The Crux & CMND London Jam

Aug 16, 2011
by Jake Davis  
On Sunday the 7th August around 100 riders gathered at Southbank from the second Crux organised London Street Jam. The forecast for the day didn't look too great but a huge number of riders still turned up for the days events. Inside you'll find a photo story of the day and a sweet edit by Angus Sung Photography!

"The second 2011 crux jam, this time round was more of an actual CRUX jam whereas before it was an LDN jam. It was a nice turnout of familiar faces and names that I've seen keenly supporting our daily crux happenings. The jam was a good day, everybody was fresh faced and positive even in the face of torrential rain and shite weather which flooded out two thirds of our planned spots. We had our good friends at CMND bmx helping us with prizes, and Neil's wheels bmx store of whom supplied us a generous amount of prizes and stickers. A big thanks to everyone who came out, rode, watched, bought a T, fought for a sticker and stuck out the typical english weather!"
(Words of Connor Hoskings, The Crux)

Bench Hop to Manual
The day started out with everyone meeting at Southbank. Everyone was warming up and chilling at this point so I left the camera in my bag for the moment until we all moved off to the first spot. This wall and benches proved great for combos and the like with bars and spins being thrown in everywhere! Here Connor goes for a hop to manual.

Loudspeaker heckling
Here the heckling and beatboxing began!

As the rain clouds moved in we headed to our next spot which was a sheltered bank with a bank to wallride opposite. This bank claimed the first flat of the day.. (of which there was many!)

Wallriding a giant pringle at the Crux amp CMND London Jam
We just squeezed in a few runs on this 'Giant Pringle' before we got kicked out by security and the rain fell. If we could have stayed for longer I'm sure there would have been some sweet combos in and out of it!

360 out the bank
The rain fell and unfortunately forced us to move back to Southbank for most of the day. However we made the most of it with Best Trick comps, sticker throws (featured in the edit), games of BIKE and also a Foot Down Tournament!

The Crux T-shirts
Along with amazing stickers The Crux had Connors amazingly designed t-shirts for sale on the day.

After the rain stopped we moved to the final spot, the one everyone had been waiting for. This kids playground is so much fun to ride and everyone threw down on the huge squishy mounds! After a few goes Jacob got this Lawnmower dialled.

The hip proved less popular as after the rain the landing was rather slippy.. After it had dried a bit Max sessioned it for a while for me throwing down clipped Tables and sweet Toboggans.

Toboggan from another angle with Angus Sung filming away in the background for the days edit!

Despite the lack of spots everyone was shattered and slowly the jam came to end with people dispersing as the light began to fade.

Below you will find Angus Sung's bangin' edit from the day. He did an amazing job at getting enough varying footage for a decent length edit considering the weather and lack of different spots!
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Thanks for reading and we hope to see you next year for a bigger and even better Crux & CMND BMX Jam!


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 yeah man! nice write up!!!
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 Next time, we hit Corby. Hard.
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 Jam at Corby would be pretty shit, Corbys busy enough already without there being a jam
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 Nahhh last time there was an mtb jam at corby we pretty much tookover.
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 yeaaaaaahh sick write up man Smile also rad photos as usual!
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 Sick write up and Sick Photos! Good Job Jake!
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