Video: Deity - Day's Gone

Jun 5, 2013
by DEITY Components  
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The bloodline runs deep in Australia as Tom Hall takes his Cryptkeeper to the sky for the latest Deity edit. Props to Tom Hall, Jack Turner, and Kane Naaraat!
Video: Jack Turner

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  • + 17
 Fleetwood mac is a great band, this is not a terrible song choice. Nice work Deity!
  • - 1
 that was a sick music video.... was i supposed to watch the riding?
  • + 7
 love that tire pop!
  • + 3
 Great ending! Steezeometer just blowed up the tire!
  • + 14
 This songs a classic! more videos need music like this, it just puts on a better vibe than most newer stuff imo
  • + 6
 Yeow! Tom is sick, Song is sick, Adelaide City Dirt is sick!
  • + 6
 Such a wicked video. The song is sick, and Tom was killing it!
  • + 3
 omg....good bking vid, and music in the same mind has just been destroyed by this consternation
  • + 3
 Awesome song choice and steezy shredding
  • + 1
 man so smooth! his bike and body seem to be perfectly set up on all his landings. I'm more likely to land with a thud if I actually make it to the landing.
  • + 1
 he change the fork colour in the video... once it is a grey fork and in other images is a stock fox 831
  • + 1
 Some of these shots are around 6 months apart. There were injuries, bad weather, broken bits and scheduling conflicts, but mostly we were just slow & lazy to bring this edit to life haha.
  • + 2
 Steezy Cheezy! Looking sick
  • + 1
 Whats the name of the HELMET ? ? ? ? I can see its a PROTEC but cant find it on their website
  • + 2
 Yeow! Looking rad man!
  • + 2
 yeah tom! so steezy
  • + 1
 Nice one! Is the second location private?
  • - 3
 Yeah it's just a song, a song that plays for almost the entire length of the edit, Come on guys, I like Fleetwood too, Everywhere's a classic, their stuff just does not work in an edit like this. This song makes it feel like an 80's Pontiac commercial. There's also a reason the video's already been up for a couple hours and only 5 of you have commented... and every single one's been about the "great song" which is just because you saw my comment first and got pissed.

Sorry, but it just doesn't work...
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 This song is awesome, but sick isn't the word i would use to describe it.
  • + 1
 yer boi! haha, I lost it with that last bit, Gnarly man! VOD
  • + 1
 I think I replayed that tire pop more than 20 times
  • + 1
 classic fullcut ?
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