Giant Canada’s Pre-Christmas Warehouse Sale

Nov 13, 2012 at 0:00
Nov 13, 2012
by Tyler Maine  
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2012 Giant warehouse sale

• Sample bikes and women’s demo bikes priced to sell.

• Over 200 framesets with prices starting at $20

• Gloves, helmets and apparel starting at $10

• Accessories starting at $1

• First come first served! All sales final.

Giant store
Typically we keep things all neat and tidy.

Our current state of affairs - help!

Over 200 frames starting at $20 - seriously?

Nica and Hugo

Get yourself over to Giant Canada: 100 – 2255 Dollarton Highway, North Vancouver, BC
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  • + 35
 I bet all the bikeshops aren't happy about this
  • + 25
 id be pissed if i was a giant dealer
  • + 2
 Well it will more affect bike shops that are in the vancouver area...
  • + 8
 Hopefully they offered better deals to their dealers first. It would suck though to be a local shop owner trying to sell the same bikes and gear for much more. I think manufactures should offer these sales through their dealers. They should award the number one Giant dealer this sale each year as a thank you for selling Giant.
  • + 2
 yea, and then dealers in smaller towns would always get the shaft, and im guessing the same shop would get it over and over.. so theres the hole in that...
  • + 3
 If dealers weren't so stingy about ordering clearouts, then distributors wouldn't need to dump stuff like this to make room in the wharehouse. Every brand (for the ones who sell dealer direct) or distributor for a brand has sales and clearouts throughout the year, but its up to the individual dealers to actually GROW A PAIR and order from them. Recently Intense had some amazing 50% off sales on past model year bikes and frames. I know of two dealers in the ottawa/gatineau market area who were not having good sales results with their regular priced in-season bought Intense models who ordered clearouts so they could offer bikes/frames for cheaper.

Cycles Lambert, the large parts distributor who bitched about raceface selling their lower-tier models to Mountain Equipment Co-Op, now operates an ebay dealer account to blow out inventory at prices near regular dealer wholesale... which are on clearance lists WAAAAYYYY cheaper that the dealers are too stupid to order from themselves apparently. I just got a pair of Hudz STI grips off that clearance list... thru the dealer search of the CL website, its a 50 cent item... they're listing on ebay for $11, retail is about $25.
I paid the 50 cents price myself.

The Jamis distributor for canada, now has a wharehouse store in downtown toronto and also lists bikes here on pinkbike. They had to do that because their dealers are generally cheap bastards. They have clearout inventory of frames/bikes going back to 2008 still in the wharehouse.
  • + 28
 Please do one in other countries..
  • + 18
 don't worry..i'll swim over, scale the mountain, sprint to vancouver...and get there to find the sale ended a month ago
  • + 27
 really you should just bike over, its much faster.
  • - 2
 Now, Im not a geography pro... But is'nt the UK in the North Atlantic, and Vancouver facing the Pacific...?
Not sure you could actually swim over... besides all of the other obvious challenges.
  • + 8
 im guessing most the items purchased will end up being sold on here at a considerable mark up
  • + 6
 Dear Canadians..I hate you...this is unfair and not justifiable...I want in tooo wbahsbdfPSUAIgf- 356Y37Q42TRGF YHG...¬¬/

ps - its oki Canadians still love you Frown ..
  • + 2
 Great sale! Prices were fantastic! Got a few needed items (handlebar, gloves, multi-tool, grips)...and was very tempted with the prices of their frames. Will power took over the desire!

We got there after they opened and there was already a line up with some stuff being sold out. There were a few reign frames there but I think they were the previous gens. Same with the previous gen glory frames. Still good prices at $350 with rear shock for the reign.
  • + 1
 Drove in from Whistler this morning, doors opened at 9:45. Well organized sale. Some killer deals on frames and accessories like $100.00 bike locks for $12.00. Tires for $5.00 More inventory was brought in from warehouse as items were sold, but limited supply of MTB frames was left at 11am.
  • + 1
 Honestly it makes sense for brands, distributors and dealers to do this. Losses on writedowns are applied against the overall profits for the year and thus reduces their corporate income tax. Most of what i sell comes to me this way.
  • + 1
 Went there today at 2pm. Still lots of great deals on accessories and Giant branded jerseys, gloves etc.. Lights from $3, shirts from $10 etc. (as shown in pic 2) Still lots of frames both Mtn and road especially if you are looking for small or XL frame (and aren't picky about it not being this years model/colour) you should be able to find one for a few hundred bucks and the beginning of a fantastic winter project.
  • + 1
 only 9 hours away!!!!! on the 5 so like 200 in gas round trip maybe less cause my girlfriend car is great on gas. get some bikes frames come back sell them make money=winning lol
  • + 4
 I may have to sleep overnight in the parking lot.
  • + 4
 As if not living in Whistler didn't already suck enough...
  • + 1
 why don't they do stuff like this other places in the world give people a chance to start out, i'm starting to go off this sport a lot it's just commercial bollocks.
  • + 4
  • + 2
 Giant...Why you no do one in Australia...?
  • + 1
 You guys don't think they are selling current or near current framesets for $20.00 do you?
  • + 2
 There might be that one kid that thinks he's going to get a Glory frame for $20. Probably just some older hard tails going for $20.
  • + 1
 It'll be ancient road, hybrid and kids bike frames for $20. If you want a 2007 Giant Sedona frame, now is your chance! And the more recent stuff will all be XS, S or XL. Still, it's nice that they make the offer.
  • + 1
 Oh cmon, I was just searching to get me a Giant frame and then I read about this... Why oh why its happening in Canada Big Grin
  • + 1
 Man... that's just... MAN... I'd snatch at least four or five bikes if i could take the time to fly up there!
  • + 1
 dammit dammit dammit dammit DAMMit
  • + 1
 excellent event, thank you, Giant. missed reign frames, but got really good AM helmets and gloves!
  • + 1
 ok i know it s an old post but could someone tell me if they had glory frameset...just wondering
  • + 1
 SOS,SOS,SOS help us,bring CANADIAN or US bikes to ARGENTINE south america.
  • + 1
 see you there everyone....
  • + 1
 Dammit whys this sort of thing never happen in the uk!!
  • + 1
 It does my mate picked up a transition 450 from the distributors ebay account brand new for less than a grand...i know other distributors do the can get some right just need to look in the right place at right time.
  • + 1
 Glad I have a hockey game In vancouver on saturday Smile
  • + 1
 20$???? Noooooooooooooooo!!!
  • + 1
 Wtf!!!! Lol give me a link to order 50 glorys!!
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  • + 0
  • + 3
 It's a warehouse sale - gotta come to it to buy stuff - no website sales.
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