New movies in zee house - Earthed 4, Clict 2 and Drift III Reviewed

Feb 14, 2007
by Luc 'Acadian' Albert  
Since the holidays I received some new MTB titles that I've been eager to get my hands on, and let me tell you, they didn't disappoint. Earthed 4, Clict 2 and Drift III are more race oriented Mountain Bike movies – so if that’s your preferred type of footage, then these are sure to get your juices flowing! They've been keeping my DVD player pretty busy....
Earthed 4: Death or Glory

Just when I didn’t think any race oriented MTB movie could possibly get any better than Earthed 3 – Alex Rankin comes along, takes some tapes out of his magical camera and proves me wrong with his new installment Death or Glory.

What can I say about E4? I can't use the term "Banana's" since Steve owns the copyrights for that and I don't want to have to pay royalties. E4 definitely has a mad case of pandemic influenza - SICK, SICK, SICK!! After watching it all I wanted to do is get out of the house and go ride - which is what I ended up doing. This movie is the real deal with some of the sickest footage I have ever seen, all hand picked by master filmmaker Alex Rankin.

As always the racing footy was grand! Even the other non-race riding footage was sweet. Like the Fairclough/Jones bit was awesome - Brandan sure knows how to throw a bike around. The Mojo guys at Isle of Skye made me want to book a plane ticket for Scotland. The a-line type trail footy with Beaumont and the other kids was sweet - made me miss Whistler. Same for the All-Mountain Welsh trail Centres footage with The Don! And what can I say about Kirkcaldie - not the most stylish rider, but he's a pinner and a legend!

As far as racing footage, you’ll be please with tons of coverage from Vigo, Fort William, Willengen, Mont St Anne, Balneario Camboriu in Brazil and to top off the competition segments the World Champs in New Zealand.

As for non-racing footy Earthed has a killer Chris Akrigg section from Japan, some sick riding in Glentress and the Isle of Skye (like mentioned above). A sweet hardtail feature from the Charge Jam as well as the Welsh Tail Centres, Innerleithen and some great filming from New Zealand South Island.

There's also a section for zee ladies, which will put many guys to shame! Heaps of extra footage in the extras too – enough to get you through a few more cold ones! Good stuff!

The only bit which kind of dragged on for me was Markolf Berchtold section. I liked the filler when riders are talking about the race, other riders, etc... but not a fan of all the drunken footy. But that's just my personal opinion.

E4 is the new benchmark in my opinion!

Main Feature Running Time: 70 Minutes plus extras

Buy your own copy HERE.

Clict 2

Clict is a well popular MTB magazine in Australia. Clict 2 is the second videozine installment from Black Phoenix Films (same as the Drift series). If you’ve been fortunate enough to get your hands on a print copy of Clict, then you’ll understand what the video Clict 2 is all about.

I haven’t seen Clict 1, but I really enjoyed Clict 2. It’s a well put movie that truly portrays what the Aussie racing scene is like. Clict 2 is action packed with excellent Aussi DH and MTX racing footage + some extra bits from the 2006 World Championship in Rotura and some UK DJ session.

After watching Clict 2 you understand a bit better why Australians are so damn fast! Racing is in their blood and they appear more comfortable on their bike when both wheels are drifting! Clict 2 has a section dedicated to the kind of drift himself, Mr. Sam Hill. Simply spazstastic - I simply cannot find the words to describe that chapter! All I can say is Thank you Sam!

I like MTX, but in my opinion there was a bit too much of it! Maybe it’s because I rather watch DH footage but the second and third time I watched Clict 2, I found myself fast forwarding many of the MTX sections.

Great soundtrack coupled with footage from the fastest Australian pinners makes for one action packed video. I love watching Australian’s ride their bikes on their home turf. I highly recommend Clict 2, it’s definitely a great addition to your MTB movie collection.

Main Feature Running Time: 50+ Minutes plus extras

Drift III

Yet another great Aussie flick from boys at Black Phoenix Films. The Film is designed to show you exactly what goes thru a pro riders mind and how they deal with a full year on the bike – this through three of Australia’s top Professional riders: Bryn Atkinson, Nathan Rennie and Sam Hill.

Just like Clict 2, Drift III had lots of racing coverage from across Australia. Locations include, Cairns, Buller, Thredbo, Lithgow, Kooralbyn, Blue Mountains, Newcastle, Blackhill, Eildon, Perth, Italy, Scotland and more..

Drift III has even more wild riding by Sam Hill, who came back from injury to win a World Cup Round by over 6 seconds – amazing!! Using a special helmet cam, Drift III has some very interesting footage of Hill, Rennie and Atkinson keep it pinned and going balls out on some popular Australian courses like Eildon and Mt. Buller. Bryn’s helmet footy is from Pila.

Just like Clict 2 – another great racing oriented video that definitely belongs in your MTB movie collection.

Main Feature Running Time: 70 Minutes plus extras


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 I have seen Drift III and its an awesome movie and I love especially the scenes where Sam Hill and some other guys have the helmetcam
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 luc, which vid is your favorite of the 3 ?
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 Jerry, like mentioned in the review - they are all great titles. But I personally prefer E4 :o)

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