Garett Buehler's Day Off

Sep 28, 2012
by Margus Riga  
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Summer for a pro mountain biker is a busy time. It's not often you can take a day off and do your own thing. But that's just what happened one day this August. It went down a little something like this...

  Garett: "Hey dude...get on over to CMH Heli lodge in Valemount BC. It's my dad Ernie's retirement party all week long. I also have this guy Tony that wants to use one of his packhorses to take our gear and bikes to a private alpine cabin. We can go explore around, take some shots, and maybe bag a first-descent on a nearby peak. Also, there's sick views of Mt. Robson, BC's highest mountain." Margus: "Done. C U there."

  Affectionately known as "Ernie", Ernst Buehler has been the lead guide and party provoker at CMH (Canadian Mountain Holidays) for over thirty years. Ernie is a funny guy. Here he is blowing the Swiss Alpine horn at the moon. Apparently, a common occurrence.

  But we had more in mind than partying it up at Heli lodge heaven. We needed to put these bikes...

  ...on Slim the packhorse.

  Slim meet Garett. Garett meet Slim.

  Thank you Slim. What would have taken us all day, and completely ruined us physically, only took three-and-a-half hours with Slim helping out. Tony walked with Slim the whole way up to make sure it all worked out. Tony was stoked. Some people call him the "non-Hollywood horse whisperer." Tony is a professional guide all year long. In the winter it's Snowmobiles, and in the summer it's Horses. Thank you Tony for seeing if it could be done.

  Tony Parisi. Non-Hollywood horse whisperer, kick-ass mountain guide, and all around great guy.

  The non-Hollywood alpine cabin...dialed.

  Peak to be bagged...on deck and in site for day two.

  With our gear hauled to the cabin, and the horses safely on their way back down, we had the rest of the afternoon on day one to explore the alpine landscape.

  Emergency backcountry refuge. Meager, but It will do the trick in a pinch.

  The alpine is an amazing place. It invigorates, it soothes, it just feels good.

  If you can't find a trail, make one.

  Mt. Robson...trying desperately to reveal itself amongst the clouds.

  Looming at 12,972 ft, Mt.Robson is a massive mountain. Massive mountains are often shrouded in clouds.

  Roaming the loam.

  Nice way to spend the day.

  Kinbasket Lake with the Monashee mountains behind. Chances are if you're a skier or sledder, you know Valemount, but if you're a biker you don't. At least not yet, but you will. Valemount is in the process of getting approval for a mountain bike trail system/bike park. It's about time, the place is vast, and the potential for epic riding is everywhere.

  At home in the backcountry. Garett spent most of his early years growing up in Valemount. Another fine example of small-town BC upringing...raising young senders since the gold rush.

  Back to the cabin for some dinner and planning.

  Bad news waking up in the morning. It snowed and it was raining. Bummer, but we had to call off the peak mission we had planned.

  That didn't stop us from sessioning the local trail from the top all the way down back to town.

  So long alpine. Until next time.

  Garett, heading back to work.
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  • + 61
 Very nice rport Margus. I really like your style in photography: lot of natural light, great colors, great composition and intelligent use of the out-of-focus. Plus I really like the way you shot in dim light without busting the light up.
Again, great picture Margus Wink
  • + 1
 I agree !
  • + 5
 amazing photos! but i wanna see a video of this! looks spectacular
  • + 2
 "How are we possibly going to get our all mtn bikes to the top of this hill?? Ohhh right... we can ride them - the horses that is."
  • + 1
 @VTwintips, good one Smile
  • + 18
 7th from the bottom should get POD!!! the clarity is amazing
  • + 2
 I like the contrast in that pic, definete POD!
  • + 6
 I admire Margus's unmistakable style in his photographs. He brings low light photography to perfection, showing details that one wouldn't expect possible to be rendered. Love the photo in a room with a phone/tablet glow on guy's face, warm candle light, and bluish shine of the moon. It tells the story of adventure and inspires to start your own. I also like the photo which, at the first glance, looks like a sheet of grey. What a surprise when after a few seconds of staring at it, you start to notice the details of the trail in adverse weather conditions and a rider pushing through it right in the middle!
  • + 7
 the title of this article was honestly the first thing i thought of when i first ever saw his name
  • + 4
 buehler buehler buehler..
  • + 1
 9 times?
9 times...
  • + 1
 Simply amazing post. I could look at Margus's photos all day. Something about the depth in his pics make me feel like I could fall into that place through my screen. Its hard to explain but wow really blown away. He should prob keep any photo tips to himself Smile
  • + 1
 Looking for an update on the approval of a bike park / trails. Stopped in Valemount on the July 1st long weekend and asked for MTB trails for the info centre. They are still just sending people out to ride quad trails. Is there anyone here that can give info to these alpine trails or other MTB specific riding in the area?
  • + 1
 The photography is brilliant, they really capture natural beauty and awesome riding that can be had.... I have been riding here for five years now and would be super stoked to see the park approved.... Everyone needs to experience some of the great trails and unmatched beauty!
  • + 4
 broke back buehler
  • + 3
 Buehler. Buehler. Buehler. Buehler. Buehler.
  • + 2
 Cool pics and amazing place to ride
  • + 1
 Good job, it was nice to read and pictures are incredible. The riding also looks awesome.
  • + 1
 I live 4 hours away from valemount.. just found found out where I'm going for my next bike trip!!
  • + 1
 TRUE MTB sick photos GREAT post boys
  • + 1
 uuuhhhuuuhhhhuuuuuu....... the same like my days off.....
  • + 1
 Looks better than ferris buellers' day off...
  • + 1
 all pictures= pod material
  • + 1
 photo epics... yeah, I like it!
  • + 1
 I love how its his day off and hes still riding Big Grin
  • + 1
 What is the style/ processing for photo to look like that?
  • + 1
 Great write up once again Margus!
  • + 1
 Those are some really good photos! nice job!
  • + 1
 Pictures = amazing
  • + 1
 Very cool.
  • + 1
  • + 1
 Is that Chuck Norris?
  • + 1
 absolutely stunning.
  • + 1
 i want you
  • + 1
 Day off as it should be
  • + 1
 Best title ever.
  • + 1
  • + 1
 Thats some nice pics
  • + 1
 Pics with soul in it...
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