Eurobike 2009 - Friedrichshafen, Germany.

Sep 3, 2009
by Simon Paton  
Wednesday 2nd of September, 07:10 we leave Heathrow Terminal 5 in London courtesy of British Airways on route to Zurich in Switzerland. A two hour coach drive, a quick stop and search of the packed 49 seater coach by the boys in the blue. Finally we're here to bring you what you will be seeing over the next 12 months on the trails.

Fresh 2010 gear inside,Photos by Charles Robertson.

Geax Datura Tyres.
A great looking mud tyre for you that clears mud as good as a Maxxis Wetscream from first initial looks. Not sure that the Italians at Geax are on the ball just yet though. Surely the 2.2 should also be in a dual ply for us downhillers. Both available in a soft racers compound.
2.0” 950grams in dual ply.
2.2” 1.050grams in single ply only.

Geax Synapsis Tyres.
2.4” 1,150grams in dual ply in that soft compound means you will stick to the track like sh1t on a blanket. Nicely ramped knobs will help you roll over anything with those vert walls on the backside for ultimate stopping performance.

Always good to meet up with Brent Foes, the main man himself from 20 miles north of Los Angeles (Pasedena). Let's just hope his house hasn't burned down with all those forest fires that are kicking off.

What's new down at the Foes camp then? The Foes 2:1 Mono has been to weight watchers and is now 2lbs lighter and down to a figure hugging 10.5lbs. No more custom MRPs as they now use a removable ISCG 05 adapter with a few cut outs so that it locks onto the BB shell. Thus meaning if you do whack your chain device you don't snap off your ISCG mounts. Clever? Definitely.

1.5” head tube top and bottom, new bumper stoppers for your fork legs to bounce off.
The back end is 165mm wide though takes a 150mm back wheel.

The swing arm is also narrower near the pivot so stops your ankles and calves getting dented. Extra bonus is there is also easy access to the 2:1 linkage bolts.

Alpinestar were showing their two new neck braces, the red one being the new carbon model. Didn't seem that light and they couldn't give us any weights.

Solid Blade with Gumber Assist – Electric Engine!
130/160mm travel frame with electric motor that assists your pedaling from anywhere between 45minutes and 2.5 hours. Just note the pedaling action does not re-charge the battery. Also the engine will not power the bike alone, therefore no need for a bike license or insurance, MOT etc..

The engine itself is hidden in the seat tube driving straight to the BB, with the battery in the saddle bag. The bike weighs an impressive 16.5kgs which includes the engine at 900grams. XC and All Mountain rides will never be the same again for you.

Reverse Fort Will saddle. As Peter from Solid says, it always rains at Fort William therefore a must have saddle is one with an anti-slip surface when wet. Here it is..

Across A-Flat Pedals.
Here in limited chrome you will impress your trail buddies. 460Grams for the pair with a huge platform that is 107.4mm wide.

As you can see the pins are reverse inserted which is the way forward for pin insertion.

Tollwut frame from Germany with Rohloff 14 speed hub.
Nine inches of big travel, 1 1/8th head tube and 135mm rear hub showing some real German engineering.

"Where's ma parrot"

P-Series Specialized with Elixir 4s, Marzocchi DJ1s and Specialized's Rhythm Lite Tyres.

Answer Pro Taper 780mm wide bars.
335grams and available in 31.8mm clamp only. Two rises to choose from: 12.7mm or 25.4mm with 4 degrees up sweep and 8 degrees back sweep. Colors: Red, Gold or Black.

Euro Girls

Euro Girls

SRAM man, Gary Mullaney, 2007 Boxxer World Champion who took the win from a fumbling Tim Flooks at Fort William.

Rockshox Totem

Rockshox Totem

180mm travel.
2 Step solo air spring and mission control.
Maxxlite FR
Damping adjust, external rebound, low speed and high speed compression with mission control features.

DT Swiss XM 1550 Tricon.
Shimano Centre Lock and adapters for other systems are available.

Dakine Roll Top Bag.
36 liter capacity and 100% waterproof comes in at £84.99

Dakine Blitz Jacket.
Mesh pockets and vents, tie back hood, all for £99.99

Dakine 8 Track short.
Mesh hybrid pockets, none drop fly zip to save you any embarrassing moments along with my favorite: Lift pass pocket on a piece of elastic.

Orange MIII (Don't tell BMW).
Choose from 25 colors or a custom color for £100 extra will make you stand out from the crowd. Frame priced at £499.99

Orange Blood.
135mm back end, maxle, ISCG mounts, five inches of travel, shall I continue?
1 1/8th head tube, 73mm BB and surely a Megavalanche Special?

Stay tuned and we will be back shortly to show you plenty more of this sort of stuff and stay Unclipped of course!

Si Paton..
Maxxis HighRollers 2.5 Dual Ply 29.99 Posted

He mentioned the war!

He mentioned the war!


  • + 10
 white totem looks nice! the graphics on the sanctions are cool, and that painter is a very, very lucky guy Wink Razz
  • + 6
 I second that exactly!!!
  • + 3
 anyone know how much there gonna cost? those forks are so nice!
  • + 5
 Foes bikes are so sick and 2lbs lighter DHS mono with a 16'' air shockDrool .That chopper looking bike is also sweet.
  • + 1
 That pedal assisting engine, in my opinion, is ridiculous. How bout XC/AM riders grow some leg muscles and power the bike entirely themselves. Kinda ruins the point of XC by making it to the top with your own power before enjoying the descent back down.
  • + 3
 Nice write up. Looked like an awesome show.
  • + 1
 Lots of Eurobike videos - a few of them in english (Evil, Transition, Intense, Yeti)
  • + 1
 The Alpinestar carbon Bionic neck support(red one) isn't new,it's been out for 2 years but the white model is quite new in the line up.Still a very nice product.
  • + 1
 yeah, the white one is probably there cheaper model. will be interesting when companies start coming out with there own neck braces and push the prices down to reasonable amounts instead of $250 base models; when you can get a carbon full-face for that much.
  • + 3
 tha orange ht is bleuuuuuuuurgh
  • + 3
 foes bikes will always be the least they're a sick whip
  • + 0
 the Foes is a 160mm rear end, not 165mm. easier access to the linkage bolts is key. hopefully mud clearance has been improved or you'll go throught bearings every year.
  • + 1
 Its a 165 i was there
  • + 1
 show me a photo that says otherwise, cause unless they moved it up 5mm, then it hasnt changed from my DHS 2:1 or from their website
  • + 2
 that rear shock was fucking huge on the foes bike. Diggin the chick!!
  • + 2
 is it just me or are the euro girls not as hot as the interbike girls.
  • + 0
 Anyone else think that Orange MIII looks old, kinda old design not a great fan of that, but the blood looks sweet :p
  • + 2
 Anyone else think the blood looks like a blatent rip of the transition bottlerocket? =P
  • + 1
 the orange short travel bike looks like a double tbhWink
  • + 1
 foes m,ade a great dh bike this year for sure amazing long traval
  • + 1
  • + 1
 2 Step!? Is this a typo?
  • + 1
 tollwut? LOL WUT!
  • + 0
 i love that totem!!!!!!!!
  • + 0
 nice Smile

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