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Video: Handbike in the Bikepark

Aug 8, 2013
by ShapeRideShoot  
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In 2006 Blaise Mettan suffered a severe trauma to his spine at the Bikepark in Chatel, resulting in paralysis from the waist down. At twenty-two years old he decided that he would take to wheels once again. Seven years after his accident, Blaise has conquered his handicap thanks to a hand-bike specifically designed for downhill tracks imported by Serge Meystre from Defisport.




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 What a Boss,awesome,continue like that you have got my respect
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flag Bennnnnnnybike (Aug 9, 2013 at 0:59) (Below Threshold)
 Buuuut.... is there a 29er version?!
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flag mb00033 (Aug 9, 2013 at 4:55) (Below Threshold)
 Only 27.5. Sorry to disapoint u mate.
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flag TheFireSermon (Aug 9, 2013 at 5:51) (Below Threshold)
 No but I can't wait for the 36inch...I'll be able to roll over trees. twentynineinches.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/contiking09-038.jpg
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 Why don't you all just shut your yap about these inane wheel size jokes here. Think about it. This is about someone's physical handicap. Humble yourself.
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 Dude, you don't have to treat these guys any differently, I know that they're not going to want people avoiding jokes just because they are disabled?

It wasn't a stab at their disability just a bike related gag, lighten up and treat these guys like you would anyone else?
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 Fair play to both riders. I know if I had any form of accident that left me unable to ride, I'd order something like this in a heart beat.

Jumping wise, maybe the wheelbase is slightly too long and that creates the nose dropping when listing off. All the fact that the riders body position is pretty central to front end positioned. The ones over at whistled that I've seen have the riders positioned over the rear 1/3 of the system.

Both bikes are different so it's good to see an enduro/all day rider for disabled riders. The pedalling aspect is an awesome feature.

Well done guys.
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 Agree with Jacob1993. Don't worry, there are just some sensitive members on this site..
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 I agree too, we as riders want to all be treated the same crappy way by all you Haters!!!
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 Hi Pinkbike,
I'm one of the rider of this video.
Of course I'm not Stacy and of course my 3 wheels bike (Explorer II from Sport-on.com, Josh Dueck and Tara llanes have also one of these) is not as radical as the R1.
The point of this 3 wheel is to be an hybrid between a road handbike and a R1. With mine I can pedal! I have a Bionx on the way to go a little further in this direction.
On the trail we have many similarities, but I'm a little wider (1m) and less able to jump with the length of the frame and the position.
In the disabled sport there is no place for fight to find the best bike. There is different needs and different way to be happy!
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 Dude, the video is awesome!!! Hope you will keep riding and doing these amazing videos.
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 This is pritty cool but they need to make a video of the guy in whistler that rips A-line on a four wheeled bike like those. The dude is faster than alot of people on two wheels and sends it over all the jumps.
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 Too bad he (Stacey) is grumpy as f#ck!
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 Tried to follow him once. He is so fast and rowdy!
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 And no disrespect meant at these guys, but that stacy, think that was his name, is WAY faster. And hits everything. He needs an edit.
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 hey yellowdog, just replace the word 'grumpy' with 'serious' and you have me correct. sorry, not to derail, but it had to be said. your comment is not correct. peace stacy
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 much better piece here.........


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 Stacy you shred! Bald tires or not!
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 Dude I've met you on the hill before, seen how you treat others on the hill. I hate to break it to you but you are grumpy. You can be serious and not yell at people in line, lifties, or at that girl I used to see you ride with. You are fast and seem to be having a blast but for gods sake lighten up already.
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 @ yellowdog. He was awesome when I chatted with him. Shared some awesome stories with me. Seemed pretty cool to me.
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 sorry yellowdog, but i can't be everything to everybody. i bat a 50-50 ratio. some people don't like the taste of serious. some people like aquaman better than hong kong phooey............so be it. but believe me, nobody laughs at their self as much as i do, so ya, i 'm light enough already............. i wouldn't have made it work the past 21 years without being well rounded. peace stacy
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 You're a grump bro Peace Paul
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 See its all australians who are guilty for canadians arguing. Good job bro. Cheer up guys we all never meet eachother in our pefect conditions, someones angel is anothers devil.
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you ain't just flogging a dead horse from a thread on nsmb 8 years ago?

give it a rest children.

move on, lord knows the rest of us have.

just ride.
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 Dude I have moved on. Your the one still posting in here.

See you on the hill!

Please don't yell at me. Wink
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 Who cares if he's grumpy or not regardless he shreds hard and is probably faster then half the guys on the mountian so quit complaining and just ride
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 While I was on vacation in Whistler most of been him I saw going down A-Line absolutely crazy to see!
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 I used to race against Stacy way back in the COP dayz. Sneaky bastard would try to grab your brake levers off the start gate if he knew he could get away with it!! haha (I was the young Newfie if you can remember) Always an inspiration, and had a bit of attitude to go with it all. Not that its a bad thing but I assumed that if I had to go through the shitter I would have a chip on my shoulder and want to prove the world wrong. I worked with spinal patients as a nurse for a few years. I would always tell them about Stacy lighting it up as a motivator. I hope to see more para's destroying the park in the near future. Actually I hope all trails are designed wide enough to accomidate the 4 wheeled gravity chariots! (Better for 2 wheel rippers as well)

Keep sendin er dude! Always a blast to see ya rippin around despite all odds!!!
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 @Gronzdog /stacykohut
Interesting...but try ride up on this bike... : P
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 Respect, rescept, rescept, rescept, and massive respect for him!
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 It's great to see a real passion and love for the sport. It's not always about who's faster.. The guy rides cuz he loves to ride! Some are more fortunate then others and you can never take things for granted. This man is so lucky to still be riding and I give him my respect because most people in his condition would not be out there! Props to you my friend!!
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 my friend's dad had a severe motorcycle crash and is paralyzed from his legs down, my friend and i like to go biking, so I will have to show him this!
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 I've seen Stacey at Whistla a number of times. Chatted him up in the lift line once....didn't know me from Adam and was cool talking to him. All of you guys humble me with your actions and character!
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 Hmm 3 wheels VS 4 that Stacey's bike has in Whistler.... Wonder what's best. Nice to see variations and people getting out there
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 Pretty sure the four wheelers are off road wheelchairs whereas the three wheelers are considered hand bikes because they have a drivetrain and can be pedaled. Gotta imagine that the four wheelers would be faster downhill though.
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correct sir, the hand bike is waaaay more versatile.
the 4 wheel fourcross is waaaay more serious as a dh machine.
kinda apples/oranges...........still in the ol fruit bowl thougth.

neither are wheelchairs, as they share common traits and parts with bicycles.



and just for the heck of it.........check these out!!!!.......


all wheels are round.
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 I was interested in 2 wheels in the front vs 2 wheels in the back, it would be interesting to see the difference between the two. Either way, this is badass I really love it when people get to do what they want to do no matter what odds they overcome! more power to ya
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 I've always wondered what happens if they crash, how do they get up???
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 Always important to ride with someone, just like how it's always smart to bring a friend/ppl around when doing something potentially dangerous.

I don't mean any disrespect to anyone who has suffered spinal injuries, my friend who had an accident semi-recently lost all leg function.. There was one time he fell backwards in his wheelchair and it was pretty damn hard to get him up. He isnt big or anything (former soccer player) but I could just see how annoying it was to him relying on someone for help. Seriously tons of respect to these guys/girls who still strive to live a great life and keep on moving forward!
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 A good friend of mine rides a Lasher hand bike around Calgary. 2 wheels in the back, legs forward. Check them out here: www.lashersport.com/products-ath.html
He likes having the legs forward rather than tucked underneath. But any way you can rip is a good way.
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 hey matthewfraser13, every person is different, every injury is different. some people need no help ever, some need some help sometimes, and others need lots of help all the time. it all depends on your physical abilities and where your headspace is. peace stacy
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thanks for the clarification. I guess "off road wheelchair" is a pretty lame description. "Gravity Powered Quad" perhaps? Always loved seeing your videos, keep shredding man.
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 I've seen a guy on a 4 wheeler in whistler and I'm wondering if he's the same guy that used to be at all the Canada cups in the late 90's... Specifically in Quebec?
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 you are thinking of the man, the myth, the legend, the one and only .........

john davis


he sit surfs now.
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 i just want to say to stacy and blaise in this video that i have so much respect for you guys for shredding with this, keep it up, you guys are truly a source of inspiration and determination. Cheers guys.
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 love to see these guys getting out on the trails and doing what they love! couple more runs and theyll be sending every thing!
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 I will yield to the handicap any day.
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 It's amazing!!!I saw similar guys this summer in Les Gets,no words,simply amazing...big respect!!!
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 So how long before we see these on some kind of world cup?? Good to see that even disabled people are finding ways to tear it up!
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 I remember seeing four wheel vesrion without pedals, but this is something new. It would be fun to have a four wheel evectic freeride option.
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 add this for small uphills and instead of pedalling www.gizmag.com/ego-kits-give-downhill-mountain-bikes-a-boost/17888
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 I've always been worried that if i ended up in a wheelchair, i'd never ride again. It's good to see there's other options out there... Just need a DJ version.
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 Great to see someone's passion continue after hard changes. You are awesome !
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 shit i would ride this handicapped or not.
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 I would have thought the lower center of gravity of the tri-wheeler would have smoked the bikes but apparently not.
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 AWESOME determination AND bike! Mad respect at overcoming a handicap and continuing to do what you love!
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 Wow! So great. Love the way those things are put together too
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 lot of respect!!
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 whats the name of the song? its sick i wanna go ride now!
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 Those look surprisingly tippy
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 respect, ive seen a four wheeler in whistler any ways nice vid
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 the guy who rides one of the four wheelers called stacy i think? he shreds Aline, Bline anything wide enough. he will be riding as fast as many normal riders!
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 i have to say those bikes are so so so awsome. thats really great
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 Mad props to the frame builders.
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 Extraordinaire !
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 I want to see him do some freeriding, that would be so sick
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 Does it really comfortable to ride with that stuff?
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 Incredible! Very inspiring!
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 Can you imagine this thing roostin on a dusty track รถ
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 Really great! Never give up!!!!
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 Bloody fantastic guys .inspiring :-)
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 I saw some guys in them go down Fort Bill one day, insane !
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 Looks fun i wanna try to!
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 @ Stacy freakin awsome videos
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 massive respect to these guys they still look faster than me !!!
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 Awesome , no matter what
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 Uplifting, made my day.
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 i'd ride R1's instead

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