Custom Pink Intense UZZI - We Have A Winner

Oct 29, 2012
by Tyler Maine  

To thank all those that contributed in the battle, a grand prize was drawn at random. The winner of the Custom Pink Intense UZZI is Brent Ratelle and this was his reaction when asked about why he supported and his cycling background:

bigquotesOk..again..WOW! Awesome!

The fundraiser is a good cause, I have donted to them before. I am a thyroid cancer survivor. Mine was caught very early and there was minimal damage, so I was blessed there. I live in the Denver area, originally from Atlanta. I started racing BMX at 10 years of age and still race cruiser. I traveled and raced the NORBA circuit in the 90's semi pro DH and Slalom. I am now 38 and am still downhill riding/racing (just had my first trip to Whislter this summer), 4X/Slalom, XC. I am looking at getting into Enduro/Super D. This bike is pretty much set for that! Thanks again for this fundraiser and opportunity.


Your contributions have gone to:
-Fund support and education programs for young women affected by breast cancer.
-Help support YSC’s mission to ensure no young woman faces breast cancer alone.
-Raise awareness that young women can and do get breast cancer.
-Finally, If you want free stickers like on the chainstay, visit this link.

Go to the following link ( to check out the website and have a little read, it is a great organization, doing super human things for people that need our help.

Thanks to Intense Cycles, Shimano, Loaded Components, Fox, HT and ODI for putting this amazing bike together.


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 Hello, I am the Brent from the contest. Thanks for the props. Sort of had to look twice at the first "you won" email. The biggest thing is all the $$$ everyone coughed up for a good cause. Pinkbike people are a great bunch no matter what country or part of the world you are in!

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 Congratulations Brent, nice to see the prize go to someone who can really appreciate the bike as well as the cause behind it.
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 Stoked that it went to you man! To fight cancer yourself and then go on to support the cause is a great thing. Well deserved now go and get it dirty!
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 This is a great cause but I am disappointed that all the funding is going to women with breast cancer and not a penny to men! Do men dying of breast cancer not matter? Do your research before negative propping please .
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 "Props already given"
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 bighucker, while many of us understand where your coming from, having a Female only cause is great. They really have very few when it comes down to it.

Males have Prostate Cancer ordeals (such as Movember), Colon cancer ordeals (which focus on males for the majority), and many others.

Nothing wrong with it, and don't think guys are being robbed or left aside ever. The popularity of Movember alone on PB is enough that we should do everything we can possible for the females for once.
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 Congrats Brent! Enjoy racing your new sled!!
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 Sounds like it went to a rad guy too!! Congrats!
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 Imagine if Protour had won...
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 As if protour would give money to charity...!
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 at least he'd have a bike for once!
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 Holy crap Brent!!! Good on you brother!!!! Intense, I've known this guy since my first ever race in 1992. He's been a long time supporter of the scene and was an awesome employee of the world famous John Kovachi.

Please post a pic of you in one of your retro pink/yellow/black Kovachi jerseys so I can time warp to the good old days!

This prize could not have gone to a better guy. Stop in NC anytime and look me up.
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 Butch!!! Good idea! Once the bike gets here, I will post some pics with one of John's Jersies!
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 Sounds like he deserves it! Congrats!
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 Don't think there could be a better winner for this awesome bike! Congrats Brent!
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 You know you have to make an edit now!!!! EDIT! EDIT! EDIT!
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 I love the way protour is like a celebrity on pb now ... Everyone just looks for the next dum question/comment
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 yup! shits hilarious bro
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 Protour is celebrity!
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 Glad to hear it went to an avid rider, I am sure it will be loved and paraded around where ever it goes (while also helping the cause!)
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 Bloody brill . Well happy for you mr brent and more happy the money raised .
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 So stoked for you Brent, so glad to hear your an avid rider, enjoy the bike my friend!
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 lets have another one soon!!! but for a banshee legend!
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 Now when someone says to Brent" show me your pink" he can show off his pink ribbon, and his pink bike. Thanks to Pink Bike! Congrats.
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 Looks amazing good luck to you, and if you don't want it I will be only to happy to take it off your hands, gratis of course. Congratulations!!!!!!!
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 Not to be a dick, but why not donate the money to actual research for finding a cure?
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 hopefully they sent you a lot of F@#K CANCER stickers!!!
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 Congrats Brent on the win! Definitely deserved this win! Also, does any one know if you can buy those f*ck cancer stickers? Cause those are pretty sick!
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 Nice man have fun on it! Congrats!!!!!!!!
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 So happy for that guy Big Grin
-better post some videos!
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 ddduuuuuuuude i would ride it, thats hot!
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 Congratulations! That's awesome! Awesome cause!!!
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 Congrats and thank to everybody that has donated and supported.
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 Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( Brent Ratelle) .....
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 do you deserve by now.
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