Crankworx Whistler 2012: Red Bull Joyride Winning Run

Aug 19, 2012
by Julian Coffey  
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Video by: Aaron LaRocque, Nic Genovese, Karl Heldt, Matt Butterworth, Eric Marciniak, Harrison Mendel, Lear Miller, and Scott Secco


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 Love how Cam McCaul ran into the archway to "keep things interesting" as he put it. Glad to see him up there on the podium, he deserves it.
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 aha love how he ran in to the video tower his other run lol
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 I think he refused to go through the RedBull arch because he's a Rockstar athlete.
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 Congrats to Thomas Genon his winning run was absolutly stunning so much variation in tricks,for Slopestyle riders winning this comp is like winning World Champs.This kid has a great future in Slopestyle and one to look out for.
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 The flip onto the cabin was so rad, and to finish it off with a 3 off the top was amazing. He popped and ripped the tire on the landing and held it together. Great run!
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 the flip was butter. His front flip was probably the most fluid looking ones i have seen yet.
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 Yeah the front flip was nuts , alot of people look awkward when they do it , he made it look easy.
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 Wow, I didn't even notice he blew his tire. That makes that landing even more impressive.
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 What a run! Would've liked to see his second run if martin would've landed the 3 double whip! PROPS for f-flip!
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 That is one of the smoothest front-flips I've ever seen...right down to the landing/run-out.
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 im kind of glad brandon didnt win the fmb tour becuase now it will all come down to rampage
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 hes in 1st still by like 30 points haha
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 kinda bummed that semenuk didnt even get to the finals ...BUT it will make the fight for the fmb world title more interesting to watch making semenuk,pilgrem,soderstrom work for it....btw what happened to sam...thot he was goin 2 ride here???
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 My guess is that when he fell on his flip on the 60 footer he dragged his hands a long way on the dirt and couldn't ride anymore..
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 Sam did ride at Joyride, but he crashed in his first run trying to flip the 60footer and then pulled out afterwards. And yes, can't wait to see who takes the FMB Overall!
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 He did ride but hurt himself first run down
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 Sam, according to his facebook page, broke his bike on the flip attempt; he's not injured
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 Yeh it was his bike that broke not him he seems to be cursed when it comes to crankworks. But props to Genon his run was crazy made even crazier by the wind.
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 nice genon! first is good to see that rigid bike wins that sick slopestyle course, it would be even better if he tried the 60feet. plus he is euro rider, yeh.
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 I hear ya Gordon. It's forsure gonna make for an epic battle at rampage. I still coudn't help but feel horrible for brandon when I saw him wreck both times.
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 Even after watching it 3 times that run gives me shivers. So sick
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 I wonder if it's even sunk in for Genon...quite an accomplishment to say the least. Definitely the most solid run from top-to-bottom on the day - and that front-flip...soooooo smooooooooth!!
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 who the hell is Thomas Genon
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 18 year old from belgium. Ranked 4th up to this event on FMB. Rides 4 the umf team.
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 so many other big namers just shit the bed....pullin for Zink and he eats it to hard first run..can't believe it
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 Well Zink didnt crash under rotating a frontflip. Interesting...
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 never knew he blew his tire
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 What a place to blow the tire, on the last landing, unless he did the filp and 360 with a flat... then there is a whole new respect. Awesome run!
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 Too bad we never found out what Semenuk had cooking for us!
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 .......................................................they call him...............................................harpo
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 he raped his back wheel....
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 Definitely did not see this coming!
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 thatz awesome!!! how old is he?
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 19 shreds old
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 on a HT nonetheless.
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 that was one insane run, no to mention his was on a HT, respect !
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 Genon looks like frodo from lord of the rings
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 what hapend to branden?????????????? Frown
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 What bike the winner used ?
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 I dont know if Semenuk could of topped this run had he not crashed both runs. If he did they would of probably been close to a tie.
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flag gouty (Aug 19, 2012 at 12:49) (Below Threshold)
 The thing with semenuk is that all the tricks that genon put down. Semenuk would've added some little variations to them.
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 So humble, no bling.
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