Video: Harrison Mendel - Still Dreamin'

Nov 30, 2012
by Rupert Walker  
Harrison Mendel is a precocious talent. The kind of kid who 360'd the drop at Goatstyle as a fourteen year old. The kid with effortless style, huge whips, barspins, and suicide no-handers at an age when most are struggling with bad acne and getting their driver's license. It helps that he's a giant (seriously, he's like 6'3 and he's only 16) and if it weren't for freakishly bad injury luck* he'd probably be drawing comparisons to Tom van Steenbergen or Anthony Messere, two kids who seem to embody the future of the sport. Thankfully for the egos and eyeballs of Pinkbike users everywhere, Harry has put his focus into filmmaking this year. He teamed up with Dustin Gilding for ''The Revealing'' series, and then with Bas and Tom van Steenbergen to produce three of the year's best shred edits.

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I had the pleasure of working with Harry at Crankworx this summer. If you liked a shot in one of the event videos, there's a good chance it belonged to Mr. Mendel. I'd call him talented, but that doesn't do him justice. Plus, I think talent is a grossly overused word; you aren't born with these types of skill... you get them through hard work and a love of the sport. Rupert Walker named this video ''Still Dreamin,''' mainly because Harry is riding Kelowna's legendary Dreamland trails in it. However, the name brings up another salient point - which is this: dreams by themselves are worthless. Without execution, they're just fantasy. Harry's got ambition and skill, but he also executes his vision. If he dreams big enough and keeps working hard, then there's no telling how far he'll go.

Signature buzzer from Harry.
  Big unturndown at Dreamland
bigquotesI got knocked out at Dreamland one year ago. When I regained consiousness, the first thing I said was, ''Woah, I've dreamt of this place.'' This video makes me want to dig and make an actual banger edit of myself riding. -Harrison Mendel

Big no hander on the newly rebuilt set.
  Wait until you see who rode this line for Harrison's new video...

Video by: Rupert Walker
Words: Scott Secco
Stills: Matthew Butterworth

*Harrison is tough as nails. He's suffered: one small foot fracture, a second broken foot (into 30 pieces, while filming with Nic Genovese), a spiral fracture of his tib/fib growth plate, and multiple concussions.


  • + 29
 I wish I started that young. At 41 my back cracks sometimes even in bed.
  • + 15
 maybe you should stop reading the karma sutra Wink
  • + 12
 after breaking my back twice i get that at 21
  • + 14
 @rhiwfawrdirt: reading the kama sutra is not a big deal actually, as long as you are properly seated. Perform most of the positions depicted is what might be hard on your back
  • + 5
 @atticus307 oh boy I can't wait, I'm in the same boat -___-
  • + 1
 im 15 and my back always cracks when i get outta bed!!! is this bad?!?!?!?!
  • + 12
 lol yes danhillracer this is very bad. Most likely diagnosis is polio.
  • + 2
 That or an onset of incurable multiple sclerosis with a hint of lupus. Either way, Dr House is sure that we need to treat you by giving you malaria and a CT scan.
  • + 1
 Really?!?!? i thought i just slept in a bad position or something:/
  • + 1
 haha we're kidding with you, you know that, right? im not a doctor so idk but id guess its what you said.
  • + 1
 hahaha ok good!
  • + 7
 Could you imagine living in one of those houses in the background?! I would be blacked out on air blasting all day errryday!
  • + 4
 If there's an empty field nearby and it's pretty secluded from public view, start digging!
  • + 6
 I wish I had those jumps in my neighborhood!
  • + 3
 i see them in alot edits latley and i realllly want to ride them now!!
  • + 2
 im pretty sure you have to be invited
  • - 1
 Its dreamland. Tecnically you have to, but the location is well known
  • + 2
 dam this cat has got style!!!

I hear ya Spicy-Mike, as i look outside my living room window into that big rolling vacant section! dont know who owns it but until im told otherwise, no harm done Smile
  • + 4
 Now iznt zat veird! Harry not filming zee doiiich boiiis..
  • + 1
 The exaggerated immitation at the end was awesome, all the stuff people do to get ready for a run when they are just super nervous.
  • + 2
 What the f*ck was his little spaz out all about at the end then?
  • + 1
 That frame looks like an Xtra Small to him...but siiiick vid Wink
  • + 1
 Awesome vid I can't wait till I can pull those moves off
  • + 1
 those jumps look sweeeeeet.
  • - 1
 Sweeeeeet edit, kid has loadsa steeeze and kills it on the edits as well, so good!! Who rides the line in the new edit? Brett rheeder maybeeeee?
  • + 1
 Way sick. Such a good video!
  • + 1
 hahaha that was sick guys, ending gave me a good laugh
  • + 1
 Great to see you on the other side of the lense Harry!! Keep it steezy
  • + 1
 nice video!
  • + 1
 Steeez style
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