FOX iRD Suspension Setup App - Eurobike 2012

Aug 28, 2012
by Mike Levy  

FOX iRD Details

• Recommends air pressure and rebound settings
• Offers setup assistance for FOX 32 and 34 forks, Float shocks
• 2013 and forward models
• App available for iPhone, iPad, and Droid
• Availability: early September
• MSRP: free!

For every rider with years of suspension setup experience who can breeze through the setup process - no doubt helped by the knowledge of exactly how they want their fork and shock to feel - there are many more who can be intimidated by the task, or simply don't have the know-how to allow them to get the most from their bike. That is exactly where FOX's Intelligent Ride Dynamics app comes into the picture, allowing riders to quickly and easily tune their Float fork or shock to a close to ideal setup with the help of a phone (the app will be available for both iPhone and Droid) or iPad.

The app guides the rider through the step by step process, starting by entering an ID code that is on 2013 fork and shock models that tells the program exactly what model they have, as well as the factory compression and rebound tune it uses. Next up is rider weight, fully geared up, that can be entered in either metric or imperial, that then allows iRD to calculate an air pressure to start at because it is aware of the air volume size. Every step is there, including the app also reminding the rider to fully open their damper's compression settings
before being asked to get on the bike while wearing all of the gear that they would sport on the trail, allowing the o-rings to settle to where the fork and shock sag point. Recognition software now comes into play as the rider gets off the bike and holds their phone or iPad up to the fork or shock, lining up their suspension with the seal and stanchion outlines shown on the device's screen. iRD reads where the o-ring is sitting on the stanchion tube and tells the rider if any air pressure adjustments are required. Because it knows the rider weight and air pressure in the fork or shock (more pressure requires more rebound damping), it can also suggest a rebound setting to start from.

FOX iRD app

Recognition software locates the o-ring once the fork or shock have been lined up with the outline on the devices screen.

The Future

While the recognition and setup technology may seem like something from the future, FOX is thinking even further down the road. Many riders, especially those here on Pinkbike, can look forward to an updated iRD app that will work with their 36-series Float forks, as well as other long travel, air sprung offerings from FOX that may become available in the future. Besides increased compatibility, there is also the option of FOX pursuing a social sharing feature where riders could upload their setups that they are using for their trails or a particular race course, thereby allowing others to compare what they have been running to other riders of similar weight. Add your phone's GPS capabilities to the equation and the possibility of easily sharing and looking up trail or mountain-specific setups becomes even more obvious.


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 so lettme get this straight. all you old school guys seem to think that this app would be a piece of $hit. and the new schoolers think its pretty cool. well I can tell you what I think from a new comers perspective. This last season was my first season riding mtb of any discipline. admittedly I probably asked people some very stupid questions that made them laugh. and suspension is still a bit of a mystery to me but my knowledge is getting there. having an app like this would allow me to figure out what the factory deems appropriate, and I can dial it in from there myself. but the beginning knowledge is a very very useful thing. being shown step by step, barney style, gives a person a very good bead on how its supposed to be done and with time and many rides that person begins to figure out how to do it themselves. all you old school and highly knowledgeable individuals didnt learn shock and fork set up over night so why make it difficult for people that just learned about the sport and would like to get into more suffer?
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 I think all manufacturers should give a base setting and ball park air pressures/spring rates for your weight, yes youll figure it out eventually by f*cking around with it on a track but how the hell are new people supposed to figure out hi/lo comp and hi/lo rebound?
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 Any setup help is good
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 I elected to read the manual. It isn't that difficult.
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 A lot of people can't afford to buy forks or bikes brand new and rarely does a manual come with a second hand bike or fork.
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 All it takes is to go on the manufacturers website?
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flag your-phantasm (Aug 28, 2012 at 12:50) (Below Threshold)
 says something about fox's complexity to a fault to need an app for that, that being said whether they are hard to set up or not, they work extremely well.
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 I just mess around untill I like the feel, not that hard?!?!
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 there are a shit load of adjustments though, a new rider might for example ride through braking bumps and automatically back off all hi/lo speed conpression when it couldve been good to have a few clicks of high speed or they swap out springs unable to find the roght setting because of all the adjustments, hell even I have issues setting up my 888 now and then
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 finnrambo - yeah, I see your point. I usually start with the sag settings then go from there. There are so many different trails and rider preferences out there that you'll probably end up trading off something along the way. Aside from that I think a rider naturally adapts to what they have. I rode for years not knowing what the knobs on the fork were for. Still had fun. The manuals are still pretty good starting point for someone who knows nothing about suspension theory. The manuals tell you what the knobs are for, you can play the +/- clicking game yourself until it feels right. That's the beauty of external adjustments. I'm not against using portable devices to choose settings but it isn't my default. but hey, whatever floats your boat.
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 well rock shox just says the recommended air setting on their forks for your weight......
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 I totaly agree i read the marzocchi owner manuel for my 888 not much explanation and details. Best way to play with the settings and find something you like.
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 Jesus... Actually not bad for a quick setup! But i think when it goes to the fine tuning its all about your feeling
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 my thoughts exactly, theres quite a few people ripping the piss out of it, if you dont like it, dont use it and move along. im willing to bet a lot of money theres a lot of people with no mechanic experience with suspension quietly celebrating that they dont have to pay for a basic shock tune and can have a pop themselves. its looks to me like a nice quality app, good aftercare if you like to go the extra mile for customers. top marks from me fox
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 Very cool stuff indeed. Even if it is not essential for most people now, it's this R&D that's driving the evolution of equipment and gear forward.
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flag WAKIdesigns (Aug 28, 2012 at 5:36) (Below Threshold)
 evomtb if there are people who can't get it themselves they should save the money and not buy such bikes. I tought a 56yr old lady at my office to set up the SAG in her bike, by telling her only twice how to do it. She even managed to setup the rebound and briefly the compression

If you are so EVO then why do you support the way of thinking that yea you are ignorant - it's all good you have the right to be, the "creators" are working hard so you stay that way - you don't need to think, just ride. If you are so EVO where's your ability for critical thinking? a sort of main component for progression
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 You taught a 56 year old in your office. Good call. But if you weren't there and she wasnt sure the app would be very useful yes?
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flag WAKIdesigns (Aug 28, 2012 at 7:49) (Below Threshold)
 People, for fks sake, it is just an APP made for people knowing little about bikes, to see that there is something like Fox suspension forks alright?! Stop looking for any helpful good will or high tech R&D progress substance in it - It's a fkn commercial, Period!

A Noob will go to the fkng bike shop and ask the mechanic to set the SAG for him/her and fair enough, that's the best thing he could do - holy sht...

Which wanker went on negprop frenzy again?!
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 wakidesigns; shut the f*ck up you self righteous, opinionated knob. for a start i dont need you to highlight the main points of your little speeches with capitals, i am confident i can get the gist of what youre saying without these little pointers. two, from my experiences working in a bikeshop with high end and low end bikes and the buyers for them, there are plenty of people who dont want to think and prove how clever they are with their bike, and actually just love the sport and would be grateful for any free help they can get to get on with it, so youve hit the nail on the head there without even realising it. im very happy for the clever lady who learned from you (I'll ignore the underlining hint of age prejudice) but it might not have occurred to you up high on your ivory tower but some people genuinely may struggle with that sort of thing. and anyway, if youve got the cash, what wrong with having the best bike you can buy? jealous are we? do they not deserve it? shut up. especially if your going to talk crap about progression as well, look at what drood said, even if its wrong its still going to end up drivinig things foward. i dont mind the little bitching sessions you and your fans have, it all aids the general discussion, but if youre going to personalize it and in short, try and call me slow with no capacity for 'critical thinking', take a seat, keyboard warrior

and shut up with that bollocks about evo, my surname is evans, people call me evo.
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 regardless of the breakdown of the app wakaba, it may not be a tool to you, but it will be to the less able.
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flag baca262 (Aug 28, 2012 at 10:09) (Below Threshold)
 how f*cking hard is it for you dimwits to take a ruler or a tape measure, measure how much the ring has moved and divide two numbers to get your sag value (which will probably be a few % more accurate than this stupid "app" can detect)? but nooooooo, you need an app or another underpaid/unqualified "technician" (who more often than not doesn't really know what he's doing and/or can't be bothered to do a proper job) to set it up for you.

this app is just like instagram, people can't be bothered to learn the filters used in FREE photo editing software so they'll pay some dimwit to give them an app.

no one can setup your suspension better than you, you feel how it works underneath you. now, when you have measured and setup your sag (there is no correct sag, some people like 20%, some 40%, see what works for you, generally faster more agressive guys run less sag), take a day to fiddle with the knobs on your shiny 40 (for which if you paid retail, you're a complete sucker and the reason suspension is still so expensive), compression all the way opened and first find the rebound setting you like, then move on to hsc and lsc and make new adjustments on the rebound if you think they would improve things. before i learned to fiddle with suspension i rode my bike setup like a f*cking pogo stick, no wonder i couldn't land a drop and stay in control. when it occurred to me to try and slow down the rebound, a whole new world opened to me, suddenly the bike landed calmly without drama and i almost instantly became more confident and faster.
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flag baca262 (Aug 28, 2012 at 10:22) (Below Threshold)
 message too long, ip reported for possible spamming?! yeah i'm spamming alright.

i wanted to add - with google in this day and age you really have no excuse not to know something, period. in that spitting evomtb wrote i found this - "...just love the sport and would be grateful for any free help they can get to get on with it...". well if you love the sport spending a couple of hours to find out how to enhance your experience shouldn't really be so hard. and in the first part of that sentence, something about people who don't want to think... people who don't want to think should shoot themselves right now, both to not have to think anymore and to make the world a prettier place for me.
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 holy f*ck people, you treat like its somehow autosag! its just a good helpful app for new riders dont hate on it, nobody hated on when cane creek released base settings for the double barrel but your hating on this?! autosag is a joke this app on the other hand is a good idea
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 Anything written below in capitals is intended as a shout. Also I am joking.
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flag baca262 (Aug 28, 2012 at 13:03) (Below Threshold)
 you might want to rephrase that to - WHY ARE COMPANIES ALWAYS TRYING TO FIND NEW WAYS TO RIP OFF THEIR CUSTOMERS!!!!! and yes, IT IS A DISGRACE. why most of you choose to remain oblivious to this is beyond me. might have something to do with that refusing to think thing.

*hint* 2013 and forward models *hint*
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 So help is a bad thing? A company looking to its future is a bad thing? Using technology in new ways is a bad thing? Have i missed something?
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 How is an app for fork set up ripping the customer off by the way. Insinuating i cant think is a pretty poor argument. Would like to see how you explain the disgraceful rip off? The stage is all yours.....
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 you can't even take a hint? seriously?

okay, my premise is that you want to use this app. you have a perfectly fine 2012 model fox fork that will last you at least 2 more years. now you need to BUY a 2013 fork (which you don't really NEED since you already have a perfectly fine fork) to use the app.

if this doesn't turn the lightbulb on for you then by all means, throw your money at fox, hopefully i can devise a similar scheme to get you and others like you to throw money at me too.
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 he does have a point^ they should at least have it on models back to 2010-2011
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 Why would you buy a new fork just for a set up app. But when you do buy your new bike equipped with fox shocks or feel inclined to buy better forks for your existing bike its not a bad insentive. I find it offensive that you are considering me stupid for thinking a set up app is a bad thing.
I would suggest stupidity lies in assuming i would spend a grand (that a thousand pounds) on new forks just to use a set up app. That would be foolish but you imply that is the evil fox empire goal. There is progress with products every year, i am quite happy with that. When i am due to buy a new fork i am sure it will probably be improved upon my last one.
@finnrambo yes extra compatability would be nice and who knows it might happen. The setting info from previous years is archieved and readily available so maybe they will.
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 WAKIdesigns.. Shut up!! I think he had a bad day at the 'office' maybe his boss didn't understand how to set his suspension up..
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 Or maybe he has neither iPod or iPad.. Gutted
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 i feel bad for ppl that 1) cant set up suspension and 2) have an android Big Grin
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 I have android Frown
Its a lifestyle choice!!
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 seems to me baca's got a dick up his ass about people who are so thick they dont deserve to live, it might blow his little mind to know that not everyone gets their intricate knowledge of existance off google like him. also, he cant take sarchasm ahaha @randy badger. poor sod, probably follows a textbook liberal agenda and smokes weed until he sees the light
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 I just dont get why he is so hacked off at an app. Yeah it might swing a few customers fox's way but thats progression isnt it? Rock shox will be dong it soon probably others too. The data fox get will probably help them tailor future products too. Everyone seems down on companies making new products or trying new things. I dont get it. Maybe im just getting old and dont understand.
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 haha only 7 years off forgetting how to set up your sag Wink
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 Cool idea. Setting up sag via air pressure adjustment is relatively easy, but knowing just what lo/hi compression ratio combos for different terrains does gets confusing sometimes. I generally ride by myself. I don't have some seasoned suspension guro to ask. Having some sort of database of the common setups per riding spot would be incredibly helpful. I run RockShox, but think that Fox is on to something great here for the general and/or new rider.

I can see this being helpful for my girlfriend. I'd like to get her a bike soon, and now I'm leaning toward a Fox equipped ride. Depending on the day, she could be riding to class with little more than a small bag or she could be on a trail all day weighted down with water and camera gear. If she could use this app to help her get the smoothest ride possible and therefore not risk aggrivating a previously injured wrist anymore than she has to (which, you know, translates to more time she can actually ride), then I call this deal a win.
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flag polarflux (Aug 28, 2012 at 9:30) (Below Threshold)
 Seriously, unless she is specifically talking about getting herself a bike and rides on a regular basin with her own friends, don't get your girlfriend a bike.
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 Why not @polarflux? I love mountain biking independently of my bf, but it's great that we can share an amazing hobby which gives us an excuse to meet awesome new people and travel to great places. I've dated boys who weren't into the sport and it just wasn't the same.

Mountain biking is kind of a lifestyle and I think we should all work harder at bringing more people into the sport.

....That said, there are defiantly some whiny wimpy b* that I hope I never go riding with again.
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 that last part is awesome^
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 I think you made my point for me...I was saying that unless his girlfriend has her own basis for riding then a fancy bike will not bring them closer together. Usually, the opposite will happen. Couples that play together stay together. Couples that insert a material object into their relationship as a surrogate for intimacy usually devolve into a quivering lump of emotional goo.
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 Shnarf shnarf inserting obect shnarf. Poor word choice!
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 at least he didnt say silicon material object
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 Or dildo!
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 ...or maybe my girlfriend is a student and can't afford a nicer bike of her own, and it would be really nice if I gifted to her a decent trail bike spec'd with suspension that would be easier to tune depending on her varying demands. Everyone loves to knit-pick, but this is a real-world scenerio where Fox has positively influenced at least one buyers choice.
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 Sorry peyton just messing at the expense of polarflux's artless sentancing. Your point is well taken and i agree with you one hundred percent. But read what he wrote and swap the words "material object" for "dildo". The comedy is very difficult to miss.
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 Yeah I really can't help but lol at that one... Although I can see why chicks continue to hate the comments section!
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 Hey, artless?...You laughed! What would relation talk be without innuendo. PeytonP, just friendly advice that could be used universally.
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 I am actually "old school" but I think its a neat idea...there are a looot of people out there you could help with this(the world isn´t only for DH+Enduro rider Smile )...and come on , its for free...from Fox...that must be cool
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 That is bloody awesome, now all we need is a heads up display pair of Oakleys. Maybe linked to a MTB equivalent of Dura ace's Di2 electronic shifting..Gear changes by looking at the gear you require, maybe next year???.
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 That would be AWESOME
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 They have that already but without the gear chamging:
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 what do you do if you run out of ideas? Make a App!!
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 Or write your own App that works better than the other guy's App.
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 finally something free from FOX besides stickers! seriously, if they want to make setting up the sag easier with their forks, maybe they ought to consider laser etching the sag percentage on the stanchions like rock shox does. not everyone owns a smart phone or ipad. just sayn...
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 all suspension manufacturers should do that honestly, getting out the ruler is easy ya but still a pain in the ass, you listening fox/marz/DVO? and hopefully they can work something out for the shock as well
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 cant be accurate if you drop 10mm travel out of a float fork, etching isn't accurate then
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 I totally agree...For the cost of a Fox fork I need more info on the stanchion than the fact it has some uber coating.
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 bkbroiler you have a very good point, but they can put sag in different travels on the stanchion tho...
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 Why are people getting so angry at an app? It won't hurt you or mountain biking. If anything it will encourage newbies to go out and buy some decent forks or shocks which will either help bring the cost down on new forks if more people are buying them, or at the very least, mean there will be more "barely used" second hand suspension goodies for sale on here as people upgrade to higher spec stuff. Either way it's not gonna harm anyone so lets just chill people and just enjoy riding our bikes - however they're set up !
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 iPhone/Pads will soon be telling you the correct way on how to ripe your own arse!
  • 20 0
 I need a ripe arse??
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 oaps! you knew what i ment haha! im welsh what do you expect Smile
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 Of course I did dude. Had quite the chuckle though.
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 This app looks pretty cool and should help out people new to the sport with their suspension setup. Setting up air based suspension isn't too hard, (unless you are running a CCDB air), but I can see the usefulness of the app. I do wish Fox would add support for the past couple of years of forks though.
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 Great Idea!! I'v been setting up suspention for people since the manitu 2 and there is nothing better than bringing an electronic chart along with you, your only other option.... a pen and paper. I got my first FIT equiped fork this year, it took me forever to setup and eventually, I got it. It would have been nice to know what the factor reccomended settings should be for someone on a medium size dh bike who weights 152lbs soking wet with sand in their pockets, you wouldnt beleive how many 170lbs+ idiots compressed my fork and yelled out, "this is way too soft!!!" in the chairlift line. Maybe those fools will get the message when theres a calculator working for them.
And stop touching my bike you fat losers!!!!
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 This is a great idea, but of course they should make it applicable to older forks. Since its going to be based on an ID code on the shocks, we may be able to figure out what codes to use for the older products.

Haha, or PUSH could sell ID codes for the older forks for $5.
  • 2 0
 Even if you had the ID codes for the old fork, someone would still have to load the specifications into the app before it would recognize everything. My bet is since they aren't available in the app currently, they only loaded settings for the 2013 forks. I do agree though, they should backtrack and release settings for at least 2-3 years back.
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 Next step is chips built into our forks and shocks that will integrate with an app like this to tell you how you could improve on your suspension set up for your riding style and weight Smile I look forward to that because i suck at setting up suspension.
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 That would be awesome
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 Sounds like a great idea, and I'm sure once it is more publicized it's not going to hurt fox sales. If your going to try and say suspension tuning was not intimidating when you first started riding its because your buddy was right there and knew what they were doing. Another thing to entice someone to buy that bike and get out to enjoy the trails such a horrible thing for Mountain Biking...
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 how about make one that can be used as a diagnostic tool for coil forks. eg you tell it that the fork feels too spongy. then it would tell you increase the preload (that is right aint it, fairly new myself) essentially the same as the website but more accessible. you could even get reminders of service intervals, tips on maintenance and required oil levels......none of this is needed but it but it would take some hassle out of setting it up on the fly as i had to do it at home with my laptop outside
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 Tough crowd! Never thought an app would elicit so much freakn rage. I doubt Fox thought this would be the end all solution to suspension set up. Use it or don't. I hope they continue with this. Maybe someday we can all have tech techs to help dial in/improve our riding. Progress is a journey not a destination. I thought this was supposed to be fun.
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 If it works I think it's a great idea. Most people have no idea how to set up their suspension and if this helps them then great.
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 First thought: Complete crap payed by fox users paying high prices for the forks.
Second thought: Should better invest in development of the products than in an app or lower prices.
Third thought: maybe they USE the data collected in that app to get information on how the fox suspension is being set up and used by the user, to collect feedback for further developments... then would say it eventually might be of some value...
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 wow thats a pretty good way to look at it.

i also thought it was funny that its ONLY 2013 forks, i wonder what they are trying to get you to do here Wink
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 It seems that these days you can't brush your teeth without an app , is it that hard to calculate 25% of travel and measure it with a tape measure , calipers , ruler?
IF you can outride your suspension settings then you will know how to tune it for your self. until then JUST RIDE!.
IF you don't know how to deal with suspension settings do yourself a favor and get a simple model without a gazillion adjustments!.

ASS wiping app FTW!
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you cant expect people to think out of the box now a days tho, that would just require too much common sense that people just dont have... on another note, this is a cool app, but i still wouldnt use it. i like messing around with all my adjustments.

i learned all i know about mtb suspension just by a few google searches and tearing my fox apart to lower it 20mm. when i first started riding 26" i thought forks were a lot more complicated then they actually are. USE GOOGLE ITS YOUR FRIEND.
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 I learned all my settings by using them and feeling the difference. Gives you a great understanding of what is there and when to adjust it. I mean as long as you adjust one at a time and have the factory settings in hand you can't really go wrong.
  • 2 1
 Not sure why they couldnt apply this to pre 2013 models. Personally, I think figuring out how to fiddle with your fork/shocks yourself is what enables to you to really learn how it all works. Its that tinkering and trial and error process that really allows the understanding for what does what. But thats just me.
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 that's all there is to it until you get interested in custom shimstack tuning but people are too lazy/consider themselves mentally inept.

you have a brain, therefore use it, you don't need someone else to think for you, especially not a stupid piece of software.

it can't be applied to older models because you need to buy new products.
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 its only 2013 for a reason... think about it Wink
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 someone correct me if I'm wrong but all it does it help you set air pressure. Kinda an over the top solution to a problem rockshox fixed ages ago by putting sag rulers on the stanchions...
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 you dont have to be a suspension engineer to get a good setup on your bike i know a fair bit but the best way to tune your suspension is to give adjustments one click and do a run etc. until you got it dialed.
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 On another note guys, set up app aside in the uk fox are pretty harsh regarding warranty and you have to provide proof of adequate service at thier ridiculously regular intervals. Anyone experience this in other parts of the world?
It swung me to marzocchi with three year fit and forget policy.
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 I like knowing technical things. I like using my brain. I truly like earning my stripes. I'll do it the old timer way more over, I've got a coil rc4. I dig tech but, calling the possession of a crummy plastic disposable android a "lifestyle" is going quite to far with the mechanism of correspondence.
  • 1 0
 It's a joke. British sarcasm seems totally lost on here. I was implying that because I haven't opted for the social norm "iphone" as a device, I have adopted a crazy radically different lifestyle. I don't actually mean it really.
It's like saying "I really enjoy having a hangover,i wish I could have them more"
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 The price for the app will be 0 - but they will add some dollars for the regular products.
What if I am not interested in all those IT geek stuff?
  • 15 1
 Then you don't have to use them..
  • 10 12
 Then you are stopping the progression of mountain biking! If there was more people like you (and me) we would still ride on cantilevers!

Fox has dumped so much bullsht lately that I've run out of rebound to compensate... a mental bottom out
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 hahaha yeah! 2014 Forks will come with some USB interfaces lol
  • 3 0
 What a brilliant idea for an app. Super helpful.
Bet my "Angry birds" app gets used more though Smile
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 I think this is meant to replace the old setup tables that used to never get delivered with your bike becuase the shops lose them before you get your bike! It is also a complicated way to replace a PDF!
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 Thanks to google it took me about 30 seconds to find install, setup and service guides for the second hand fox vanillas I just bought.

Whilst the service guide is understandably complex, the install and setup guides are very simple.

Note to self: when picking up forks from the post office on your bike, remember that they might come in a box which is a lot larger than the forks themselves ;-)
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 I think we're on the same page. As long I as can download the setup table for my fork or shock, I'm happy. Gadgets are great but more of a novelty to me than anything. I'm not sure if Fox still does it but they used to have amazing videos online that would show you how to do all operations on their stuff. Right down to a complete rebuild. Not that's really useful for the home mechanic.
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 Sounds really great! When i got into mountain biking couple a years ago, it really took some time understand the suspension completely. I'm really waiting to see what the app can do in reality.
  • 2 0
 For me and im sure many others this is a waste of time and money...but for someone who is new with suspension it will help greatly...and for that reason alone, I like it!
  • 3 0
 I like RockShox idea put some %sag gradients on the fork leg or shock and be done with it. very easy to understand.
  • 2 0
 An incredible idea just to get a base setting on a new set up. Personally I don't really use the setting recommended by the manual but I certainly start of with them.
  • 1 1
 App to set up air pressure & rebound, then use CTD for the rest of settings.. I think Fox gives us suspension set-up according to their theory, not how we ride.

The app might come in handy, but iPhone and iPad are expensive. If I buy a bike specced with Fox suspension, probably I don't have any money left to buy iPhone/iPad. So I'll stick with messing around the knobs until I found the settings I like.
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 Its a free app, it doesn't matter if you get it or not! its not going to cost you anything so why does it matter if its good or not? Anything free is good surely, apart from STI's. Keep it safe guys!
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 still is a fun optionwhit the apps , but fox are easy to setup at least it was for me but this is going the right way
  • 1 0
 Everyone's looking WAAAAY to deeply into this. It's a FREE app that Fox made to help you set up sag without a ruler. Some people will download it, some won't. Simple...
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 Most apps are toys for entertainment. Most riders have no clue how to set up their fork. This app is a great starting point. Too bad peeps that own this app will not use it because you have to read n stuff. Too much work!.....let's ride!
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 Simply put some measure lines on a stanchion, like RS does, will solve it simply...
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 Too bad it's not for models 2011 and up, but is it really needed anyway?
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 Considering the price of Fox, this better be free!
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 *checks calendar*

Nope, not even close to April 1st.
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 So I need a $600 Ipad to set up my $1,000 fork? NICE Learn the normal way and stop this foolishness you sheep. You will be a much better rider if you understand how your suspension works.
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 I guess I'm way too old school for that.
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 Still not available on UK app store!
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 What a load of shite
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 Another prime example of Fox using fancy tech to undermine the fact that their product DOESNT WORK!
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 how to mastering Fox suspension setup: buy a Fox fork and an iPad. ~~~~ that would be cost me lot of $$$..
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 Too bad that Fox is tying this app to only their 2013 shocks going forward. Fat good it does me with my 2011 Talas. Not that I need the app to set up my gear, but it would be nice to know that the app is more than a marketing tool to reel fools into their court. On the knowledge front, the shop you get your fork from should be able to tell you how to set up the sag and what the various dials are meant to do. Its amazing to me how many of the shlubs I ride with have no idea what the various suspension adjustments are used for. Of course, some of these same people are grown men who destroy drive trains on a regular basis because they still have not mastered the basics of shifting. I guess its down to mechanical inclination for most of this stuff. Maybe an app for dummies is a good idea.
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 now I'll need an Ipad compartiment in my bag $$
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 at this rate iphones and ipads will be our suspension!
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