First Look - Alpinestars 2014 MTB Range

Jun 17, 2014
by Matt Wragg  
Alpinestars are a company that like to take their time and do things properly. As one of the biggest names in protective clothing in auto and motorsports, they began their involvement with mountain biking in the early 90s. With the Honda G-Cross programme launching in 2003 made a huge impact when they returned in downhill and began a process that has taken them another decade to bring to fruition. The kits that Greg Minnaar, Matti Lehikoinen, Brendan Fairclough and Cyril Kurtz wore aboard those Hondas were iconic. 2014 sees their most complete mountain bike range yet, which we took a look at when we visited their European headquarters in Asolo, Italy.

Drop: Enduro

The Drop shorts and jersey is their Enduro race wear - the aim was to create clothing light enough to ride in all day, but tough enough for rough trails. Visually it is closer to their downhill kit, as it is race wear, but it is much lighter. The top is made from an advanced poly-fabric to help wick away moisture and control your temperature. It is loose fitting, with the back coming lower down to keep you covered when you are stretched forwards pedalling. There are some nice, useful features, like a terry cloth goggle wipe and a side pocket to take a smartphone or MP3 player. The shorts are made of several different materials, depending on the need for each part of the short, in the seat area there are no seams to make them as comfortable in the saddle as possible. Inside there is removable chamois padding. The pads are their lightweight Fierce knee and elbow pads and they are paired with their Aero gloves .


Sight: Downhill

The Sight downhill gear is the direct descendant of the Honda G-Cross programme. The jersey and shorts are heavier, to deal with the demands of downhill racing, but use a clever layout of different materials and mesh vents to offer airflow and movement. The Moab knee protectors that accompany them are the burliest Alpinestars make, with hard shell protectors on the key contact areas. The Gravity glove that accompanies the outfit are a lightweight option, without protection on the knuckles, but with external reinforcements on the fingers.


All-Mountain: Waterproof

The All-Mountain jacket is their ultra-lightweight waterproof. It is made of a breathable two layer rip-stop main shell with reinforced interior lining for durability and features a storm hood.


Pathfinder: Trail

The Pathfinder clothing is Alpinestars' lightest trail clothing. The t-shirt is an advanced poly-fabric blend, so it's more comfortable and dries faster than an ordinary t-shirt, but is low-key enough to wear for a beer after riding. the shorts are a technical, multi-panel construction with nicely thought out features, like a seamless crotch for maximum comfort


Nemesis: XC

The Nemesis clothing plain surprised us, as we didn't expect Alpinestars to make full XC lycra. The shorts are a body-mapped bib design for maximum comfort. The jersey is as light as you like and comes with a good set of pockets and silicon bands to hold it in place as you ride.



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 The maniqine just makes the stuff look rubbish. I think they should do one on a slightly over weight maniqine with moobs so i can see if its going to look ok on me rather than some uber skinny dude who looks like he's never had a pie in his life.
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 The fitter I get the more pie I eat
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 I love that Moto companies are realizing (or have already realized) there is a huge demand for MTB gear, with many demographics.
I think O'neal (Azonic) was one of the first to jump in. I've always liked there stuff because they are local here in my county, even if its not always the best looking stuff. Troy Lee on the other hand always seems to be a trend setter.
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 Nice looking gear but why no prices???
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 You don't want to know
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 Good to see a hooded rain jacket. Hopefully its well vented and under $75.
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 how would you feel about $199?
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 I feel that may ancient Sombrio storm jacket can hang on for another season, or eight.
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 yeah I might have an old Roach jacket with some life left in it.
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 I bought the Pathfinder shorts two weeks ago for €110, I doubt you'll be able to get the jacket for less.
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 jrocksdh, what are you, on crack? On what planet can you get a 2.5-ply waterproof/breathable jacket for $75, it's also rip-stop and rated to 15k waterproof and 10k breathable.
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 royal racing a good bit cheaper in the uk and great quality, I had one of there jackets for 6 years and still like new..
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 You're paying for quality products though. I wear A-Stars M/cycle boots and jacket and can recommend it to anybody. And TLD products aren't two-a-penny either!
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 In all, that stuff looks good. Except the "enduro" series. Looks like MX-gear anno 1997.
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 What's with all this craze of "enduro" like its something new to the sport. Does nobody remember Super D or All Mountain...its all the same. Just different names
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 Yaaaawn, shitting on "enduro" products is getting very old.

Almost makes me wish fot the days of "looks like a Trek".... Almost.
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 what is this "enduro" you speak of my good sirs?
  • 12 3
 I bought an all-mountain bike, yet people keep mistaking it for an enduro bike Frown
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 Well it looks like a trek then
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 Enduro is a race format that "am, trail, and xc" bikes are used, depending on the terrain.
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 I'm still surprised Specialized hasn't sued the entire bike industry for use of the word Enduro.
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 Agreed, although that "enduro" gear looks like something you'd only want to wear at a race. A bit too loud for everyday trail use. So calling it enduro clothing seems appropriate.
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 Ya....especially since enduro isnt a RACE format....
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 Some waterproof dh shorts would be nice. Its crap having a wet arse after your first run.
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 They have some coming for this Fall, they are called the Outrider WR short. The ass, back side and crotch are waterproof, the front is breathable 4-way stretch (for fit).
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 That would be ideal for british summer, maybe not enough for british winter. But its a great start.
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 The last time I wore Alpinestars gear was when I still had my 400cc CRF. Kinda stoked to see some MTB stuff coming out from a legendary company
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 didn't know they even made a crf400.. that must have been a while ago!
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 CRF450 or XR400?? lol
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 It was a 450, minor mistake
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 I've been wearing Astars for the last 4 years and it's high quality stuff. I tend to crash a lot and the only things I seem to tear are the large A's that are always on the pants, stitching sometimes breaks in a heavy crash. But that happens with any brand.

Today my new kits will arrive Big Grin have to say that Sight kit really is the business, short, pant, jersey everything fits nice and tight (on a non pie eating mothafocka)
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 i love the downhill jersey
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 Ya its looks not bad. Just luv tld pjs too much!
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 I love the fabric they use for shirts... it's quite stronger (albeit a bit heavier) than other brands. My A-Stars shirts have sustained heavy crashes without suffering any "lethal" scratch (just bruises)... A++++++++++++
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 Some pretty tidy looking stuff right there...
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 Think the gear looks good and their products are always quality! I still have my Alpinestar Almega hard tail, may have to take it back out on the trail sometime.
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 Where does the mannequin in the yellow number 2 clothing keep disappearing to?
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 Just going for a quick ride.
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 Nice looking gear! No easter egg pastel colors in this line up. Razz
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 Why does the maniqine in the first picture look like it's striking a girly pose
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 Cause enduro
  • 2 1
 i always find alpinestar and dakine riding gear so similar
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 Are they just dropping their 2014 gear? lol
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 Why the move away from knuckle protection with gloves?
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 Knuckle guards are overkill on any glove except for street. Never in 20ish years of riding have I crashed and said "damn.. should've had knuckle guards."

Not to mention they add at LEAST 12.23 grams. Maybe even 12.3.
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 True story^^
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 I have GOT to stop punching rocks.
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