Video: Creative Shorts Episode 7 - WC7 Norge 2012

May 30, 2013
by Aaron Bartlett  
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The final part in the Creative Shorts series! Steve Smith takes his first win in the World Cup final in Hafjell, Norway.

Music: "The 3rd" by Anitek from the album "Lily":

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 Not that I am not gratetful of the UCI's coverage, but these shorts have proved that their coverage leaves out so many good parts of the course. The Norway coverage, apart from the very start, was pretty darn bland. Then I watch this and see how cool everyone said the course was! They could really use more cameras, or better positioning of the existing ones.
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 the top cablecam was slick having said that...
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 Absolutely. Everything else not so much...
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 I'm really curious why don't use more RC Chopper cams. They used them in Where The Trail Ends and that footage was incredible. They could have it in areas where they couldn't otherwise post up a camera. Maybe there's logistical and legal reasons why they can't, but just imagine the angles!!!!!!!
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flag treymotleyDH (May 30, 2013 at 15:46) (Below Threshold)
 Imagine having being in a heli for 2+ hours in spot. Thats hard on the pilot, on the camera man, and on fuel. they would waste a lot of fuel just sitting there, and fuel cost a lot of money, but it would be sick.
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 The RC Chopper cam could work at Fort William and Pietermaritzberg where there's large open sections, definitely a good idea. But rigging them with all the live feed equipment and keeping them in the air for 3 hours is a problem.
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 I think there was no coverage of the rock garden...
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 These videos are awesome. Hope you guys keep up the great work this year!
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 Great edit. Reminds me of the early earthed series of videos. No flashy camera work, no slow mo, no melodramatic bullshit commentary from clay porter, just shredding. Perfect.
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 1 minute and 21 seconds THAT is how you ride a rock garden!
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 Was than Gwinner that ate it in the rock garden?
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 Yep. It put him out of the race on Sunday too...
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flag Jimmy0 (May 30, 2013 at 10:36) (Below Threshold)
 Doesn't matter still won overall.
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 Ouch you can hear his helmet smack the rock:/
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 well , anyways before he got hoooked up by TLD ( yes because of the SPCLD deal ) he used to wear MX helmets haha
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 Gwin is not riding a Trek anymore. so not in this vid
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 This was 2012
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 This was very SPRUNG like dont you think?
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 YEEES i misss those !
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 Definitely very sprung/earthed vibe
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 These are always great edits. When does the "creative longs" series start?
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 Thanks! It's difficult with the rights issues these days but we might do something similar again next year... Smile
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 Mono, that was sick! Reminded me of the WC sections on Sprung 3! Good stuff mateSmile
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 1min20 : What the hell stevie is so smooth and fast in such a technical part !
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 this was pretty darn cool
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 Gwinn s crash ?
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 Face first, ouch
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 that was a sweet edit
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 Go Stevie!!!
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 too short once again !

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