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Aug 23, 2008
by Tur ducken  
Hey Ladies,

Are you tired of the endless amounts of private messages and note board comments left on your profile page asking if you really ride? Well, if you are and you want to show the guys that girls are just as good and prove to them that we really do ride, come and checkout the new forum that was created specifically for the female users on this website.The Girls' Clubhouse will be a place for us to gather and talk about the sport we enjoy. All the female members on Pinkbike are encouraged to introduce themselves here and share the ride. Currently, there are three sub-forums with the ability to add more if needed. If you have questions in regards to women's specific gear, bikes in general, health and fitness, or want to know when the next riding clinics are taking place, come on down and take a peek!

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 Way to go lets segregate people rather than deal with the idiots that send these girls messages. Not a good move in my eyes.
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 I can definetly see your point, i was kinda thinking along the same lines.
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 I know I'm gonna get heckled for this, but I think segregation is a good idea, half the time I go biking it's to get away from my wife and have a little rad time(she bikes too but it's not the same). I used to ride with some girls in BC and waiting on the trail for like 5-10 minutes getting eaten alive by bugs waiting for people to catch up is never funand they were pushin way to hard tryin to keep up that I don't think the rides were very fun for them either(ya I know theres pro girls that would kick my ass blah,blah,blah... but on average...) I can see what the girls are sayin tho, everytime there is a chick's picture posted on here riding or not, a dozen little 14yr olds are all "yo when I hit puberty i'd tap that..." or some crap, and I can see why they want their own personal rad time as well.
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 So true! Biking for me is like "my own world".
Pretty much the only time i can stay away from girls and/or boring people. I'd hate if my GF were always riding with me, sometimes would be fine, but not all the time..
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 Im glad there is a site for women now, but you kinda just led all the fish to one net. instead of randomly coming up apon a girl in a thread, there now all in one place! ..... hehe?

Anyways cool stuff!
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 Why not just get rid of all the horndog 12 year olds and ship em off to myspace or something
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 no offence, but can we have a club house JUst for the guys?????
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 Girls aren't stalking or harassing us, so there is no need for one.
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flag knobzy (Aug 23, 2008 at 12:46) (Below Threshold)
 how do u know??
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 my best friend is a girl who shreds shes insane lol she doesnt care if she gets hurt. and shes smokin hot aha. more girls should get into biking cuz its not just for guys which alot of people dont get. its for everyone looking for a good time.
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 Ladies have nothing to prove! This site was set up by girls for girls originally because cycling is so male dominated. Speaking of which, I haven't seen the Ponies lately. Happy trails!
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 it sucks that it has to go this way.... it would be better if everybody just could stay on pinkbike Smile
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 they stay an pinkbike, the just have a girls-only forum...thatz all.
thatz a good idea to introduce more girls to biking.
and boys can better controll how many girls are on pinkbikelol
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 its good girls are getting recognition theyres no girl rider sin my area wich is a bummer when i live near 3 heavily ridden forests segregation is a bit far but to see summit being done is great
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 it dosen't matter what gender you are if you can ride i give you props
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 Why do the f*cktards always push the cool people away? What a shame!!! Hey gals, stick around and give the 14 year old wankers what they deserve.
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 why does it matter if your male or female? just f*cking ride your bike
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 notice how all these comments is from guys....
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 awsome i liek to see more girl bikers were i live, fingers crossed! Wink
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 Girls that ride are HOT... you go girls!!!
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 nice 1. should be gd for u ladies.
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 ya guys girls are just as good as guys ,keep shreddin girlsWink
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 i think its good to see more girls riding bike not jst guys
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 props to all the chick riders out there.
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 go amy she rips
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 i want to shred with a girl it would be sooooo nar
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 but seriously props girls for shredding its great to see now and its a great asset to the sport!
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