Video: Steamboat's Bear River Bike Park

Apr 11, 2013
by Wendy Tucciarone  
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These video clips and images are what Steamboat Springs lost because they were built without authorization in an area not designated for these trails. Due to their popularity, an attorney was hired and forced the City of Steamboat Springs to flatten this work of art last fall. The city acted quickly and approved a new location to allow a permanent place for replacement for what bikers lost, but it took 8+ years to build what Steamboat had and loved with volunteer effort.

Steamboat Springs’ Bear River Bike Park is one of four finalists for a Bell Built Grant! Voting ends on Friday, and we’re close to taking the lead! Please help us replace what we lost by voting for the Bear River Bike Park in the Pump Track Category.

The Bear River Bike Park complements an existing skateboard park located on the Yampa River with views of the Steamboat Ski Area. It is easily accessible, located on the Core Trail that runs through town. The bike park already features a beginner and intermediate area. This grant will fund the expert area, with the goal of maximizing the fun factor! This project will help fill a void left by the loss of the unauthorized “Powerlines Jumps” that were removed last fall. Click here for more information.

Steamboat Springs Colorado

Voting on Bell Helmet’s Facebook page is open until April 12. To support Steamboat’s Bear River Bike Park, click here, select Pump Track category, then cast your vote for the Bear River Bike Park! See you in the ‘Boat this summer!

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 Thank you to all involved with the Bell River Bike Park project and the other finalists. From the local trail enthusiasts pushing the voting effort so hard to those spread across the country and the organizations that made it all possible.... Bell Helmets and IMBA. Up here in Steamboat Springs, the word has spread through our little town like a wildfire in western forests hit hard by the pine beetle. The overall excitement about biking and trails has always been high here in Steamboat Springs, but this has helped take it to another level. We are extremely grateful to be included in this Bell Built Grant and hope that this will not only continue to benefit other well deserving projects in the future from Bell, but also the many other companies that benefit from all the hard work that goes into getting these great places to ride bikes approved and built.
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 The Corral Trail in Tahoe, CA is a project that everyone living near or visiting lands managed by the Forest Service should be voting for. It is in the Flow Category. You get 3 votes (1 vote for each category). See why here....
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 Don't forget to vote (you watched the fun short video of what we lost and are trying to replace in an approved location) It only take a few seconds to vote: Thanks for your time.
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There are quite a few Steamboat residents within the PB community; myself included!!!! All I can say is PLEASE go vote for us... It'd be so rad to win this so I can go ride a proper pump track and take my friends to a skills park to teach them stuff.
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 where is that line shown in the video?? Hope the boat gets this grant money - was just living there the past couple of years.. was a sad day when the local pump track got torn down for the future home of an "ice castle" during the winter months. Bear river park was in building stages with tons of potential with the right funding - definitely vote for SB as they need things like this to spread the biking culture throughout all ages and interests!
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 It no longer exists! That was the powerline trail in willett heights sub division. There were politics involved leading to the decision to bulldoze the trail. Major bummer for the people who spent so much time visualizing and creating the line. Hopefully, the bear river project will get funded and replace the advanced jump line that was lost!
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 Steamboat needs a new jump park since old jumps got torn down come on pink bike your our last hope
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 The old jumps were absolutely amazing, sustainably handbuilt by volunteers in their spare time. Torn down because of ass-backwards politics. Please vote for Bear River bike park so that the community can expedite the process of improving its public pump track and bike park.
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 Steamboat needs this! People have worked so hard to make this happen! The livelihood of many will be decided tomorrow! Please vote for Bear River!!
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 Dam who were those bad ass guys riding in the video ?????

Great job for all the work that has gone into this project. I am so proud to see the Steamboat cycling Community come together fighting for our trails !

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 Bring it to the 'Boat!!!!!
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 Elm Creek! Colorado has had bike parks for years, as
well as DH trails. The Midwest, specificly MN WI and
MI, are just starting to develop these trails. Land
managers don't like these trails and parks, same with
insurance companies. Steamboat, as it shows in their
video, has already started the park and just needs the
grant to complete it. Elm Creek hasn't even started!
This grant would help kick start riding for kids and
adults of all ages. Here people can practice for the DH
trails that are finnaly in the works around here. Vote
Elm creek! Steamboat's park will be completed with or
without the grant. Elm Creek won't start for years
without the grant. Eagan is great, but compared to
what Elm Creek will become.... and how can people
bring Eagan bike park into the conversation?!?!?!?!?! It
isn't even finished! If I'm not mistaken, Colorado has
Valmont Bike Park finished in 2011 by Alpine Bike
Parks at a cost of over $3 million! I wish we had that he
in MN... There is also the Red Mountain Park in
Colorado, also built by Alpine. These are just a couple
of examples of what colorado has. Vote Elm Creek,
Vote for the future of Midwest Biking!
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 Apologies for my previous post... got out of hand a little. Im still figuring out pinkbike and their comment rulles. I just wanted give an example of parks Colorado already has when the only one minnesota has isnt even finished yet.

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