Fresh Meat #6-Better then a pulled pork sandwich

Dec 14, 2006
by Tyler Maine  
In this installment of Fresh Meat we have a variety bag of goodies for you to look into. Speaking of bags, we've got the Hydrapak Borracho and the TSG Chicksands pack, both of which fit into the "everything and the kitchen sink" catagory. In the area of contact points we have Specialized Chunder tires to keep your bike on terra firma, while 5.10 High Impacts keep your feet planted on the pedals and if you're a lady that's killing it, you'll want to check out the Mace Women's Shackle glove to keep your hands on the bars. Axo also has the ruler short to keep your butt covered. We all know that winter is here so what better way to spend those quiet nights that you aren't night riding, then to cuddle up with your favorite bike and watch any one of the new DVDs that came out this fall. Hydrapak Borracho

So lets say you're riding in some epic area, out in the desert, and its 100 degrees outside, where the HECK is the water? Well with the new Hydrapack Borracho it can be on your back, along with many other helpfull pockets and packages.

What is Hydrapack though? Launched in 1996, Hydrapak was introduced to satisfy the growing demand from cyclists for personal hydration systems. Relying on input from professional athletes and feedback from a large staff of avid cyclists and product testers, the Hydrapak line was continuously refined to ensure the products met buyers' hydration needs. By 2001 this strategy had paid off, Hydrapak had become one of the leading providers of personal hydration systems.

The Hydrapack Borracho utilizes all the benefits of wearing a backpack while riding such as a helmet holder, many accesable pockets, and a water retention bladder. With enough pockets to hold all your gear plus more, the Borracho could be a real asset to riders in the future. It has an mp3 player holder and a chord hole too so if you like rocking tunes when you ride you can get your music on while you ride. And with a huge storage pocket you can bring all the extras you could need on those big all day rides.

Hydrapack has many more packs and accesories for there packs including cleaning solutions, cleaning brushes, different bladders and helpfull things like that. If you want to purchase or get to know more about these products, and more Hydrapack products you can visit, call them at Phone: (510) 595-8318, or through your local 2 wheeler provider.

Hydrapak is distributed in Canada by Cycles Lambert. -JH

AXO Ruler Short

AXO has a full line up of riding apparel and protective gear that is suited to the riders that enjoy the gravity side of our sport. The Ruler short is one such item that is made with the standard abrassion resistant materials in mind, cause well us gravity folks tend to crash. While most of the short is 660D Kodra for resistance, there is a nice panel along the back which is spandex to allow for stretch.

These shorts come in 8 sizes, in 2 inch increments from 28 to 42 inch waist sizes. And you can refine your own fit thanks to the adjustable waist ratchet system. The color way is a simple grey/white/black scheme to keep things neutral.

Nice neutral colors and a pair of shorts that get the job done.

Nice neutral colors and a pair of shorts that get the job done.

The inside of the shorts is lined with an antibacterial liner for those long weekends of riding when we know that you aren't going to be doing laundry-gross. But at least the side vents keep the air flow going through and wicking the nasties away.

AXO clothing and protective wear is distributed in Canada through Cycles Lambert. -TM

TSG Bike Chicksands Backpack

TSG has been making bags and protective gear for a while and are finally now getting more visability here in North America thanks to the folks at Dangerboy taking care of the distribution.

I have been looking for a good mountain bike gear backpack for a while now. I wanted something big enough to carry all my pads, helmet, tools, and clothing in for a short riding trip, maybe even just shuttling for the day. Well this pack fits the bill. It has every compartment and attachment needed to house all my tools, water bottle side pockets and luckily for me a removable cell phone pocket since I have yet to join the new millennium. This 46 Liter backpack is available in two colours and is hydration pack compatible. With endless straps to cinch it down smaller or to hang more goods off it I can fit everything I need for a ride into one very comfortable pack. With some very well place waist and chest straps which are fortunately extremely adjustable I can offset any amount of cargo I am carrying and rest it easily on the padded hip straps and comfortable back padding. Excellent construction and innovation for a bike specific pack.

Yeah it has room for the sink.

Yeah it has room for the sink.

Visit to learn more about the whole TSG line up of packs. -CB

Specialized Chunder Tires

Specialized has been a creator of wicked mountain bike parts for many years now, and we all know that tires are nothing new to the big S. The Specialzed Chunder Tire is no acception, it's a well designed, highly versitile downhill/freeride orientated tire.

The Chunder's main asset to mountain biking would have to be its versatility. Designed to be Specialized most versatile tire, it can handle anything from wet loamy sections of rocks and roots, to high speed sections of fire road. Equiped with either 40/42 Umma Gumma compound or a duarable 60a compound, this tire is very strong, and with butyl sidewall inserts it will help you prevent being off the bike and aid you in staying on the trail.

Kevin feeling secure on the wet logs of Vedder Mountain

Kevin feeling secure on the wet logs of Vedder Mountain

Specialized designs there products with 1 thing in mind, versatility. Whether its anything from downhill to cross country bikes, or helmets to tires, they will nail anything they put there minds to. The Chunder tire has a wicked wear life, strong sidewalls, and dual ply casing, which has the makings for a very good tire.

To learn about about their whole accessory line up, please visit -JH

Mace Women’s Shackle Glove-

Some companies out there seem to understand that girls are NOT built like boys and have begun to make products that are specifically geared to us ladies. Mace is one such company.

As a lady with fairly small hands it isn’t possible for me to shop in the men’s glove section and it’s been hard if not impossible to locate a glove that isn’t an XC or road oriented in design. The [L=]Mace Women’s Shackle glove[/L] is just the ticket with Mace sizing down their popular men’s version for the ladies. With some actual paneling and protective finger and backhand reinforcement this glove inspires confidence and comfort. Featuring the new and popular no wrist strap, this glove pulls on and fits comfortably with the elastic stretch back panel. The palm is soft synthetic leather with some pvc reinforcement for durability.

Yeah mits that fit the ladies' paws too

Yeah mits that fit the ladies' paws too

I look forward to wearing these gloves out and buying another pair since there seems to be a shortage of manufactures making and marketing women’s specific DH products.

Visit to learn more about all the clothes in the Mace line up. -CB

5.10 High Impacts

Ok so its been said before, products that are built for a task will simply do that task better then one that "could" do the job at hand. I used to just wear "skate" style shoes when riding and always felt that they did the job just fine. This was until I was introduced to the 5.10 Impacts two years ago. All of a sudden my shoes and pedals were like an interface that was supposed to go together, where I guess they had always just managed to get along in the past.

Now here we have the High Impact, the taller version of the Impact and the model that Mr. Nathan Rennie chooses to run on his feet while putting the hammer down on the World Cup DH courses. The High Impact has all the same great features of its little brother-from the Stealth Rubber sole to the ultra durable leather outer with one significant difference-it's taller! Yep more protection and support where it's needed-all around those ankles. Great for riding in and tough enough to work on your favorite trails with out taking a beating from kicking rocks and dirt around. For 2007 the Rennie Pro model will be available in limited quantities to the public-so get your order in now!

Yes this is the 2007 Rennie Pro model from Five Ten

Yes this is the 2007 Rennie Pro model from Five Ten

Visit to learn about their whole line up of foot wear. -TM

It's that time of year folks-time to buy a new DVD or 4 and sit back and enjoy the cold outside as you click away at your remote and watch your favorite riders killing it! Get your stoke on this winter!

Pick up a new DVD in our ONLINE STORE.

Happy Holidays Everyone!


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