First Look: O'Neal's Torque SPD Shoe and Minnaar Signature Series Kit - Sea Otter 2013

Apr 23, 2013
by Mike Kazimer  
In North America, O'Neal is commonly associated with motocross apparel, while in Europe the name is linked more closely with cycling. With the signing of Greg Minnaar, the company has demonstrated their desire to grow the mountain bike side of the business on both sides of the pond. Minnaar has his own signature series, a line of clothing designed with input from the two-time world champion himself, with the goal being to create functional and fashionable apparel suitable for World Cup level racing. Minnaar's new kit, the same one he'll be wearing when the World Cup kicks off at Fort William, was tucked away inside the O'Neal trailer at Sea Otter. We took a look at the jersey and shorts, along with an SPD compatible shoe that's on its way to the market. The shoe isn't part of the Minnaar Signature series since Greg still rides for 5.10.

Greg Minnaar Signature Series Clothing

Minnaar's race kit for 2013 is a "look-at-me" red color, which will go well with the Santa Cruz Syndicate's black and red color scheme. The jersey and shorts are both constructed from a light weight, ventilated fabric to prevent overheating during those sprints to the finish line. The shorts have a zippered fly and a ratchet closure at the waist, with stretch panels in the inner thigh and lower back portion to prevent them from bunching up during pedalling. There are matching glove to tie it all together. Minnaar will be wearing the kit at Fort William, but the clothing should be available for the public by Eurobike. MSRP for the short is $110 USD, and the jersey will retail for $72 USD.

Torque SPD Shoes

The Torque SPD shoe is currently worn by a number of pros on the DH race circuit who appreciate its fit and overall comfort. For 2014 the Torque will be available in five different colors - red, green, orange, black and white, and blue. O'Neal wants to bring more color to the world of mountain bike shoes, letting riders choose a performance oriented shoe that still appeals to their fashion sense. The SPD compatible lace up shoe has a higher inner cuff to provide a bit of padding around the ankle bone, protecting it from impacts with the crank arm. The shoe will retail for $130 USD, and should be available by Eurobike in late August.

O'Neal also has an all-mountain helmet available, which, while the production model was not on hand for photos, looks to have the large vents and extended-back-of-the-head coverage styling that all-mountain riders and enduro racers are looking for.


  • + 45
 Where's the blonde broad? This kit is useless without her
  • + 3
 Signature kit is never complete without one of them !!!
  • + 27
 Look like Minnaar - $312.00
Have his bike -$8,500.00
Ride like him - Priceless.
  • + 10
 i think the all the Signature Series products coming out are kinda pointless. it all seems like a way to bring in more money.
  • + 4
 I completely agree, I am all for rider input into products, but I don't understand why their name has to be on it or we have to pay way more for it just because they helped it's development. DMR Brendog Pedals, Steve Peat Everything, AT Signature Bar and Stem, who cares?! All you guys changed was the colours and put their name on it. Not worth paying for! If your team riders don't like what you have, there are probably others out their that feel the same way, but they shouldn't have to pay more for having the same preferences in colours as a pro.
  • + 18
 You don't say. I thought they were releasing new products to lose money.
  • + 3
 rockshox got it pretty dialed on that front "hey let's release a shock and not sell it immediately so that nobody will buy our other shocks until it's released" same with brands showing off products that won't be available until 2014
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 its for the trend whores and followers.. since MTB took a giant leap into the populair scene.. we gained a lot of trend whores.. who want to be somebody..
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 All my kit is signature series; my signature.
I am getting old see and I can't remember where I leave stuff, then when my mates find it they give it back.
  • + 2
 They make signature products because the sponsors want there riders to be riding what they like to ride and not the bog standard products! If they chose not to sell them like rock shox chose not to sell there 2014 dh shock that they chose to keep for only there pro riders, they you just have loads of people moaning about not being alloud so as annoying as it is to have a signature, more expensive product, in EVERYTHING it seems they do it to please not just there riders but some of the customers as well
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 To clarify - the O'neal shoes are not Minnaar signature series. "O'Neal's Torque SPD Shoe AND Minnaar Signature Series Kit"
He can still have his 5-10 deal.
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 "O'Neal ... in Europe the name is linked more closely with cycling" - I don't associate O'Neal with cycling at all actually, only with wind surfing.
  • + 5
 You're thinking of O'Neill, a wetsuit manufacturer.
  • + 3
 Oops. See, lack of distinction ;-) So I don't seem to associate O'Neal at all.
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 They look great.
  • + 3
 love the shoes
  • + 2
 Ill buy one side please :-)
  • + 2
 I'll stick to my slippers.
  • + 3
 Sure thing, Eliot. Wink
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 O'neal kneepads.... The best EVER!!!
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 I guess Minnaar will have these shoes once his contract with 5-10 dues?
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 Shoes need lace covers. Nuff said.
  • + 1
 why? it's a waste of ventilation, if there's enough water to go through the laces and tongue there's enough water to enter at the ankle
  • + 1
 Ventilation isn't a priority for me in the soggy NW. My DX's deflect a lot of water that my 5.10s cannot. Just personal experience. Your mileage my vary.
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 They look just like my FiveTen minnaar signature shoe!!
  • + 6
 they look nothing like 510 minaars
  • - 3
 Kinda funny the 5.10 ad at the top says "all grip. no clip." Then the article right below it is about a 5.10 spd shoe
  • + 3
 it isn't a fiveten spd, notice how it says oneal torque and not fiveten minnaar
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