Fox Announces Voluntary Recall of Certain 2013 Evolution Series Forks

Oct 22, 2013
by Mike Kazimer  
FOX has initiated a voluntary recall of certain model year 2013 32 and 34 Evolution Series forks manufactured between March 1, 2012 and November 30, 2012. Consumers should stop using the recalled product immediately unless otherwise instructed. The full details of the recall can be found in the following press release.

Name of Product: Specified FOX Model year 2013, 32 and 34 Evolution Series Forks having 120-160mm of travel

Units: about 40,000 units total worldwide, of which about 12,500 were sold in the U.S. and Canada.

Manufacturer: Fox Factory of Scotts Valley, CA

Hazard: The fork damper cylinder / piston assembly in some of these units may separate andallow the fork to over-extend under certain circumstances, possibly causing the front wheel to detach from the bicycle while in use, creating a fall hazard.

Incidents/Injuries FOX has received 1 report of an incident in which a broken damper may have caused the fork to over-extend and allow the front wheel to detach.

Description: The recall involves certain Model Year 2013 32 and 34 Evolution Series bicycle forks with 120mm-160mm of travel with an open cartridge damper. Follow the steps in the instructions below to identify if you have an affected fork.

Sold: As original equipment on 2013 model year Specialized, Trek, Scott, Kona, Cannondale and various other brand bicycles and as aftermarket equipment.

Manufactured In:The forks affected by this recall were assembled in Fox’s Watsonville, CA facility.

Remedy: If a consumer suspects that their fork may be within this recall then he or she should stop using their fork immediately until a final determination is made as to whether their fork is affected. To make that determination, consumers should follow the directions below to locate the ID Code and Serial Number, and with that information use the recall web page ( or toll free number (855-360-3488 ) to receive a determination of whether their fork is within the recall. If the fork is within the recall range, the consumer should cease using the fork immediately and contact Fox. The consumer will receive a free upgrade damper for the recalled fork, to be installed by Fox or by a qualified retailer. If the fork is not within the recall range, the consumer may continue using the fork.

• Toll-free: 855-360-3488 (M-F, 8am – 5pm, PT)

FOX has submitted its plans for this voluntary recall to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada, and anticipates conducting the recall with their full cooperation.
We apologize in advance for any inconvenience and assure you that the damper upgrade will get you back on the trail safely.


Do You Have an Evolution Series Fork?
• Evolution Series appears on the largest left and right decals

Other Distinguishing Characteristics
• Fork Colors: Black ,White or Green
• Remote or non-remote
• Travel: 120mm-160mm
• Decal Colors: Black & White with Silver, Grey, and custom PMS color combinations that
are coordinated with the bike's color scheme

What to Do
• Locate the fork's ID code on the backside of its left lower leg.
• Enter the ID code in the interactive form at
• You will then be guided through the upgrade process step-by-step
• The next step, if your fork is identified as possibly needing an upgrade, will be to locate the serial number stamped on the underside of the crown. You will need to remove your front wheel to get this information. You may also need to clean this area depending on your bike's use. If it's a remote fork, you'll need to remove the cable hanger to see the entire serial number. Please also note that the numbers 0, 3, and, 8 can look very similar.

If you can confirm that your Evolution Forks are subject to this recall, please contact FOX for instructions to arrange a free repair. Please also contact FOX if you are unable to utilize the interactive upgrade instructions on the web:
• Toll-free: 855-360-3488 (M-F, 8am – 5pm, PT)

FOX is interested in receiving incident or injury reports that are either directly related to this recall, or involve any hazard with this product. Please tell us about it by email:


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 So that's what the Fox says...
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 Best comment I've seen all day.
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flag elanto (Oct 22, 2013 at 16:41) (Below Threshold)
 if your fox forks leaks from the seals, eats its own stanchions after a few weeks riding, and stop working then they are to be reacalled ooooooops no wait thats all of them
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 Hahhaah omg. Thank you
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 Good answer bro lol.
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 Ya see they mighty seadevil knows !
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flag scottrallye (Oct 23, 2013 at 5:49) (Below Threshold)
 elanto, you have obviously been an SR Suntour fan for way too long. If you had ever actually ridden a Fox product you would know that there are few suspension products that can compete with their stuff. Not to mention that on the rare occasion people have issues they always seem to stand by their products and do right by their customers.
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flag cyberhawk (Oct 23, 2013 at 6:31) (Below Threshold)
 only fat people can destroy a fox fork... never had any issues.. ever
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flag elanto (Oct 23, 2013 at 6:46) (Below Threshold)
 Ive actually ran 8 different forks this year,888's 36's van totems, boxxers, 66's domains, 36 Talas all the foxs were just terrible and the 36 van ate its stanchions after 2 month of freeride use and they were like new
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 swaped mine out for xfusion no regrets so far
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 maybe its chance. but i own a 05 fox40 and a 06? 36VAN and i am not very keen on regular service.. hell didnt even service the 40 for the first few years.. and serviced the van forn the first time in 2012,,, no problems with stanchions at all..
maybe there were some incorrect bushings installed here and there.. /??
mate of mine had that with a boxxer who destroyed his stanchion.. in one ride.. (new fork)
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 @elanto, you sir have a case of the hacks
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 Nah, i service on average 2 fox forks a day, i hate it when a stanchion worn one comes in because it annoys me because then ive gotta swap out the crown, steerer, uppers

so i have seen my fair amount of fox forks and 1/6 have Stanchion wear from the f*cked bushings, i dont see how the can sell em when all they do is destroy themselves when riding them, and i can be a hack if i want to because i can get replacement parts for free
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flag stryke (Oct 23, 2013 at 9:38) (Below Threshold)
 been a hack and screwing up the fork than blaming fox sounds dumb as fuck sorry bro
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 So how can i break my fox 36 160mm freeride forks from freeriding them ?

if they cant handle their intended purpose then they sir are crap
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 how did you break them?
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 so whose next? " Sram recalls 2012 Boxxer, reports of spontaneously punching riders in the face."
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 Elanto I am with you on the stanchion wear. Twenty-hours of riding and there were already signs of stanchion rub. I warrantied three forks in a row for early and excessive stanchion wear. Yet nearly twenty years ago a set of Z1s could be neglected and show no signs of wear for years and years.
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 I have some marzocchi DH3's from 1995 that have spotless stanchions and are as plush as anything, 36's had worn the stanchions on both legs after 3 months of riding them and they pissed out all their oil in the end so then i binned them and got some boxxers, the Stanchions was like some one took a disc grinder to them, its frickin ridiculous how many fox forks eat their stanchions like this and yet they sell more, if you've never seen stanchion worn foxs then you haven't been out much, ive seen rock shox rarely have them and never ever seen a marzocchi, the only damage ive seen to zocchi stanchions were 2005 888"s were the anodizing had faded a little near the seals bit only cus some 25 stone guy rode them
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 Interesting that none of the manus give detailed torque sequence or simple fork setup info. Poor performance, stanchion rubbing..most of it can avoided
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 You weigh people by stones? Wouldn't 25 stones be pretty light?
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 Probs the weight of an average American child to be fair mate,......your clearly un-educated to not know about the unit of measurement known as 'stone' or you're just 15.........and still un-educated
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 I'm guessing the online sarcasm didn't kick in haha
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 Guess your lack of brain power cost you time in thinking of that reply
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 I can see everyone is still bitching and dissing each product and each other on this link? FOX prove to be over expensive, and at the moment not 100% reliable or safe to use? So FOX, call them back in, fix it, sell the forks £100 cheaper for the inconvenience or you will lose more custom again !!!! Problem sorted in one paragraph...........

On a positive note regaring forks and 120mm travel, well, cheaper end forks and my 29ers....The SR Suntour Epicons are running PLUSHER than the Recons.....through all the wind and rain South Wales has at the moment. I'm impressed with both companies at the moment....I live by FOX UK, who want's me to go down there tomorrow and get the truth off the lads and riders down by me?
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 "fox prove to be over exspensive" what proof.. where is the proof ?

and at the moment they are recalling 1-2 models of forks.. not the line up nitwit.. so whats no safe..?

yeah you go complain to a company who's riders won every WC so far..
you go ahead and be a chav and throw rocks at them.. Island idiot..
may i remind you , you live ON a rock.. not UNDER it .?

your better of spending your efforts protesting the politics at the moment.. just a thought ?
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flag elanto (Oct 29, 2013 at 3:12) (Below Threshold)
 Island idiot.....LOL......did you know we all live on islands ? We were once part of a super continent,.......if your riding fox forks take them apart i dare you, i can guarantee you'll find signs of stanchion wear starting to appear on the stanchions under the seal area on the inside/fowards facing part of the stanchion if they are more than a few months old, have fun crying over that lol Big Grin
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 I only ride fox except one marzo...and i service my own forks.. enough pics in banshee album.. of the mint 40 stanchions..
When i call bs and call you a nitwit i do that accompanied with facts and proof.. and to dismiss any further bs.. i have a 2005 fox 40. Ridden it as much as possible . Including 3 megavalanches... No stanchion wear what so ever... After 9.. yes nine years.. for you thats 2 hands missing one finger Wink
And you are on an island.. and i am on the continent.. geography its still given in school i think.. even in the UK....
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 You must have a dud fox fork then lol
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 Cyberhawk, the problem with stanchion wear seems to have occurred after your fork was manufactured. From about 2008 or 2009 I started noticing the accelerated wear in new Fox forks. You are both right.
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 well check this anti fox conspiracy theory.. the stanchions werent wearing down fast enough.. so they made the teflon anodising thinner.. to sell. more.. looks like a true marketing thing to do.. and its happening all over the world with all kinds of things..
still with that being said.. you can at least swap out your bushings with a fox40 fork.,. what you cant do with a boxxer since they are casted in the lowers.. Facepalm
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 Because we like to buy forks and replace the bushing every few months.......what the actuall fuck !!
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 total BS
  • 2 1 are such a negative twat !!! No one likes you, no one wants you as a friend either? You abuse and disrespect me in the above comments which has nothing to do with the forks so piss off out of the link !! Everyone I know who knows you say you are pessimistic, so go for a ride....alone, and leave us fellow bikers alone.

I wish you lived in the UK as i would be coming to see you for your comments, if you ever want to face me, bring it on. You are all the big mouth behind the PC, but brother, I'd put you in a cage with me and you would never ride again !!
Moderators....if you see this link I so apologise, but this kid is so disrespectful to other bikers, he has really rubbed me up the wrong way, and I just got to say it for the rest of us, checkout the abuse this little boy disses out to every other rider, as he is so jealous of other riders who are better than him, with nicer rigs and parts they use.

A true biker supports and respects other bikers worldwide whatever they ride? He's just a jealous pessamistic little boy who thinks he's the big man !! I cannot stand the kid to be honest?
I been biking 46 yrs and never come across an individual so negative.....sorry the comment is not fork related, all I offered was to go down to MOJO FOX UK and ask the people I know what's wrong with the new fork? If anyone will tell me the truth on this product, surely it will be them?
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 says the guy who sends me threatening PM 's
says the guy who want to group up an angry mob to FOX uk.. (that could be seen as a terrorist action you know that ? )
says the guy who just rants out on fox with no real facts..
says the guy who threatens me again in this last post..
all just because he's pissed off.. because of my first comment.. look in the mirror.,. i just stated a fact.. get over it..

you now its proven that the lower less educated people resort to violence more quickly ?

the REALLY sad part is your complete rant out.. and then snottering to the mods.. i am sorry but i was rubbed the wrong way..

i respect every-one at first.. till you start talking shit, the you meet my other half . simple as that..
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 Dear cyberhawk.......shut up you utter helmet
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 Cyberhawk must be smoking Amsterdams finest today, you are ranting already ???
I'm no threat, just a happy biker...ask the people who know me?
Send an angry mob to Fox, you nerd? I know all the staff and live by FOX MOJO UK, and have drank with a few also lmao !!!
Facts? Ask Fox fork users?
You provoke people to be sad and wind people up to the point of aggression, it's just your negative attitude towards others....
I'm a fully qualified door supervisor and trained bodyguard with close protection (look it up...trained at a level you would never cope with). So leave it there brother...I'm saying no more. SD.
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 ow.. now you know all the staff at fox uk lol
you might want to rethink your earlier post . lmfao..
but im out too.. im done with all you birth defects..
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 On a off topic , Anyone know how I can get my # for a 2013 talas 120-150 , bough it used and the sticker was gone
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 I am glad it only took 1 incident for a recall! Comon' Jeep.
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 Nice to see Fox taking control of the situation early.
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 It may have just been one incident sent in as warranty, but they then will have performed tests on other forks to see if it's replicable. In this case they will have determined that yes, the uppers and lowers can detach too easily on those forks which is why they are recalling them. If it wasn't a replicable event no way would they go for a recall.
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 it happened to a guy at rays milwaukee. the fork literally seperated as he jumped. yikes
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 Recalls happen, well done to Fox for putting the information out there and paying the money for a recall. Much goes into the decision to recall and the fall out that that causes in supply chain for replacement, future planning and potential on future orders.
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 40,000 units and they cost how much???
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 It is only a damper that you get replaced. Possibly only 1 part of the damper and not the whole assembly. So the cost might not be as bad as youmthink it is. Until someone claims loss of confidence in the product and wants a refund....
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 Same story happened here in BC Canada as well, I think it took way more than one incident to wake them up....
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 Tell me about it, Im waiting for the stupid Tie Rod End's in my Jeep to be Recalled. Never going back to Jeep again (Osti Gang de Pas Bons) !!!
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 I wouldn't hold my breath until an american car company recalls their pieces of shit. The poor design and fabrication of my Chevy only stopped blowing my mind when I stopped driving it. They are really good at one thing : making stuff that doesn't outlast their warranty. There is two ways to look at safety factors in designs... The good way and the consumer market way.
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 There are two kinds of Chevy. WT Pickups with all luxury options deleted and tow package oil cooler last a very long time. The other stuff is overcomplicated underengineered crap put together by unmotivated workers. Instant obsolecence and consumer grade. The WT market - get it wrong - like Dodge - and you are dead in the water.
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 Americans can do many things, but the can't build a great car.
  • 3 2
 Can't build great cars ANYMORE. At one point we were pretty good at it. When was the last time Britain put out a car worth driving that they didn't steal from Germany?
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 Less than 40 000 lawsuits
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 Ever drove a metro?
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 99 Yukon 320000km and I won't be replacing it anytime soon. It's a road trip machine. Last summer had 4 guys and 8 bikes along for our weekend trip. Try that in your Prius.
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 One of the exact trucks I was thinking of! I've got a 91' Silverado about to break 300,000 miles, only thing that's ever been replaced was the transmission at about 180K. 90's era GM trucks are the best!
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 I sure am enjoying my RockShox lol
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 and i'm still enjoying my fox.
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flag elanto (Oct 22, 2013 at 16:42) (Below Threshold)
 your fox won't be working for long hahaha, say hello to stanchion wear bro
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 40's fo life!
  • 10 2
 I'm trying to figure out how people wear through fox stanchions "so easily" I have had a 2007 vanilla and put thousands of kms, as well as my 2011 talas has no wear, vs my rockshox fork and shock which are showing wear after two years of use. All forks have been maintained according to schedual. so not sure if I'm the lucky one and rockshox doesn't like me
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 Everyone comes to lean one way or another for their own reasons. I was once a devout FOX user, but I just got fed up with how their air forks don't get all their travel. The coil forks work great, and their dampers are top notch. However, I have fallen in love with the way RS forks are more linear in their spring rate and (even though they admittedly look a bit cheaper IMO) are noticeably stiffer. There's no beating the new Pike, hands down the best fork out there for anything that's not XC or full out DH. Sure, knock the mega SRAM/Truvativ/Avid/RockShox giant for being a monstrous evil corporation, but they've been behind the biggest innovations in MTB technology in the last few years.
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 its called simple maintenance, wipe down your stanchions and keep the fork as clean as you reasonably can. occasionally put a drop of fork oil on the seals, and be sure that they stay clear and clean. A Q tip works well for this. dust scratches over time.
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 I'm not going to compare a Judy TT to a TALAS 34, but a fork sliding apart is a fork sliding apart.

ppg, you might have heard of the early 2000s Rockshox recall, or the recent Giant recall, or the Shimano recall, or the Trek recall, or Specialized Recall, or the Gore cable recall, or all the other recalls that have happened.

QC/QA screws up big time every once in a while. It happens, and it's good we get informed.
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 This ^
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 Recalls happen because because of design or manufacturer error, but are more likely to happen to companies who aren't paying attention to the details. This is at least the 3rd problem with FOX forks in just the last year, not impressive. When you drastically change the designs of your forks every year and are over-consumed with light weight over reliability, eventually it comes back to you in the form of recalls and performance complaints. FOX forks are like expensive Italian race cars that need more maintenance to maintain performance. Rock Shox and Marzocchi are like Toyota's, cheap, more reliable, yet still work great.
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 Doesn't everyone just love how you've gotta change your oil in your fox forks after every 500ft of trail ?

or the forks eat its own stanchions, ive seen atleast 100 pairs of fox's come through with stanchion wear in the last year and abit its stupidally insane how they can get away with it, as far as I'm concerned they are the avid brakes of the fork world, fyi absolutely crap !
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 Not quite sure where you are getting your facts from, but according to rockshox for the boxxer anyways they recommend every 25 hours to remove lowers and change the oil, not much different from fox's 30 hour intervals. I'm not a fan boy I ride more rockshox products than fox and have been happy with them so far appart from the wear
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 as an engineer I could never buy a set of their forks knowing that the only reason they out perform some other brands is simply because they've sacrificed service life and longeivity. I honestly can't understand why I still see more fox forks on the trail than marzocchis
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 elanto, what the hell do you mean by "stanchion wear"?? If it is actually what it sounds like you are saying, you are suggesting that the stanchions are actually wearing away and degenerating causing issues with oil leaking? I don't know what kind of shit bike shop you work at that gets "100's" of Fox suspension products coming through with problems, but the dozen or so Fox products I've ever owned have never given me issues, especially if you take care of your shit. So far this issue above has happened to ONE person. If you actually worked at a shop that received that many problematic Fox products, you would have also sold thousands of Fox products (aftermarket and OEM) that people are NOT having issues with and are enjoying. I hope your affinity for RST or SR Suntour or whatever other crap product you support works out great for ya.
  • 3 0
 You have to understand that everyone imagines they take great care of their stuff, when in reality they probably don't. It's rediculous to believe that people are actually changing their oil and seals every 25-30 hours. Once a season is the norm among most people I know. Now think about how fast a cable will rub the anodizing off a frame... unlubricated, dirty seals are no different. Bottom line you have to take care of your stuff if you want it to last.
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 This is true, but when a product is designed with built in flaws to increase performance, for example slightly oversized bushes to reduce friction, then it makes the lack of servicing all the more catastrophic. I've seen tonnes of fox forks with the usual wear on the inside of the disc side stanchion. I think a few people are becoming a little too defensive due to the made in USA sticker
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 Fox forks bushing just wear into the stanchions like sand paper after you've had them for awhile, no one knows why but they just go and then they leak the then said stanchion wear causes play between it and the bushing and then the fork is trash basically
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 why would wear at the bushings cause a seal to leak? This sounds like a lot of pseudo-scientific hearsay.
  • 4 4
 Bushing wear leads to stanchion wear, which leads to leaking seals. Although I would have to agree this thread is turning into an armchair engineers lounge.
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 Stanchions wear so its not circle anymore and has a flat spot, oil sticks to the area of stanchion that has the wear on it amd gets pulled up and past the seal when in use,....if you dont understand that then Jesus Christ what are you on ?
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 Take a break elanto. My 40s are working 10x better than my boxxer ever did
  • 2 1
 Elanto, it looks like you got a few neg props and now you've turned into this thread's neg prop magnet - even though you speak the truth.
  • 6 0
 i'm with elanto, at least half the fox forks i pull apart for a lower service have signs of stanchion wear, it doesn't help that lots of fox forks seem to leave the factory with little to no oil in the lowers, my own 34's had maybe 10ml of oil in the spring side and none at all in the damper side. both rockshox and marzocchi forks are far more durable.
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 Because people know me and don't like that i can have any bike part for free Big Grin

give us a follow and see Razz
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 I had a boxxer race on my 2010 demo 8 II. The compression damper was a joke, and the rebound NEVER worked after the 1st week even though id sent it in to get it "fixed" multiple times. And the side wall of the compression damper kept blowing apart...literally blowing a hole in the metal for running it pretty stiff. Just curious what the point of making and adjustment for compression stiffness if it cant handle the pressure.
  • 19 1
 How about recalling CTD Float 34 with faulty dampers that make spongy ride.
The fork on my Lapierre Spicy 2013 is worst then what I had in 2008 from Marzocchi and not to mention 36 Float Fit 2011 and 2012 models.
When called UK distributor Mojo they've told me I have to pay for damper upgrade and service ( around £150 ) from my own pocket.
I barely had the bike for 5 months. That's not sporty behaviour.
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flag Drivechaincycles (Oct 22, 2013 at 15:53) (Below Threshold)
 If you have the part I can fit it for a fraction of the cost for you?
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 I have had fork problems. I went to my LBS where I bought the bike and got them to deal with it. The actual bike manufacturer was the one that ended up helping me out. When you buy a complete bike you expect some kind of support. That is why I deal with a LBS.
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 2014 Float 34 ROCKS
  • 21 1
 Isn't it a bit early for "Fails for your Friday" ?
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 Sweet, now us bike shop guys won't have to sit on hold for 35 minutes to get an RA #. Sorry, you have to fill out your warranty online. Excellent.
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 first, krisrayner's comment (the 1st) has got to be voted funniest comment ever. Period.

this industry is really all about perceptions. Fox goes on a major recall with no delays and adresses the problem head on. Great, i this it's good management.
Their product have had some performance issues lately but people still feel this is a good product because of the companie's profile and engagement.
great management.
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 Has anyone else read the "Hazard" section in the recall description and then realized that the "damper cylinder/piston assembly" they identify that is supposedly faulty doesn't get fully extended when the fork is topped out, and thus shouldn't have anything to do with the fork separating and "possibly causing the front wheel to detach from the bicycle while in use, creating a fall hazard"?? I mean, even if the assembly "in some of these units may separate", this would not "allow the fork to over-extend under certain circumstances".

The fork stops extending (i.e. tops out) because of the SPRING side, not the damper side. The negative spring hits the plate at the lower end of the stanchion as the fork rebounds, and that stops the fork from "over-extending". The overall length of an extended Fox damper assembly is always a little longer than the length of the spring push-rod. When sliding the lower legs back onto the uppers during an overhaul, the end of the damper contacts the bottom of the lowers before the spring side does, and you have to push the lowers up (compressing the damper a bit) to get the spring push-rod shaft to pop through. Heck, you can remove the entire damper assembly from the right leg of the fork, and it will still only extend to its proper length because of the mechanics of the spring side of the fork.

So what the heck? If a fork DID separate somewhere out there causing someone's front wheel to fall off, it's something faulty with the spring side, most likely the top-out plate getting un-seated somehow, allowing the legs to keep extending.
  • 2 0
 Yea i would like to know this to.
  • 5 1
 These forks have already had other known damper issues before this recall was issued. I have replaced(for customers) at least ten Evolution dampers under warranty this season for loss of damping. Of course they would never issue a recall for performance reasons, only when they are under a liability risk will they publicly admit their forks have an issue.
  • 9 1
 Climb. Trail. Descend. Fail.
  • 7 0
 Good job for calling this early, a fork needs to be riding in safety!
  • 5 2
 Elanto knows his stuff, he works with forks every day !!! For Scottrallye....I live right by Fox UK, I'm 19.5st in weight, 46yrs of age, so been there, seen it, and done it with biking over the years...and I run cheap reliable SR Suntour Epicons on a Turner Sultan 29er,who cares about a little play in the stanshons? They are reliable and cheap to run.....I got Rockshox Recons on a Rocky Mountain Eliment 29'er, do their job well also, and Fox Talas R's on an Ellsworth Moment 26in, which I must say, are very plush. Fox are way too expensive on servicing costs and parts, they must design their parts to wear out quick so you need to go back and pay another £75+ for a basic service. When you are unemployed, and in-between jobs with expensive bikes, i'm too scared to run the Ellsworth due to the Fox forks reliability? Yes they are fine now, but you can't justify the running costs which over a year is the price of a cheap car !!! I'll stay with my trusty Suntours and Recons smiling all the way to the bank with spair cash for a good night on the beer with the ladies !! Not forgetting Totems and Marzocchi also which run forever....sorry Fox. Superb advertising etc...but this time, the cat is let out of the bag....and you are left looking silly, blushing with some shoddy, dangerous forks !! I wouldn't run them for free !!! I couldn't afford it.....Nice one Elanto, give Seadevils regards to the boys also.
  • 4 4
 Seadevils know exactly whats going down

fox forks = avid brakes of the fork world

  • 2 2
 My old Shivers on the Brooklyn Racelink were sooooooooooo sweet like honey !!!!!! lol.
  • 1 1
 a dogs arse is more use than an avid brake! pahah if you want to compare a fox fork to it then fair enough!
  • 2 0
 Perhaps a article about sh!@ that will hurt you should be done weekly.

Found a few more on the consumer safety site!!!

Recall Details
This recall includes 2013 model year Giant XtC Advanced SL 29er 0 and 29er 1 series bicycles and 27.2 mm carbon fiber seatposts sold separately. The SL 29er 0 model bicycle is white, black and blue. The SL 29er 1 model is white, black and red. The letters “XTC” appear on the down tube of the frame on both bicycles. The name “Giant” and “Contact SLR” appear on the 27.2 mm carbon fiber seatposts

This recall includes all Shimano BR-CX75 aftermarket disc brake calipers and BR-R515 disc brake calipers installed on road and cyclocross bicycles sold by other manufacturers including BMC, Giant, Ibis, Raleigh, Shinola, Specialized and Volagi. “Shimano,” “China” and the model number are embossed on the outside of the brake caliper. Both models have either black or silver finishes.
  • 7 2
 Can I return my Fox forks just because they're crap?
  • 1 0
 So this is my girlfriends account and we were getting ready to go on an awesome cycling vacation.... but wait.... a recall on my shock...?!!! Thanks Fox for ruining it. I contacted their warranty department to attempt to get a new shock so I can ride on my vacation and send the other back as a warranty recall (I work in a shop) but they refused. Customer no service occurred. Next time I buy I will vote with my $$$ and buy a Rock Shox item.
  • 1 0
 Other then overly soft dampening on my 2013 ctd 34's I have been happy with fox's product. My three previous forks were easy to maintain and showed no signs of stanchion wear. In my area our raining season is a depressing 9 long months so forks had plenty of nasty exposure. I bought a RS reba fork two seasons ago and the fork anodizing is beginning to wear off. The machining of the stanchion were rough from factory leaving high spots. Poor QC
  • 1 0
 Fair play for them doing a recall but given the serious safety issue they have had no choice. Ive had fox forks and they perform very well but not very reliable. I've never had a days trouble with any Rockshox fork I've owned.
  • 1 0
 Still riding my Manitou Sherman Fireflys and had them for years without a single service. No stantion rub, no breaks and no recalls. I tried a fox talas once, hated the things, too flexy in the turns. When mine do break, ebay hear I come to find some more, and keep the oldies for parts.
  • 1 0
 This 'recall' is a JOKE.
I purchased my Specialized Enduro Expert(with the recalled forks) AFTER the recall was issued, with not so much as even BEING TOLD about it by the bike shop, Specialized, or Fox.
I just stumbled onto it while perusing through last month's MBA Action mag yesterday in the same bike store.
Upon 'inspecting' my serial number, I found that fricken fox double-punched two digits in it, rendering the damn thing all but illegible.
I still attempted to punch in all the possible combinations of numbers, but the Fox website came back with 'There's a problem with your serial number'. I then copied the serial numbers off the forks on the same bikes in my LBS' inventory(yes, they still have them in stock, and STILL haven't bothered to even check if they need to be sent back), punched them into the form on the Fox website, and low and behold 'There's a problem with your serial number'. Again, this is after punching in FULLY LEGIBLE serial numbers off of affected forks.
  • 7 2
 But nothing for ctd.....
  • 4 0
 So this is only the evolutionary series? Not the kashima CTD version?
  • 2 1
 Whilst this is definitely a good thing that they've put their hands up about it, if this is their literature and not pink bikes then using "You will then be guided through upgrade process", im sorry is just total pish.
  • 4 0
 Your fork is not part of the recall. woohooo enduro comp 2013
  • 2 0
 I have the same bike and have had no issues with mine after lots of riding this summer. Still need to check the S/N though as I DID suffer an unfortunate happenings after a failing by the stock and shitty brakes. Reading this I suppose it could have been much worse. Front Wheel .... detached?? That would suck more than anything I think.
  • 2 1
 Just brought my 2013 Enduro in on Saturday to get the fork looked at, the Fox 34 had developed a clicking or creaking noise (presumably in the CSU), suppose this means they will be putting in a new damper as well.
  • 4 0
 I just sent a Float 32 with same issue for a customer. They replaced the CSU and lowers.
  • 2 0
 Same thing happened to mine. It's an issue with the crown/stanchion press fit. Lots of people on MTBR reporting the same problem, surprised there isn't a recall for that yet. Guys at Fox support were great though and turn around for my fork was pretty quick.
  • 2 2
 How can people still think that Fox makes the greatest product? Here they have 40,000+ pieces out in the field that can catastrophically fail and hurt you, and people are like "oh, good job Fox on getting the information out" What a damn joke. They messed up bad in their product development and rushed it out to meet orders. Good job missing that critical design flaw that allows the damn fork to separate.

And then there are those that claim Rock Shox don't have these problems; have you forgotten the Domain recall from a few years
back. I'm sure there are a few of those forks still out there.

Marzocchi as well just had one a few years back on the 888.

The only company that hasn't had a recent recall is Manitou (the last one was in 2004 when the company was under different ownership/management). Solid product, solid performance, great price. Can't go wrong.
  • 2 0
 I've had 10 Manitou's in the last 10 years. ZERO issues. If I buy a complete bike, Fox comes off Manitou goes on. Poor kids don't know what they're missing!
  • 1 0
 this is great for all owners if you ask me. You used a fork for 2 seasons now you get a new one. Great!

edit: shit no im wrong, you only get a new damper. should have read it through first. sucks balls now
  • 2 0
 I was really hoping to get a new 2014 CTD in my 2013 FLOAT CTD , maybe i can just order a sticker kit Wink
  • 4 2
 So this one time at my LBS I saw a Fox 32 that had extended all the way to 170mm. Looked fun. Flexy, but fun.
  • 4 1
 It's not like fox to be squirrely.. ha.. ha..
  • 3 1
 Must me a new bonus weight weenie feature- detaching the front wheel- on strava runs. .
  • 4 1
 the awkward moment when your lowers separate mid air
  • 1 1
 I thought all this forks where tested to the fullest before they hand them down to the market? I've seen video of company doing stress test and all that's stuff... And in the in they still miss a thing... Good call though
  • 2 0
 Alright Fox Payup! Free stickers for everyone!
  • 1 0
 LOL, who doesn't like FREE!!!!
  • 2 0
 "possibly causing the front wheel to detach from the bicycle while in use, creating a fall hazard."........... mmmmmad!
  • 1 0
 That's one of the last things you want to happen while you are riding!
  • 1 0
 Just checked mine - not part of recall. Now if only they'd offer a free upgrade to the new 2014 TALAS and CTD cartridge and maybe a less noisy damper...
  • 4 1
 Just don't have the build quality of a Taiwanese product haha
  • 1 0
 Whatafoxs? Hard to believe a news like that coming from Fox. So the wheel can come off??? Oh my god... the world is not the same anymore
  • 1 1
 I hope the person whose wheel came off is OK.....

Fox make a good product. Every frame/suspension-system/component will wear out or brake if you ride it hard enough. This sport is dangerous, lest we forget.
  • 1 0
 Assembled in USA. Maybe the Asians do a better job. Shit happens. Marz had there lil hick up now its Fox,s turn to loose some cred. Ya get a new fork out of the deal too!
  • 1 0
 Has anyone from the UK actually gone through this process. I've been given a reference number and been told to contact my local bike shop. This is all a bit disorganised!
  • 7 9
 I've always had faith in fox engineering, and I have to say. I still firmly believe in them as a company, there will be hate from many pinkbikers on here, but the fact remains that fox are the largest mtb suspension distributed and can you honestly say suspension wouldn't be where it is now without fox.
  • 8 0
 I thought sun tour was the largest. I personally like Fox suspension and glad they took the high road
  • 2 2
 suntour is the largest yes, why wouldn't you believe in fox? they're doing a voluntary recall, that's customer service for you
  • 1 0
 Well i just sold a stump jumper fsr comp carbon shall check all our forks tomorrow cheers fox
  • 2 1
 My fork is part of the recall... should I really not ride it till I can fix it? I've ridden it 15 times...
  • 3 2
 Its probably ok, but now you have read the warning and posted that you have read it. If you were to have a problem and hurt yourself, it would not be possible to put the liability on Fox.
  • 2 1
 Comforting since this comes out a week after I bought a bike with Fox Evolution forks!
  • 2 0
 Lol. Good one! At least they owned up to it. Haha.
  • 1 1
 right on, cool they are stepping up to the recall. BUT I bet they make you pay for shipping/certified install/ect.. but maybe not ha who knows..
  • 1 0
 fox never covers labor to take off/instal parts. They don't make you pay shipping ether way, they send out an RA number and a packing slip with the replacement parts. Some shops charge a warranty handling fee (usually less than $10) to cover the time it takes to get the RA number, pack stuff up and send it out (20+ minutes!).

I deal with fox way more than I would like to.. RockShox is really killing it right now in my honest opinion, fox has kind of dropped the ball.
  • 2 0
 Glad I'm poor and run Rockshox with that note hahaha
  • 1 2
 There's no way that 40000 were sold with one failure for a recall to be administered. It would have been more like 100 failures for them to recall. I snapped a float 36 how come there wasn't a big recall campaign?
  • 2 0
 My 40s are pretty f*cked up. can you take them back and fix them too?
  • 1 0
 Gutted my Girlfriends are not part of the recall, would have been a refund, got rid of that Fox shit, and buy some Zochi's
  • 1 0
 Interesting to see 40,000 units sold but only 12,500 in North America, Thought it would be the other way around.
  • 1 0
 I have seen what happens to the faulty units, just cross your fingers it does not happen over a jump or a drop!
  • 1 0
 2013 Nomad's with th R AM kit could possibly have these forks...
  • 2 1
 My Nomad with that kit and Evo fork was in the recall. Sucks that I have to now go to a bike shop to get have them get the damper.
  • 2 3
 You guys really need to up your game on the fork front. Shocks are great, much respect. But you really need to get a handle on making these forks durable.
  • 1 0
 I've a Trek Remedy with a Fox Float DRCV 2012. ?
  • 1 0
 Easy solution: just Manual the whole trail
  • 1 0
 of course they were
  • 1 0
  • 1 3
 Am I the only one who realized the typo under the hazard tab.

"these units may separate andallow the fork"

Lol I'm so picky Big Grin
  • 2 2
 This is why you inspect your gear after every ride.
  • 1 0
 oh noo
  • 2 2
 Ohhhh dear FOX
  • 1 1
 Ohhhh my Fox!
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