Video: Gravity East Series 6, Blue Mountain.

Aug 22, 2013 at 6:28
Aug 22, 2013
by Jarad Kleinberg  
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Well that wraps up Gravity East Series number 6. Blue mountain has officially been christened by some of the best riders on the East Coast. From the GoPro footage seen during the weeks prior to the race, people expected a rocky course. But, I can assure you they were not expecting it to be as rocky as it was. The course was filled with gnarly rocks, roots, off camber turns and ruts. The newer sections were loamy and slick, challenging everyone to stay on board.

Be sure to join us September 1st for the Gravity East Finals at Seven Springs.
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 Blue mt is a ton of fun , sorry we don't have the Rockys in our back yard
There's plenty of super steep sections and technical features that will challenge
Even the best riders
The bottom of king Tut is a blast

P. A is known for its rocky trails , after all isn't that what Mt. Bikings all about???
Definitely makes for a better ride
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 Those trails definitely remind me of PA
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 It is PA!
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 Isn't this place called Blue Knob?
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 Oh ya Blue Mtn is the real deal east coast rocker. Last time I was there my friend caught 3-4 flats I forget exact number but those rocks don't move. Couple nice rock drops and singletrack. The mountain has major potential and still not even using most of it for DH riding. There used to be an epic dirt jump area towards the bottom. It was soo sick we would session it for hours after lift was closed. Anyone know if its still there??? Ewok forest?? School bus step up to drop to huge tables??? They had alot of jumps and options, hopefully its still there. I haven't been there in 2 years as they closed it last season. Good to see Blue back in action.
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 Ya, when blue closed I was pretty bummed. I was there for the race and its making a come back. Sadly the jumps aren't there. They still have some tables in the forest off to the right of where the jumps used to be. The bus and massive jumps lines are all gone though. Pretty saddening. That mountain is huge for east coast, they really have potential. If they stick with it, don't close and keep working hard they'll get big! They have so much property, that they can build anything basically.
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 Yeah it's ewok village, it's still there, I guess not as big as it used to be, but I was there for the first time this year and I didn't know what it was like before
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 Good to know, I fly out to Blue mtn. From city its just over an hour. Jersey riders probably 30-45 mins tops and no Nyc traffic to come home to lol. Thats cool at least ewok forest is still open. Those are some nice tables. Could easily bring my hardtail and session those after lift closes. The massive epic jumps are gone but they could rebuild. Have alot of space there. We found soo much terrain there not even being used, its like a newer network so still spreading out. If they got some more trails and put up another epic track at the bottom that would be the spot. I kind of like better than Creek to be honest. It has more natural dh feel to the trails and not soo flat on top like Creek. Those jumps they used to have were awesome, real moto type of track with woops and tripples. You could bomb it gapping everything or do a style type of approach. Build that track again and they will come. Hardtail people could ride that area all day. I was looking at this huge huck to get into that old track. Come in with soo much speed then had to brake and hit a steep roll down to enter. I wanted to come in at mach 10 and gap all the way over roll down into the first set. Now its not happening but there is huge potential out there. Build and think big!!!!
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 Yeah man believe its the bottom of king tut Right after the Ewok Forrest , I was there 2 weeks ago and had so much fun on that section , even if ur not a mad jumper those jumps make it easy
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 Hurray for east coast downhill!
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 Yes I guess that's why Trek World racing was at our mountain and not whatever you have other there. In sure they were looking for the flattest trails and the least gnar huh. Hands down I'm sure Theres some amazing stuff out there but you make yourself sound like such a prick. Mtbguy you probably ride without a saddle when you're not making arrogant comments.
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 Right , idk why people feel the need to bash the stupidest shit It's fun and that's all there is to it
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 That lifty is the legendary 'Street Bike Tommy'
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 That lifty is rockin a mean chin mullet
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 North Carolina flat? Haha, you ever been?
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 Hahaha. White knuckled on I-40.
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