Video: Enduro is the essence of mountain biking

Aug 12, 2012
by Sebastian Doerk  
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bigquotesEnduro to me is trail riding. The actual purist form of mountain biking. Me, my bike, the mountain and most times my buddies. Digne in France is a very unique desert landscape that has flowing, smooth, natural ridges, that create interesting lines to ride, all of the hills. The dirt is super nice with very few rocks in it, so you feel safe if you were to fall. Manfred Stromberg and I headed out there to ride and shoot a special R.E1 video, with Seb Doerk for a few days. It is always fun do ride and shoot with Manfred because he loves riding, bikes and just being out there. Seb is a fun jolly photographer with a big passion for creativity. And he likes to laugh, so we make a great team, taking cheap shots at each other the whole day and laughing a lot. With our ROTWILD E1 trail machines under us, we did just that and we hope you enjoy it. I know that I enjoyed my time with my buddies and had fun shooting the video. - Richie Schley

Last bits of light in the dust

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 i like how in the quote he says the purest form of mtn biking is riding trails (which i completely agree with) yet they are freeriding in the video picking their own lines...
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 Well, when you are Richie Schley, the whole world is a trail.
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 and if others continue to ride the same line it becomes a trail , don't be so caring about labels.
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 Also this is AM/Enduro whatever you want to call it. It's having every avenue of the mountain up for options whether you want to hammer a climb to the top or freeride down a's all up for grabs when you get a trail bike.
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 my trail riding is like freeriding for some and my freeriding is like xc for others... forget about labels and just enjoy your ride
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 The term 'freeriding' is what it Some read that as 'stunt' riding, for some of us, it means...well riding free, riding the the terrain as you see natural. And when you're as bad ass as Richie, then stated above, the whole world is a trail...ultimate freeriding.
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 Just another name given to mountain biking. Designed by manufacturers and advertising funded magazines to fleece the general public again and again. No doubt the wheel will be reinvented next. Does my 6" travel FS with tapered headtube and tubeless wheels make me any happier, no. Get out and ride.
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 Amen brother.
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 Shit,i drove through that region with my bike onboard last week,every single hillside looks like mtb heaven,you can see trails everywhere,i should have dumped off the wife and kids and gone for a blast.
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 riding your bike and having fun doing it! that is the purest form of mountain biking! or any biking for that matter! people please stop with trying to label everything as different from everything else in the world of biking. yes there are differences, but they all stem from what you as an individual want to get from it! and i bet it can all be rolled into one label....FUN!!!!!
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 I thought enduro was a specific racing format. How is this enduro? If it isn't a race that follows the enduro format, it isn't enduro imo. It's just simply riding your mountain bike up and down the trail. Even if you're riding the megavalanche enduro trail, but it isn't during the actual race, it's not enduro.
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 Because 'all mountain' is just soooo 2011 now.
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 Don't get why he's being given neg props ... i too don't understand why they call everything "enduro" now, the premise of enduro is racing, if you're not racing you're doing all-mountain.
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 enduro=all mountain race
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 ENDURO = Freeriding without Shuttles / Cable car

Who cares anyway? Just go out and rip it Smile
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 I think big mountain freeriding is the purist form. just you, a bike, and a goddamn mountain. this looks really fun but its not a full mountain. hence the term "mountain" biking.
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 its a great video but to me that was freeride because where was the up hill climbs?
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 I guess you missed the first few seconds of the video Smile
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 At the beginning
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 26ers....never say die!
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 So enduro is freeriding with half face helmets?
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 i actualy shape the hip a 2.04 and 3.10 funny to see that legend ride that. it's a kind of up side down world
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 loved those dynamic photo sequences
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 Everytime I read enduro i'm like YEAH! cause when i'm thinking MTB i'm thinking enduro! Big Grin
Enduro has it all! uphill, downhill, fast and slow..
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 Looks like fun to me nice job on the video.
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 Great video! Even if it was just a big advert for the ROTWILD R.E1.
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 thats it going to work on my bike
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 That is awesome!!! I want to ride there!!!
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 That was sick!!
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 What Music?
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 The song is from an unreleased album from the band "brad sucks", will be sending you a link once it's official. Cheers
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 cool video, but I'd have to agree with those screaming "freeride". It's just not as gnarly as freeride usually is.
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 anybody know what brand of bikes these guys are riding?
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 Brand is ROTWILD, and the bike is a R.E1
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 2:41 ooh look, a butterfly!
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 Awesome enduro video!
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 Super Enduro!
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