Video: Deathgrip Racing Shreds Silver Star

Aug 6, 2013
by Virtu Media  
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 In my opinion. That was one of there worst race videos. Only a couple shots of the actual race trail and all the same shots. The rest was an interview.
  • 6 3 much talky talk. Show the gnar!!
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 Was only intended to be 90 seconds roughly and not a race video, the interview we just threw in because it shows the guys personalities.

Race videos are done for this year!

Cheers boys! Smile
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 the shots they had were sick but they were ruined by seeing them multiple times throughout the video
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 Oh sorry I thought this was the race video! Didn't mean to hate!
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 It's all good Kurt! Feedback is always welcome and considered for future edits.

We are happy that people even watch our vids! Smile
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 Everytime I see Spencer it takes me back to the Drop-In series , love it
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 You mean Ryan?
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 gay as fuck music come on guys sort it out
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 haha yes I do mean Ryan
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 "Im glad my bike has lots of squish"
couldn't have said it better
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 Finally an edit with decent music. I'm tired of all this pansy music crap that most people put in an extreme sport vid....duh!!
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flag bbk7 (Aug 7, 2013 at 16:43) (Below Threshold)
 what the fuck that was gay as fuck
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 Gotta stay hydrated Smile (0:20)

Good vid guys!
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 For a video to be about you guys racing on any trails, i didn't know you only had to show the same five clips of the track 20 times. It is nice to see more of parts of the trail anywhere, especially at silver star.
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 Glad you liked it. Smile

Not intended as a race coverage video, just us at the races on a normal weekend.

The film crew had a challenging job, getting just shots of us on a tight schedule with limited runs. We asked for fast shots and there's only so many spots on that course that look good on film. They gave us what we wanted and we're happy with their efforts.

We threw in the interview after because I thought it had some good stuff in it. It's just a fun video for us. Something different.

Hope you like the next few.

Cheers! Smile
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 Cool vid! it's fun to see people that never made a video always complaning bout other people work...... until darren berrecloth or matt hunter make an feature and then wet their pant
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 that was alot of fun to watch, it's all about the Grassroots.
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 SO S'PLOSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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 Nice one Battle!
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 Sitting around talking doesn't really show much of the race
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 These guys are trying way to hard...
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 PB lied, there not riding death grips

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