Gnarly Metal - Full Edit

Sep 27, 2011
by Julian Coffey  
Mountain biking collides with high tech manufacturing in this latest search for design innovation. Here is the full episode of Gnarly Metal that made its Las Vegas debut at the imX - the International Manufacturing Experience.

Join host Jeremy Bout, Mike Montgomery and Casey Groves on location for this episode - from the shop floor at Straitline Components' cutting edge manufacturing facility to the Jump Ship barge in Victoria Harbour, to the mind-numbing loam found in the forests of BC, Canada. This episode traces the development, prototyping, manufacturing and inaugural competition testing of the new prototype hydraulic gyro from Straitline, a component that has already has been a game changer for several of today's top shredders.

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Edge Factor host Jeremy Bout connects the biggest players in North American manufacturing and engineering education with the global mtb community.

Jeremy conveys his admiration for Mike's steezy riding to an appreciative audience.

The boys from Straitline in the house, rockin' the ties no less! Greg Parish provides some background behind the prototype gyro, and explains Straitline's involvement in the Edge Factor show.

Greg Parish, Mike Montgomery, Jeremy Bout. Following the premiere, imX attendees from around the world were able to engage in some Q&A with everyone involved.

Some of the other gnarly metal that could be seen at the imX.

Sponsor Sandvick Cormorant was at imX to provide advanced technology workshops - designed to make you smarter and complete with yellow lab coats.

Stay tuned for more from the Edge Factor!


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 "Think Smart/Work Smart/Earn Smart...Ride Hard"
Nice motto!
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 yeah, at least they were honest about where their intentions are. These are in it to make money. Not for the passion of biking... but that doesn't mean we can't both get what we want... to some extent.
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 Seriously, that's why you rag on them? They are Canadian based, run by a small family. Do you think the corporate guys at Sram even ride? Everyone seems to forget that you go into business to make MONEY! Sure in an industry like cycling the passion helps, but if they can't pay their bills or raise enough capital to expand then they end up losing, and that's not good for anyone.

On another note get better soon Mike!
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flag carbonlite (Sep 27, 2011 at 16:35) (Below Threshold)
 oh I totally agree, but their big yellow sign that has nothing to do with biking, and all to do with business.

I'd actually go farther to say a lot of people who work for companies like sram are really cool people and many are passionate about bikes, not just engineers in labs coats.

The problem is bike companies aren't divorced from the negative aspects of many multinational corporations. Giant bikes get heavily criticized for their ethical (or lack of ethical) sourcing for factories overseas, and I'm sure they aren't the only ones as most high and low end bikes come from that geo-poltical region and are produced to the same ends. It's really important to keep all of this in perspective, I mean its easy to say "look unethical manufacturing! Giant must be evil for paying Taiwanese craftsmen less then American craftsmen", but that has more to do with global society then corporate leadership.

The reason I feel we can be critical of the bike industry is because alternatives means of production exist. Look at MEC they have a nearly complete vertical integration of the development, production, distribution, and sales of bikes in Canada. And they do that while only making 0.01% profit. So when another company faults a picture of PBs homepage that says "earn smart" they need to know that as a consumer I don't want them to earn money, and I think they are jerks for self promoting that image of themselves when such viable alternatives exist.

I was really impressed with the straightline factory in this video as that goes. I mean they could probably be criticized for hiring their family members but thats a cultural thing and far from the greatest human rights abuses the corporate world commits.
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 Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that the motto of the Sandvick guys, not Straightline. I'm referring to the last picture about Straightline being sponsored by them.
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 @carbonlite... Sandvik is a respectable firm. This entire release is about small guys who can and did and they want to help get more people into realising that cnc/machining is not a boring dirty job. Asia,North America or Europe, point is do it yourself utilizing modern tech or hire someone else. There is no reason to outsource if you can avoid it.

We fit the bill and the Edgefactor crew selected us and we are beyond stoked and honored.

These two worlds collide only once so milk it and support manufacturing as a cool career regardless of its origins. No one cares anymore, we just buy it and toss it.
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 As long as the milking is of opportunity and not consumers pocket books thats sounds great. I didn't entirely (or at all) understand the relationship between Sandvik and Straitline when I ranted before... not that I really do now, but I feel like I've got a better idea of it.

I still stand by what I said... I just realize it's largely irrelevant to Sandvik and Straitline. If anything you are demonstrating another alternative to multinational business, which is awesome, and I did not clue into that before.

And a massive thanks to straightline for actually commenting a lot on this thread!

I think it is absolutely awesome that a company gets involved in an informal discussion like this. Because at the end of the day you guys know how you work better then anyone else and it adds so much legitimacy to the topic being discussed. I really hope other companies follow this example.
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 Small local company that took a big risk to compete in a market heavily manufactured overseas. If these guys are making good cash they completely deserve it. If you take risks you either get rewarded or you fail; that is the nature of business kid.
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 @ carbonlie: sandvik makes machine tooling. They make very very nice stuff, like tool holders for lathes and cutting tools for mills, inserts for said tools. They do a lot of edumacation for folks so that they can take their machining business and make them more efficient so that they become more profitable. I have taken a class from them and learned a crapload. You pay more for their stuff, but you pretty much get what you pay for with them. I am assuming that the whole sandvik thing is that they sponsored the show, and not necessarily Straitline. Makes sense to pretty much have a big 30min long ad for your product and show how they are being used. Never really heard of a company that makes inserts and tool holders that "sponsors" a shop. I would also bet that they are one of the sponsors of the IMX show in vegas too. Am too lazy to google it tonight.
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 such a great video, I really hope Straitline get more sales from this - they undoubtedly will as this is a very good tech insight and serves as a good educational watch if you ask me, i was completely focused - this was more interesting than a lot of MTB vids out there. Then again I am a bit of an engineering addict so anything that's visual and tech turns me inside out. Hope Mike P gets better too.
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 Please keep the comments civil in here. Mike Paulson is a rad guy who lets us do anything we wish and he is in the hospital fighting for his life as I type this. Please keep it above board guys, I'd rather he reads positive remarks when he sees this. Thanks in advance.
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 Got any gyros' in proto that work with two brakes at once?
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 I feel like it'd be really easy to just add a second seal... but you'd need a really tall steer tube, and that's not really conducive to a high end dirt jumper... and if you aren't at a high level of jumping then you probably don't need a gyro, I mean anyone whose barspinning into their double whips are pretty good, and probably not doing it on a DH bike with two brakes.
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 Why mess with adding another seal? Just shorten the front brake line and run a hollow stem bolt like a standard cable brake? No need to change the design of the gyro, it wouldn't have any effect on it or the steer tube. I see slope style bikes running two brakes all the time.
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 What happened with Mike? I hope he's okay. It's inspiring to see what he DJ, Dennis and the Straightline team are doing up there. Impressive work!.
(and a drool worthy machine shop!!) I hope he's doing okay!!
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 everyone is out to make money, its a way of life, straitline has my support 100%, even if my shins absolutely hate them, ill still ride there products as much as i can. i got a response email from greg and that guy is a down to earth boss no corporate bullsh*t from him just the truth. so to all you weenies who dont want to do business and make a business prosper, then remember your current job (if you have one) is a business, they must make money to support you and sign your paycheck. my thoughts are,if they make a good product and is a cool company with legit people, then they deserve my money to help support them. after all their products support me. get well soon Mike, healing vibes your way coming from me.
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 One lengthy commercial indeed.

Still... How does the actual production work? That was my main question when I started watching the show and I still haven't seen an entire design and manufacturing process.

Great shots and editing though, loved that. Quite some original shots many professionals (how it's made and the likes) could learn from.
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 Awesome video guys! Really interesting to see behind the scenes of a company like Straitline!
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 As a mechanical technologist and mtb enthusiast I have been waiting for this video for weeks!
Thank you straitline and edge factor, you guys rock!

I work in a high production machine/ fab shop, and know first hand what it takes to do this type of work. It is not easy, there are so many more factors then what you see on the video. Watching this video makes me extremely jealous, A. because I wish I could ride like Mike, and B. because I wish I had a job with straitline, they definitely have state of the art machines and products. Again great job guys!
Now that I know how they do it, (with a little help of all the vids posted by straitline) I can know start making my own products. Big Grin

Also, this has everything to do with marketing and advertising. Companies like Sandvik and MasterCAM won't get much recognition in this line of work,(many people don't even know what they do) but with industry leading companies like straitline they know will.

When is this competition starting? I need to know? And what exactly is it?
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 Im a machinist in training, and I've been excitedly waiting too! I've only been doing manual machining so far, but I should be moving on to two axis CNC on ProtoTrack machines soon, then as the school season nears its end I should be working on a Haas three axis machining center. Then after I graduate, i'll be going to a college that has a really nice advanced machining course. I love how challenging this trade is!
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 That was one long But it is one long commercial I actually enjoyed watching.
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 This show has 1 main intention, and that is to get kids interested in engineering and manufacturing. For that to be made possible, it required the support of companies like Sandvik, Okuma, Solidworks, and many others. So yes, there is a commercial aspect to the film, as well we get a lot of play because we were willing to completely close our business for over a week to film effectively loosing 2% of our entire years revenues. Currently my own children are following in my footsteps, and we hope the film will inspire other kids to do the same. In the end we are really trying to promote manufacturing, as it is what makes modern life possible in every way. I am glad that most people enjoyed the film, and we are really proud of our involvement int it.
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 Very adequate explanation of the film. Was not saying it in a bad way thats just the feeling I got at the end of it. I do love straightline and I'm stoked to see the support and innovation that is going on through that factory. I've always been interested in the design and engineering side of product, especially when you can do it in house. And the gyro! I've been through a few hydraulic gyro's and like mike said they all suck. Its about time someone pushes forward and tries something new in that aspect of riding. Would love to see if they differ. Overall I really did enjoy the film its something new and touching on points of so called "behind the scenes" that you dont see too often. Good job well Done Cheers!
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 His name is Mike Paulson His name is Mike Paulson His name is Mike Paulson
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 You beat me to it! Smile
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 My 2 favorite things... Mechanical engineering, and biking Big Grin Seriously considering buying a pair of the new Straitline pedals!
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 Straitline pedals are vnice but there is pretty strong competition. But out of the Big 3 Chain guide companies, I love the straitline silent guide the best. The resale value on those things are still double the E13's and MRP's. Easiest set up and most trouble free guide on the market (IMO). That being said they must be properly spaced in the initial set up to perform trouble free.
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 5.00 min "together they form a unique team that has the flexibility to wear many hats" haha
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 What is the first song they used? Anyone knows? Would be happy if someone knows... Thanks!!! Great Video! Great Cutting! Great Ideas! Wonderfull to watch!
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 The credits are at the end of the film,but I believe it is all an original score.
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 Can I have a copy of that Amp assembly file?

Awesome video, always have been envious of your machine line up, that big mori is SICK!
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 Better than discovery channel makes me wanna buy one even though I can barely do a barspin xD
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 Anybody know the song at the beginning of the episode? Is it Dubstep like some of the rest?
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 i loved the sound of there allen keys making ratcheting noises....... where can i buy such products.... lawl
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 they should make a gyro for 1.5 headtube Razz the problem of pedals its like we go for whats best between price/quality...
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 really enjoyed watching that!
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 great video! Strailtlines the boss!
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 Smells like the beginnings of going public.
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 That looked like a long SUPERB edit. AWESOME!
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 well it's very useful
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