Elka Suspension - Interbike 2009

Oct 6, 2009
by Tyler Maine  
While Elka is a relatively new name in the cycling world they have been producing high end suspension products in the motorized segment for many years. Well known within the ATV circles, Elka also has a full line of rear shocks for both street and track use, as well as fork piston kits for road racing motorcycles. Now they are taking that experience and applying it to mountain bikes. Elka takes a slightly different approach than other manufacturers when providing customers with their Stage 5 damper, as they do not have a 'generic tune' to fit most bikes. With so many vastly different rear suspension designs that produce varying leverage ratios, as well as differing needs from the actual riders, Elka sees fit to tune the shock for each specific bike and rider. That strategy has already earned Elka a strong following in the short time they have been available as it has brought a semi-custom tuning option to the average rider, and at a very competitive price.

Check them out inside and see why they are a true player in the rear shock after market and OEM spec market,Last year at Interbike, Patrick and the Elka crew were on hand hoping to get the attention of those in the know and tell them about why they should try Elka rear shocks. One year later and how things have changed. Patrick and the crew are being sought after and even getting their shocks spec'd OEM on select brands for 2010.

Watch the video and let Patrick from Elka Suspension fill you in on their Stage 5 shock:
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Because Elka tunes the Stage 5 for a bike's specific leverage ratio and rider needs, in most cases the shock is very close to being dialed as soon as it's installed on your bike. The adjustments provide a wide and useful range that is relevant to your bike's design. The Stage 5 seems the perfect candidate for those bikes with very low leverage rates, and there seems to be more and more of those springing up lately. Designs with aggressive falling or even rising rates can also be accommodated. It is worth noting that Elka has forgone letting the consumer adjust pressure within the reservoir, instead it is set at the factory leaving you with one less thing to worry about.

Elka Stage 5 external adjustments

• Low speed compression
• High speed compression
• Rebound
• Preload

Anodized aluminum knobs provide a wide range of adjustment

Where great shocks and maple syrup come from!

The following is information supplied from Elka Suspension for you the readers of Pinkbike.com in order to give you the most comprehensive look at their company and bike shocks.

Elka Suspension's Philosophy-

Our goal is to provide our customers with high-performance, quality products backed by the very best in customer service. From the beginning, Elka Suspension has been committed to its customers. We believe that each and every one deserves the same high-quality products and attention as any professional racer, regardless of their riding abilities. We have earned our reputation one customer at a time by offering products that are adapted to their needs, delivered within the fastest turnaround time in the industry and backed by the best customer service.

The unique concept behind the Elka Stage 5 shock-

Elka Suspension’s approach to the mountain bike market is the same that made it successful in other markets such as ATV, Side-by-Side Vehicles and Motorcycles: we analyze the vehicle’s geometry (bike) and adapt our product to get the most out of it. Our customers thus benefit from the same advantages they would get from a personalized suspension tuning (i.e. Push) straight from the factory, without any additional charges.

The Elka concept was specifically developed for downhill racing and gravity-assisted riding. The suspension on those types of bikes needs to address several issues that needs antagonist approaches. Long-travel bikes require stronger overall damping to effectively absorb major impacts but also needs to be sensitive on the smaller bumps and obstacles. Their suspension needs to be plush over rough terrain but still needs to offer efficient pedaling. It also needs to be compliant over small undulations without sacrificing chassis geometry when cornering.

Most competitor products try to provide a “pedaling platform” by exaggerating the damping either at the beginning of the stroke or at very slow shaft speed. Some also provide additional ramping at the end of the stroke to prevent bottoming out. Although this approach may have some advantages, our opinion is that those features were developed to mask a much deeper problem: those shocks have a poorly calibrated damping range that is not adapted to the bike’s suspension design. It’s not surprising to see that most of those competitor products evolved from a cross-country background that was further adapted for gravity riding.

Both low speed and high speed compression adjustments are atop the reservoir

Elka Suspension’s design is a high-speed and low-speed adjustable compression system paired with a standard De Carbon main damping system (shim stack main piston). This design provides infinite internal tuning possibilities and intuitive external adjustability. The hydraulic valving (internal shim stack) can easily be tuned for each bike’s suspension design. The adjustment range then becomes fully usable for the rider, allowing more precise fine-tuning with smaller increments (more precise clicks).

When properly calibrated, this design enables our technicians to dial in the perfect amount of low-speed damping, usually on the strong side. The overall feeling of the suspension that results is firm, nimble, stable and quick. The chassis tends to maintain its ride height, use less travel, reduce unwanted suspension movement and weight transfers do not affect geometry as much. In short, the bike has a strong “platform” feeling throughout the entire travel, the shock reduces the force transmitted to the rider and this general feeling can easily be adjusted in the parking lot via the low-speed compression adjuster.

The main difference between our product and the competition is how it reacts to major impacts, vibrations and in situations where traction is limited. Most competitors are using “poppet valves” systems that are either open or closed based on the pressure building inside the shock upon an impact. With those, you have to compromise between plushness and comfort vs. chassis firmness and bottom-out protection.

Our exclusive high-speed compression circuit is in fact an adjustable progressive blow-off valve, based on a piston and shim stack design that is preloaded by a spring which controls the initial resistance of the valves. The high-speed compression adjustment actually increases or reduces the preload on that spring. The adjustment then controls the threshold where the blow-off circuit opens to reduce the pressure building up in the shock upon an impact. Since this circuit is parallel to the low-speed compression circuit, the transition between the “firm” state and the “plush” state is progressive and smooth and proportional to the force of the impact. In short, the shock is firm unless an impact overcomes the set threshold point and become plush, but only as needed to “erase” any bump or obstacle. The resulting comfort is unique and traction is optimal in every situation.

Elka’s rebound circuit is also a feature that is beneficial for hardcore riders and racers. With a single knob, riders can easily dial in the rebound, yet inside the shock the rebound shim stack is speed-sensitive. The rebound can be fast and nimble (based on the rider’s preferred settings) but still be significantly slower upon major impacts to prevent any “bucking” effect that could catapult the rider off the bike. Unlike competitors that have position-based dual-stage rebound (i.e. RockShox Vivid), the Elka rebound circuit is based on the speed at which the shock goes back to full extension. In our opinion, this is more predictable and much easier to set because the shock will always feel the same over different kind of impacts. This makes it easier to preload the suspension to bunny hop over obstacles without affecting how the shock reacts on big square-edged impacts. Elka’s rebound thus have all the advantages of a high/low-speed rebound circuit (similar to a CaneCreek Double Barrel) without the inherent complexity to adjust the settings.

On a race course, the Elka Stage 5 makes the bike firm and stable, fast and nimble and pedals well. Corner exits are quick and precise because the rear end won’t dive as much and won’t use as much travel unless it's needed. This shock can help a rider gain confidence by providing the impression that the more you throw at it, the more it can handle.

Elka Suspension has always pride itself on providing one of the best customer service in the industry. That’s why we offer a 30-Days Satisfaction Guarantee. Within 30 days from the purchase date, if for any reason a customer is not fully satisfied with their purchase, we will take it back and revalve it for free until complete satisfaction. To our knowledge, no other suspension company offers such security upon purchase.

If you believe that all of the above sounds too good to be true, keep in mind that our products are designed, built and sold by riders who could not find what they were looking for in the market, so they went on to make them. We truly understand the needs of the riders because we also are riders in the first place.

Key Features and Benefits:

•Performance: Better bump absorption and stronger overall damping, which is both faster and more comfortable
•Easy to use: Shock is about 80% preset for the bike model, making fine-tuning simple and making it easy to achieve optimal results
•Price: We offer high and low-speed compression technology at a very competitive price
•Custom-tuning: Our shock features a custom valving for the bike design, with the proper spring for the rider’s weight
•Quality: Elka shocks are crafted from CNC-machined aluminum and only use premium-quality materials
•Durability: All seals are motorcycle-grade quality that can withstand heavy abuse, seal heads use triple seals that were successfully tested above 2000lbs of pressure without leaking

Check to see if Elka currently makes a shock that will mount to your bike.

Information required from customers when ordering:

•Bike model and year: Refer to the provided application list to validate availability for that model and check compatibility of the stock mounting hardware and spring
•Rider’s weight: Allows to select the appropriate spring rate for the rider’s weight on that bike within the application list
•Intended type of riding: May be used to provide further customization if needed, can also be used to select an alternate valving if available
•Customer’s selection: When stock mounting hardware and/or spring is compatible, customer can choose to order the shock with or without them; customer can also choose his preferred spring rate
•Billing and shipping address: Enables Elka to provide after-sale service by linking that information to the unique serial number on the shock and with the complete pedigree of the rider and shock, also needed when drop shipping orders, finally allows traceability in the event of a recall

Elka Suspension Warranty-

Elka Suspension products are guaranteed against any manufacturing defects for a period of one (1) year from the purchase date. This warranty does not cover damages resulting from any of the following situations: obvious abuse of the products, racing accidents, improper installation, disassembly or modifications, unauthorized oil changes, damage occurring during transportation.

30-Days Satisfaction Guaranteed-

We also have a “satisfaction guaranteed” program where if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can simply send us back the products within 30 days to have them revalved for free (you only pay shipping). This is our way to ensure every customer is fully satisfied with our custom-tuning process.

Servicing & Maintenance Schedule-

We recommend servicing to be done once a year for racers and hardcore riders. Recreational riders that don’t ride much can extend the period between servicing to 2 full seasons. Servicing and warranty work can be done by the Elka Factory or any Elka Authorized Service Center. Our power sports Service Centers can also offer basic service.

Frame-Specific tuning-

Although the shock is valved and sprung for your bike model and your weight, it can easily be modified and re-sprung to fit another bike model for a nominal fee. If a length/stroke change is required, it is still possible to modify the shock but it is more expensive because we need to entirely rebuild the shock. Many bikes will still share the same tuning when the shock size, wheel travel and leverage ratio are the same or close, so the shock might even be already compatible, just call our customer service to check.

Titanium Springs-

Elka Suspension offers a titanium spring upgrade to retail customers, which are sourced either from Renton Coil Spring (RCS) or Diverse Suspension Products (DSP), both are priced at 295,00$. We usually recommend going with a DSP spring as they are faster to get and have a better quality.

Frame Compatibility-

Our shock is compatible with most popular, recent frames. Please refer to our application list for specific details. Usually, most bikes that came stock with a Fox, Marzocchi or Manitou shock will be compatible. We only list bikes for which we have checked the fitment but we still have many other frames to evaluate. If a bike is not listed, it might be in development and become available soon so please check with our customer service for any unlisted bike applications.

Spring and mounting hardware compatibility-

•Spring size: 35mm minimum ID, 55mm maximum OD
•Spring compatibility: Fox, Marzocchi, Manitou, CaneCreek, Progressive, Renton (RCS), Diverse (DSP)
•Mounting hardware size: 1/2” DU Bushings (12.7mm)
•Mounting hardware compatibility: Fox, RockShox, Progressive, CaneCreek (non-spherical bearing model)

Additional details and conditions for dealers, distributors and manufacturers-

•All prices on the price list do not include tax or shipping
•All orders must be fully paid before shipping
•All orders are FOB our factory
•Quantity for pricing level is calculated based on annual expected volume, all orders and sizes combined
•We accept “blanket” purchase orders to grant next-level discounts, invoicing is then per release as you need
•A minimum of 10 units is required for custom-tuning as per the customer’s needs
•A minimum of 100 units is required on all orders that require special-designed parts and components

Production delays-

•Our usual production delay is about 10-15 days on orders of less than 50 units
•Minimum production delay is about 15-20 days on orders of 50 to 100 units
•Production delay is 90 days on orders of more than 250 units
•Shipping by Elka is done through FedEx or through the customer’s carrier upon request

Upgrades and options-

•Custom decals are available upon request for OEM customers, quote upon request, minimum order quantity of 1000 decals
•Titanium spring upgrades are available upon request, quote upon request
•Due to high manufacturing costs for titanium springs, these are exclusively available to OEM customers or retail customers
•Custom spring rates, colors and sizes are available upon request, minimum order of 100 units per rate/length, minimum production delay is 4 weeks
•Custom anodizing colors are available upon request, minimum order of 250 units per shock size

After-sales servicing and warranty-

•All Elka products are guaranteed to be free of any manufacturing defects for a period of 1 (one) year
•All shock absorbers undergo extensive quality control, including individual dynamometer testing
•All shock absorbers are engraved with a unique serial number to allow traceability
•Unique serial numbers refer to complete shock pedigree
•Warranty servicing and after-sales servicing in Europe is available through Fast Suspension, France ( www.fast-suspension.com )
•Complementary training on servicing is available at Elka’s factory in Quebec, Canada (travel fees, lodging and food costs not covered)
•Replacement parts, service kits and service manuals are available exclusively to OEM customers and Authorized Service Centers

Below is a list of frequently asked questions that Elka wants to pass along in order to help you out with any questions that you may be having.

What makes your shock different than the other coil shocks on the market?
Our Stage 5 coil shock feature Elka’s intuitive concentric dual high/low-speed compression adjuster, rebound and preload adjustments. The dual compression adjuster allows the rider to set the desired level of plushness and stability without having to compromise for small bump absorption. Unlike most of our competitor’s, this makes it easy to adjust your damping and dial-in your suspension. Also, by working closely with the bike manufactures and our professional riders, we custom-tune each of our shock’s internal valving to maximize the performance for a frame geometry and intended use so the full range of adjustment can effectively be used.

How does your shock feel like compared to the other shocks on the market?
Typically, our shocks tend to have a firm overall feeling which provide good stability under pedaling. The speed-sensitive system acts like an adjustable blow-off that allows the shock to become plush and active upon an impact. The overall feeling is best described as plush yet stable, predictable, comfortable and fast.

What is “custom” about your shocks?
We adapt the damping range for each bike design (leverage ratio, travel, rising or falling rate, etc.) and provide the appropriate spring rate for the rider weight. We are also able to fine-tune the hydraulic internals (valving) to suit specific needs expressed by the customer, whether a manufacturer or individual.

Do you offer a remote reservoir version?
Elka is working hard to offer compatibility with most bikes. We will soon offer a remote reservoir option to ensure OE bike manufactures can design their frames the way they intended. We do not believe bike manufacturers should have to make sacrifices in their frame designs due to the dimensions of the shock.

What bike manufacturers are specing Elka shocks?
At the moment, you can get an Elka shock on the following bike brands straight from the distributor or factory: Corsair Bikes, Cove Bikes (USA), Canfield Brothers, Intense (Canada), Turner (Canada), Tomac (Canada), Morewood (Canada), SolidBikes (Germany), Zumbi Cycles (Poland). Other manufacturers will be added soon as they release information about their 2010 lineup.

What springs do you have available and what’s the retail price?
We offer a variety of popular spring rates in hi-tensile alloy. Check our website for prices, rates and sizes at www.elkasuspension.com or refer to your dealer pricing list. New spring models are constantly being added.

What does it take to become a dealer for your MTB shocks and are there any minimum initial purchase requirements?
Visit our website at www.elkasuspension.com and download our MTB Dealer Application. Complete the dealer application and fax it to our sales department at 450-655-2821. Our inside sales personnel will contact you once you’re approved. There are no initial purchase requirements to become a MTB dealer with Elka.

What is a dealer’s discount on your MTB shocks?
Once a dealer has been approved, we will provide the dealer pricing and discount information. (Note: WE DO NOT give out dealer discounts or pricing to callers unless they have been approved as a dealer.)

Can a dealer order shocks now?
Absolutely. Take all the necessary order information and be sure to note the year and model of bike, the customer’s weight and riding or racing level (Riding: extreme, moderate, enthusiast – Racing: pro, expert, sport, beginner)

Can dealers or retail customers buy Stage 3 or 4 shocks?
No, these will only be available to bike manufacturers for OE models.

Are any Pros currently using the shocks in competition?
Yes, we are working with several pro riders, you can find their names on our website which will also be announcing more riders in the near future.

Will customers have to send their shock to Canada for service or warranty?
We have several service centers worldwide, a complete list is available on our website.

How do I know if your shock can be fitted on a certain bike?
Look for the MTB Application List on our website at www.elkasuspension.com

Can riders and teams get sponsorship from Elka for mountain bike racing?
Look for the MTB Support Program on our website at www.elkasuspension.com

What’s up with the Stage 6 shock previously announced last year?
The Stage 6 model was intended to feature an additional adjustment to allow the rider to adjust the volume of the reservoir. Varying the volume and pressure, was a way that we explored to allow tuning of the bottoming resistance when the shock is deep in travel. After extensive testing, we came to the conclusion that this feature did not provide what we were looking for so we completely canceled this feature. We started working on another system that will make it to market on a revised Stage 6 model to be introduced next year.

Where are your shocks produced?
Like all of Elka products, they are hand-assembled in-house at our factory in Boucherville, Quebec, Canada.

How much does each of your shocks weigh?
Weights all Stage coil shocks will be available soon on our website at www.elkasuspension.com

Which length/stroke combinations do you offer?
We offer the following length/stroke combinations: 7.5x2.0, 7.875x2.0, 7.875x2.25, 8.5x2.5, 8.75x2.75, 9.0x2.75, 9.5x3.0 and 10.5x3.5. Other custom dimensions are available upon request to manufacturers.

Is your MTB shock a scaled-down version of your pit bike shocks?
Absolutely not. Our mountain bike shocks have been specifically designed and tuned for MTB applications.

What spring size can be fitted on your shocks and what size hardware is required?
Our shocks use a standard spring size of (1.37”/35mm min ID) and 1/2” DU bushing mounting hardware.

Do you have a U.S. Distributor or are you shipping dealer direct?
Elka Suspension will be the primary distributor in North America and plans to partner with other global distributors and service centers to ensure all our customers receive excellent technical support and service. We sell directly to OE bike manufacturers, racing teams, independent bike dealers and will also accept retail customer orders when no other options are available.

Will you attend any events this season to offer technical support?
In 2009, we will attend the Sea Otter Classic, Interbike and select NMBS and UCI World Cup events. We will also be offering technical assistance at the Canada and Quebec Cup Series events.

I already sell your power sports products; can I sell mountain bike shocks?
Only if you meet the requirements on our MTB Dealer Application and are approved by Elka.

If my new bike comes equipped with a Stage coil shock, can I have it revalved or upgraded by Elka? (similar service as offered by Push Industries, TF Tuned Shox, CR1, etc.)
Elka will offer custom revalving and rebuild services for all our MTB shocks.

Who does a distributor contact that is interested in selling Elka shocks?
Please contact Patrick Tellier (Director of Marketing & MTB Products Manager) at 1-800-557-0552 ext.227 or by email pat@elkasuspension.com

Who does an OE bike manufacturers contact that is interested in Elka shocks for their bikes?
Please contact Patrick Tellier (Director of Marketing & MTB Products Manager) at 1-800-557-0552 ext.227 or by email pat@elkasuspension.com

Price: $495 CDN and $475 USD (Does not include spring or hardware)

Head over to elkasuspension.com for more information!

Mike "Kakah" Levy


  • 6 0
 There was only one option when I got rid of my POS Fox DHX air, and that was the Elka. The bike rides 10 times better. When designing this shock they got the dampening spot on, it does not feel over damped at all. The small bump compliance is amazing, and at the same time the big hits do not affect it at all. It feels alot like my Boxxer WC in the rear actually. Their customer service is also amazing. When I ordered mine I bumped up the spring rate 100# higher than they rated due to usually finding shocks undersprung. After a day of riding I realized that was a mistake and called Elka to get a 350# spring instead. "No problem, it is already in the mail." No charge, and I received it in a week.
I will back this company for the rest of my riding life!

+ they are Canadian
  • 6 0
 I'd love to have one! My shock just blew this weekend too, so hmmm....
  • 2 0
 ya rear shock problems happen to occour alot like i just got an 09 manitou(idk which 1 cause it doesn't have the sticker cause of treks warrenty) so its like making that sound like taking a hammer to a wal-mart bikeso uh if someone could tell me why that happened.
  • 3 0
 Because it's a Manitou.
  • 1 0
 ya kinda figured that
  • 2 0
 I have heard GREAT things about these shocks. I know a guy who did detailed testing and analysis on this shock plus RC4, CCDB and BOS Stoy. He said that the BOS and Elka blew the others away. But the Elka is a fraction the price of the BOS. I'm eager to try one!
  • 6 1
 Sign me up! Finally a good affordable option to crappy fox and rock shox suspension.
  • 3 0
 We love our Elka units! We will be specking a custom valved Stage 5 on our Katana frame as well as one as an upgrade option for our other bikes
  • 1 0
 I have been extremely happy with my Stage5 for the short amount of time I've been riding it. All technical aspects aside (even though everything technical about this shock is amazing), the main selling point with Elka is their customer service. I guarantee you will never get this type of service with ANY other shock company out there.
  • 1 0
 I have been riding one for 8months now and it has been a great shock. It performs very well and was dialed just how I wanted it from the get go. Worth every penny. Plus their Customer Service is some of the best in the bike industry that I have ever come across. Setting them up can be a pain to get it completely dialed, but the range of adjustment is awesome. My 09 stinky pedals amazingly, but still is plush on the DH stuff. I rarely bottom even with a spring thats too light of a weight. And it just plain looks cool.
  • 1 0
 I have a elka on my orange 224, this is the best shock I've ever owned. never bottoms hard, smooth thoughout it's travel, easy to set-up for verying courses. I've tried the rc4, and dhx 5 and they are no match. Plus to have the shock custom set up for each bike and riding style from the factory is the best way to go.
  • 1 0
 Great detailed product profile...I've got Elka shocks going in the mail this week and I can't wait. They're testing them on the Dyno to verify valving before sending along. I'm stoked to have custom tuned Elka shocks on my Devinci's!
  • 1 0
 homeboy is testing one right now. initially was sent a broken shock that had no damping but elka bent over backward to get a new one sent out like 2 days later w/ a ship label to return the bad shock at no cost to him. So thats pretty cool. So far he says its the best feeling shock hes ever ridden but i dont know where he took it to test it.
  • 1 0
 My buddy blew a DHX5 at Bromont one weekend. Patrick from Elka happened to be there, and let him BORROW a Stage5 for 2 days, free of charge, with no obligation to buy. That's top-notch customer service, and a great way to promote their products by word-of-mouth.
  • 1 0
 ya sounds like they could actually possibly care that people are happy w/ their components
  • 1 0
 One question... how is anyone supposed to know which shock is better? you have top-grade shocks like the RC4, Revox, S'toy, CCDB(Ohlins) and Avalanche shocks, some of which come custom tuned as standard and all do a damn good job....
  • 1 0
 Because RC4= factory tuned, Revox=factory tuned, S'toy= custom tuned but overpriced, Roco= factory tuned, Avalanche= custom tuned nut sure about the price, CCDB= dont remember if it's custom tuned but it's overpriced.
If you want a custom tune shock for your bike that wont cost you an arm and that will have damn good damping characteristics, I personally think elka stage5 is the best option at the moment.
  • 1 0
 S'toy - overpriced depending on where you come from, they're made in France and cost about the same as a RC4 over here - Avvy's are also cheaper than than RC4's and Stoy's
  • 1 0
 Ok, price may vary. But i only heard positive about the stage5 (except the part coming loose inside that is now fixed). In general the performance of the elka is better than most other shock. The only exception is the S-toy and CCDB that are in some cases more appreciated.

I dont even have en elka at the moment but i know what my next shock is gonna be. And considering that the factory is about 1h away from here it's a way to help local industry!
  • 2 2
 Cane Creek and BOS Sextoy dont have bottom out like the RC4
And the RC4 is lighter.

That being said, I run a vivid with a Ti and it works perfectly. I have no high or low speed compression issues, or bottom out issues and the shock is buttery smooth.

My options from here are to either
- Get a BOS, CC or Elka (that are tuned to my bike and weight and style)
- Get my Vivid pushed which will be cheaper, and basically make the Vivid perform at it's optimum peak & be tuned to weight and riding style.

Choices Choices
  • 2 0
 when i was riding with dave weagle his weapon of choice on his turner proto for doing suspension testing was an elka, preformance was top notch
  • 1 0
 Elka is a nice shock, but the only issue I have is their lack of race support at the larger DH events. If you have a problem with your Sram, Fox or Roc Shock, they have factor support at most races.
  • 3 0
 Amazing shock,i try Dhx 5 and the Elka is all the way in front
  • 1 0
 mmmmmm, more competition in the mtn biking suspension field can only only drive quality up and prices to more reasonable levels. i salute you elka suspension!
  • 1 0
 I'm using this shock since half of this summer and it works perfectly. very easy to adjust, lightweight and it looks pretty on my bike! I recommend it to everybody.
  • 1 0
 No IH sunday yet? I tried to get one a while ago, hopefully they will build one.
  • 1 0
 hell yah i want to rock that on my blindside! wonder if they will ever make forks????
  • 1 0
 Seems reasonable. Someone had to release another brand that wasn't something everyone was familiar with. It was about time.
  • 2 4
 I don't know who deleted my post but that was BS! Like I said before I used them for ATV racing. They started off with good quality and customer service then once they got bigger everything went downhill. Their stuff turned to junk and everything that was "custom" was just off the shelf. They were almost out of buisness before they switched to mountain bike suspension.
  • 1 3
 To prove my point even more among the top 20 atv pros in the US 5 years ago about half rode elka. Now only 1 and he won't even finish the year inside the top 15.
  • 2 0
 Admittedly, that's more of a testament to sponsorship monies; it's pretty rare someone rides what they WANT rather than what they're PAID to use. Just because other manufacturers are willing to give their shocks or PAY someone to use them doesn't mean other options suck.
  • 1 0
 i ride one on my 2008 bullit , makes the bike ,,has endless travel,, it is a very nice shock have a look on my profile
  • 2 1
 How much does this shock weights? Looks interesting for me!
  • 2 0
 Just posted a picture of a whole shock and spring at 1040 grams.
  • 1 0
 Wow, this was a really great article. Very thorough and informative.
  • 1 0
 thats sex, can anyone tell me if it will fit a 2009 norco a line?
  • 1 0
 Should have that option on the fit sheet, check the link.
  • 1 0
 I had a 2009 norco team dh with a elka for a bit it was sweet.
  • 1 0
 ooh right cheers, ill look in to it, its a sweet shock Razz
  • 1 0
 im defintly gonna upgrade this over the manitou shocks for my DH bike.
  • 1 0
 im putting one of these on my Intense
  • 1 0
 would look really good with the glory 01
  • 1 0
 I have an avalanch on my 02 dare and love it, custom valved.
  • 1 0
 I ride an Elka and LOVE it on my Cove STD.
  • 1 0
 I have one on an STD as well and it really makes the frame come alive. Much improved rear wheel tracking and a more controlled feeling in every situation over the DHX 5.0 that was on there previously. I'll be posting more information about the Cove STD with the Elka shock on MTBGearTech.com soon.
  • 1 0
 how dose it compar to the cane creek bouble barell
  • 1 0
 mine is in production!
  • 6 7
 nice..but ill stick with fox
  • 1 6
flag STARWARS (Oct 6, 2009 at 5:49) (Below Threshold)
 Me too Razz DHX RC4
  • 1 3
 pretty good article, i wonder how it compares to a cane creek double barrel. this shock is kind of ugly though
  • 2 4
 Oh man,......"5th Element" all over again.

Remember how THEY were going to change the world?

No thanks.
  • 2 5
 this is the best shock I ever had in my M6...
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