Video: Dominik Raab - One Sixty

Aug 22, 2013
by Tyler Maine  
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Dominik Raab and his Merida One-Sixty take you on a tour in and around his hometown Linz/Austria.

Filmed and edited by Tobias Plank.

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 my 160mm trail bike doesn't do half of that stuff... perhaps i should sent it back for warranty??
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 Try doubling the pressure in your shocks...
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flag VTwintips (Aug 22, 2013 at 17:14) (Below Threshold)
 x firm spring in the front and 280psi + 180 psi in the reserve! I don't get the point of a trail bike if you aren't doing trials types of stuff once in a while. Might as well just have a dh otherwise.
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 @VTwintips - Ummm, the video was cool to see the versatility of the bike and the rider, but seriously? You don't see any other reason to have an AM bike over a DH bike other than to do trials from time to time?

Not sure what type of riding you do, but most of us are buying AM bikes so that we can "enjoy" pedaling up and bombing down...
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 well that too. but it changes the way a trail rides completely... makes little stuff fun.
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 Cool vid, for anyone who enjoyed it check out 'Chris Akrigg - A hill in Spain' Man, I feel like the itunes recommend thing now...
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 Skippy1 I agree. It's hardly trials on a 160mm when there's 7000psi in the fork
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 That duck was sick!!!
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 Are you a concerned vet? Lol
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 That newt was wild!
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 that comment just made my day
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 That duck once gave me a few advices...
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 kinda reminds me of chris akrigg's a hill in spain
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 Similar vibe, not quite as good.
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 my 6 inch cant do any of that cool up and down and jumping stuff, it just goes in and out, Frown
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 Thats what what she said Wink
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 Somebody tell him that bike's not allowed to do that...
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 YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! Good lesson for all you f*ckers that think you need 5 different bikes to cover all the different ways one can be ridden. Wink
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 i got 6 Wink and i wouldnt want to miss any of em.. i can ride trials like this on my 160mm bike too.. (not as frigging good as him but eey) still my trials bike works better.. same as for my DH bike.. to scale it up..
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 It's not the bike its the rider....
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 That's what HE said...
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 Slider shots, jib shots, shots IN FOCUS....what a great display of camera operation. Why can't all video's be like this! Great job Tobias!
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 i own a Merida 150, which has just 10mm less travel, but stuff I can do on it is many times less gnarly. This guy has some superb bike-handling skills. I guess, when one truly CAN ride, he can ride whatever on whatever.
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 The log section was killer!
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 It was really fun to watching this video. He sure has some crazy mad skills to be able to do those tricks. The skinny log rides were just beyond awesome.

However, if you really look at the suspensions (both front and back), they are both locked out so that he can do these trials style tricks. So the 160mm suspensions are completely negated. I am also sure that all of this was done with much more than just 1 take, and some good editing to make it all look this effortless.
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 Amiesen war besser.... I'm pretty sure this was Bavaria / Germany. Looked nice and green.
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 Austria Big Grin
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 definetely not what an enduro bike was made for...but nice riding Smile
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 The riding was cool, but the ants were better... What was the bike? Coolest Merida I've seen.
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 Merida One Sixty Big Grin
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 And the fly that dropped in for a visit was very cool.
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 Sick riding and awesome edit! But I really don't think he gets the whole "enduro" bike concept...
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 Cool video and definitely some skill, but was anyone else just thinking "Chris Akrigg" the whole time...?
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 I was thinking "wtf is going on? This guy rides street, park, trails and trials with a full suspension bike?!"
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 Sick Riding! Got mad skills to make riding that bike like that look so effortless!
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 very much enjoyed that! the scenery at the end with the factory in the background is plain epic!
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 I don`t get it. Why stiffing up AM bike to do trials? You can do it on a DH bike if you want to, but..... why? Its less pleasant. Its not even a good commercial to show a bike doing whats it not meant to do. Props for the rider tho. And Chris Akrigg is a different level Smile
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 i appreciate the bit riding street and skate park on it.. that aint no easy task on a 160mm bike!
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 chris akrigg has been doing this stuff for years. still an awesome video though
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 Loved seeing the full suspension on a cityscape... I would not complain seeing more of that and I'm an HT rider.
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 I have less than 160mm of travel :'(
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 trial on an AM? damn, no excuses anymore Frown
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 That the quarry from Skate 3?
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 i very good looking merida
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 I wasn't expecting *that*!
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 What ever those Factories are putting in the water Must Be alright....
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 Holy prime dirt that stuff looks smooth as butter! Nice riding guys!!
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 Incredible....what's the music, please??
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 What's the song, pilot??????YEAH!!!!
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 1:56 my local trail Big Grin
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 what's the song ?
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