Video: EWS 3 - Les 2 Alpes

Jul 9, 2013
by Tobias Woggon  

Don't miss the videos of the first two races.
Punta Ala
Val d'Allos

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 2:49, the chick in the yoga pants with the dog
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 Nice to see them pushing the limits, Also did anyone notice the orb or something comming out from the girl on the left @ 01:10 around her left calf area?
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 I think it was just an out of focus fly.
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 I really liked this video! A lot of slo-mo shots of suspension action, which I like, and close shots of bikes and gear.

Tire popping seems to be a common problem in enduro. I can't remember seeing that in DH that much. Well, never really followed the DH scene.

Edit: anyone know the song btw?
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 drumsound and bassline smith - through the night
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 Superb video of enduro racing and how some riders manage risk. Makes you wanna ride.
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 I've decided to stick with tubes for the time being......
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 Read about tubes vs tubeless first... u can still bring a tube as a backup
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 Kenda DH tube (2.25mm thick) and 3 - 3.5 bar pressure for a 80kg dude.
My recipee for not flatting. I hate walking a bike.
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 @Regamaro, yes but why would I want to go through the trouble of replacing a tube trail side, a very messy swap at that...nothing kills the flow of a ride like a flat, tubes + stan's = winning here in the SW USA!
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 Just think about it for a sec...

Anything puncturing your tire is also going to puncture your tube 99% of the time.
WIthout tubes you cant get pinch flats. That eliminates 50% of your flats right there.

No tube means less weight(you can shed ~1lb of rotating weight!!!) which is something you can actually feel a performance increase from and you can still and should run stans sealant.

Putting a new tube in trail side definately sucks. But if you're 10km into a trail it might not suck as bad as walking all the way back.
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 That's a Hungarian Vizsla with the yoga pants, uber trail hound!
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 i miss the alps :-(

tubes rule, no tubes drool.
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 tubes suck!

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