finally a video of the 60 footer
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 I said a bad word screamed like a little girl during cam's first 60' backflip
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 What's with the mellow electronic soundtrack on Cam's videos? That music sounds like a better match for a public tv gardening show.
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 You'd rather have some dubstep like every other annoying soundtrack? lol That track they used fit the bill perfectly IMO, especially with all the slo-mo footage. (Which was well done BTW)
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 Well i must say i'm quite liking the music, anyone know what it is?
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 Am i the only one that got a minor adrenaline rush from watching those?
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 I think that might have hurt, ha. Hope he's ok!
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