Video: Van Steenbergen Last Hit

Nov 26, 2013
by TBS Bike Parts  
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Tom and Bas van Steenbergen have made waves this year both in downhill racing and slope style events. As the 2013 riding season wraps up and the snow starts to fall, the Dutch brothers from Kelowna, BC are still out riding and doing what they do best: throwing some style into riding technical terrain.

The 2013 riding season was challenging as they traveled far and wide, participating in World Cup and BC Cup downhill races, participated in the first ever mountain biking event at X-Games, and getting a last-minute surprise invitation to the Red Bull Rampage. As they head into the off-season, the preparation they’ll put into training and riding will mean that you can expect to see them on podiums and in even more video edits in 2014. Here they are railing berms and sending it off jumps on their local trails.

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 Holy damn... that was one of the most flowy things I ever seen. They look so fast yet at the same like they are not even trying, just playing - it's almost annoying Smile Great edit, great riding!
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 Def. one of the more stylish riders out there. I liked the shot where he gapped the snow-covered wood on that drop. "oh hey this might be a bit slippery... might as well gap the whole thing"
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 yea I noticed it as well. Now that you say it, and I watched it again, there are many spots, when they seem to spontaneously react in the air - "oh! I'll tyre tap that", "high or low, high or low? mnah I'll send it!". I know I'm talking crazy, but that's like acting.

I'm guilty of supporting short travel bike argument and talking plenty of other arguable bollocks, but when a video like that comes, there can be no doubts about it: such flow, such majesty of movement can be achieved ONLY on a DH bike. Hands down to the big bikes.
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 Yeah that plush 8 inches of suspension and being a steezy slope rider helps Wink fluid.
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 Slo-mo editing at its best! lol
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 I don't even have enough internets to watch it yet... but i'll favourite it anyway cos I know it'll be good!
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 That was one of those Videos you get crazy to go out and ride! Sick Editing and Riding!
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 unfortuneatly its night in germany Big Grin
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 and even if it isn't dark, in the woods it's almost slippy as hell, I tested it last weekend with a no grip landing on a little drop, landed and my frontwheel was gone. an me too. Okay, warum schreib ich englisch, ihr versteht mich auch so ;D
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 the dirt here is just soaked up with water and very very slippery, not fun to ride
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 hahaha das erste mal das ich die deutschen unter sich in Pinbike sehe
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 Ich hab deutsch geschrieben ,damits die andern auch verstehen ^^
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 "See ya bud". "Later fag"
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flag bendorrigan (Nov 26, 2013 at 15:16) (Below Threshold)
 that part made me cringe. I can't believe TBS Bike Parts (whoever they are) would put their name and logo on a video that starts off like that. very offensive.
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 Lighten up, Francis
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 yup...that was bullshit. What is this, 1995?
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 Really!? u found it that offensive?? I laughed! that's exactly how we treat each other when we ride! lol u guys need to lighten up abit.
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 People get butthurt over weird things..
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 f*g is a very offensive to harley davidson riders you guys...
lol south park
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 They are brothers.. chill out Mrs. Sensitive. Killed it my dudes!!
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 Always nice to see a couple of Trannies being ridden hard!
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 Bas has become one of my favourite riders with some excellent video segments this year. So smooth.
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 high end video as always - love it! I hope we will see more videos like that one in the future.
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 Bas van Steenbergen= some sick one wheeled action. Sick video boys!!
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 This has made my day! Sick!
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 Sick as always!
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 Wish I could ride a bike like that.
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 This was probably filmed in 3 hours and has more sick shots then my last 3 seasons!
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 Unbelievable scenes! What talent
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 oh the joys of an FS700 Smile
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 Fluid fine, liquid lines.
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 I'm guessing this edit is by Harrison Mendel?
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 Why all the slo motion?!!!!! Totally defeats the purpose of having guys ripping a trail to shreds. Would have been one of the best vids ever if it was played in real time. So annoying
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 Ja macht voll bock aufs fahren aber leider gerade -11C° und fett schnee in bayern! Soon!!!
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 These guys can shred hardcore....epic
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 Whole lotta sidways.
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 best hip ever, last clip. @2:25
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 pretty disappointed i didn't get a chance to rip postil this year
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 So sweet! Keeping my bananas peeled for you bro's next season!
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 These van Steezbergen brothers...
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 Fucking Sick!!! A Lot of Style!! love your riding!
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 Fucking sick! Up there with one of my favourite vids
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 Motivates me to get faster and faster! Big Grin
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 How about some Metallica next time?
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 nice shot nice film
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 Any locals know what trail this is? looks like gillard but not sure
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 looks like postil
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 yeah your right theres hills behind the lake at 2:00
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 Think its a mix of Postil and Gillard.
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