FMB-X-Games Update Tarek Rasouli

Feb 25, 2013 at 0:03
Feb 25, 2013
by Malcolm Mclaws  
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Hi Tarek, just read the exciting news about the FMB & X Games Diamond event. I have a few questions that I'm sure you can answer for me. Ready for a mini interview?

16 riders go into the heats for 2 runs, best score counts, top 10 move to finals. How will the 16 riders be picked, will it be the top 16 in FMB points @ the time the Games open on June 27-30 or will the X-Games decide?

As it is for all Diamond events: the top 12 of the 52 week seeding list will be invited. The deadline for the standings will be 6 weeks prior to X Games Munich, so Red Bull Berg Line will be the last event that will count towards the seeding list.

Will a spot be saved for last year's FMB winner (Semenuk) in the top 16 if he's hurt during the run up to the games and out of the top 16 in points?

That won't be a problem, since he should still be in the top 12 on the 52 week seeding list.

Does the Red Bull Rampage winner (Sorge) get a top 16 invite even though he may be out of the top 16 come game time?

We will discuss this closer to the event, since we pick 4 additional riders to join those top 12 from the seeding list. Sorge is an amazing big mountain rider, but in slopestyle there are so many that deserve the spot - we will evaluate closer to the event. It would help him if he was successful at some Gold level slopestyle events, like Red Bull Berg Line or FISE Montpellier. And of course it would be good for him if he signed up for the tour as well to collect points for the 52 weeks seeding list.

Once the final 10 are chosen will they pick one or two spares, positions 11 & 12 from qualifying, for the finals in case of injury during practice so they will have a full field of 10 into finals?

We definitely want a full field of 10 riders for the finals. The qualis and finals will be on the same day, so all riders will be there. In the end we (event's sports direction/ESPN and FMBA) will decide about it.

Have the judges been picked yet? If so who are they, FMB or X Games judges for this first time event? Can you tell us who they are, names, countries and experience?

Of course we have to choose experienced mountain bike judges that are all certified FMBA judges. Most of them are already picked: guys like Trond Hansen, Aaron Chase, Paul Rak, Axel Jurgens, Tibor Simai will be judging.

Who is doing the design for the slopestyle course, is the X-Games working with the FMB on a design? Are the top FMB riders being consulted on what this first time event course should look like?

The course will be designed by one of our main course builders that has worked on the District Rides, 26TRIX, White Style and other events before. The course design is also looked at by the FMBA and the athletes on the advisory board. Bearclaw will most likely be there during the full build of the course.

Do you see this being primarily a dirt jump style course or will it be more like the Joyride course from Crankworx, a mix of mountain & dirt jump to make a true slopestyle?

It will be a true slopestyle course. It will feature the big jumps, road gaps, hip jumps, drops, satellite dish, step ups, and super booters at the end (similar to Red Bull District Ride).

Since most of the FMB events will be held in Europe before the X Games with some of the major contests coming after X Games like Joyride and Bearclaw's event, will this make it difficult for North American riders to qualify for the X Games? A lot of North American riders don't come over to compete in all these events, so their points totals with be less than the Euro's. Last season Brandon Semenuk won 6 events to jump to the lead near the season's end.

As I mentioned, the FMB World Tour's 52 week seeding list will be counting for the first 12 riders (currently it is 50/50 European and North American riders). In addition, we look for the best mountain bike slopestyle riders (and those 4 additional ones don't have to be necessarily on the FMB World Tour, but of course it helps). We suggest for all riders to make sure to attend events like FISE, Red Bull Berg Line or even some of the Silver events (especially for those guys that have a weak 3rd result which they could improve with a victory at one of those Silver events like Vienna Air King, Swatch Rocket Air or Teva Slopestyle).

Will the FMB hand out medals and trophies for this event or will it just the X-Game medals be awarded?

Like at all events - except at the FMB World Tour finals where the FMBA gives out the overall awards - only the event organizers will give out awards, so yes, the X Games will be giving out the X Games medals.

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  • + 44
 good to hear bearclaw is building the course! stoked!
  • + 14
 Read that bearclaw will most likely be there, instantly stoked to see how well it turns out.
  • + 11
 lacondeguy will be one of the extra riders for sure
  • + 15
 Only if he likes the course and doesn't crack the sh#ts and not ride
  • + 2
 since he is not a member of the fmb world tour Razz
  • + 1
 But apparently he did not score any FMB points in 2012!, according to this list:
  • + 4
 he didnt sign up for the tour
  • + 9
 if lacondeguy isnt in the xgames im not watching.
  • + 1
 He isn't a member, so he doesn't score even participating. He just gets the podiums and $$$
  • + 7
 Tarek Rasouli FTW!
  • + 5
 Oops I wrote that from my wife's acct. Cheers buddy! See you at Eurobike.
  • + 1
 Jeez Tippie. Get it together will ya!!
  • + 2
 I really thought this was gonna be more than just another FMB event. Sounds like the X-Games doesn't play much of a part in it besides the name
  • + 3
 I cnot wait for redbull rampage Smile
  • + 2
 this is going to spice up the entire tour, i predict lots of riders send it to get top 12 results just to qualify
  • + 2
 Glad the claw is Gana be there! Get Randy Spangler to judge!!!!
  • + 1
 Should not be in the FMB.. I actually despise the way the FMB Tour is set up and ran...
  • + 1
 Ya if lacondeguys not there that'll suck that guys style is way best he's awesome
  • + 2
 so stoked to see this first time event coming to my hometown!
  • + 1
 I wonder if people will skip X-Games due to it being X-Games medals not fmb points?
  • + 1
 paul rak as a judge... hes shite.
  • + 2
 good lak
  • + 2
 this is really cool!
  • + 1
 This should be a good event.
  • + 1
 Sweet I was worried judges from the bmx department would be judging
  • + 1
 Not related but that reminded me of the red bull full coverage of joyride, they got Jamie bestwick to do commentary, sure he knows tricks but it's MTB not Bmx *facepalm*
  • + 1
 i know what you mean. i just dont want x games to say oh your apart of us so you have to use our judges
  • + 1
 Yeah haha! That'd be awful, they wouldn't have a clue about the level of commitment and strength to even think about entering a SS event!

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