Bike Parks and Trails That Shaped Our 2012

Jan 24, 2013 at 14:40
Jan 24, 2013
by Jay Hoots  
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2012 was a beauty year, full of dirt, shovels, machines and most importantly awesome people on bicycles. With projects all over BC and Alberta, the Hoots crew was on the move, building bike parks, trails and riding communities.

Sunshine and a pumptrack - good times in Tofino

Product testing in Tofino!

Our time spent in prairie land Alberta

Product testing in Strathcona County, sans bikes!

Air guitar at the dirt jump farm. Yeehaw

There is always time for good ol' fashioned air guitar when you're DIRT farming in Alberta!

Check out what we were up to in 2012 and where all the new parks are at

Sunshine Coast, BC
Part of the Suncoaster Trail sweet singletrack

In April, the Sunshine Coast Trail Society asked the Hoots crew to help develop the Chapman Creek Trail that would eventually become part of the Sun Coaster Trail, used in the BC Bike Race.

Bridge Installation

The boys built solid bridges and super sweet singletrack! The Hoots crew is super proud to have been part of this project and is stoked on the hard work the Sunshine Coast Trail Society is doing.

The final bridge, shown in this BC Bike Race video, was installed by the District of Sechelt and allows riders to keep their tires on dirt instead of riding the highway! So awesome!

Sprockids – Gibsons, BC
Fresh dirt

Maintenance at the Sprockids Park with the students from the Mountain Bike Operations Program and the Hoots crew. The park was gussy’d up for the Sprockids Fun Day event where the park was dedicated to one of my mentors, Doug Detwiller, developer of the Sprockids program to celebrate 20 years of the Bike Park!

Tofino, BC
Build it and they will come

The initial idea for this bike park was sparked over 6 years ago by Tofino local, Alex Cutler who championed the idea and brought the community together to make it happen. Patience and perseverance paid off – the park is SOOO FUN and the New York Times featured the park in the travel section last October. Yah Tofino!

Counting laps on the pump track.

Pumptrack laps for all ages! The Tofino Bike Park has the first modular pump track from Bikeparkitect installed in North America – popular with bikes and skateboards – a true success for a community that receives over 3 meters of annual rainfall. For all ages and skills, this bike park highlights natural elements including logged cedar from within the community and rock blown up from a rock wall adjacent to the park. This park was a true community effort, from Municipal Staff to local contractors to extraordinary community volunteers including the kids! A big shout out to SOBO for all the great food throughout the build and the Affinity Guesthouse for their comfy beds and amazing hot tub!

Hot laps

HOOTS Hot laps!

Ucluelet, BC
Digging at the Ukee Bike Park.

Phase 1 revitalization of the existing BMX track and some shady jumps that desperately needed some shovel love.

Testing out the new jumps

We flattened the shady jumps made of rock and rubble, screened the material and created an intermediate and advanced BMX style line, with tight trannies and steep landings. While on site we did a quick clean up of the useable existing BMX track and brought it back to life from all the Broom weed.

Ukee Bikes is a strong supporter of the park and its future - we look forward to getting back there!

Devon, AB
Riverside jumps - sweet

Devon, AB recently re-branded themselves as Biketown, AB and brought Hoots in to design a multi-phase, multi-year bike park/training facility development plan. Construction started in October 2011, with Rabbit Hill donating the wooden bike skills features while Hoots developed beginner features to the skills area and prepped land for dirt jumps and a pump track.

Something for everyone... small tables to extra large semis.

In July 2012, the Hoots crew built the dirt jumps and a pump track. The construction of the park is in large part because of fundraising efforts by local kids, see what they accomplished here! They were successful at winning the TSN Kraft Celebration Tour!

Biketown style

The local Biketown kids, showing us how it's done.


Local riders came out to lend a hand shaping the jumps. Sweet shirts!

Fast pumptruck - so FUN

The pump track in Devon rails - so stoked for what the future holds for Biketown:
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Strathcona County, AB
Dirt jumps

Our travels took us to the Prairies of Alberta this past summer – lucky for us we were able to get our hands on a whole bunch of dirt. We transformed a flat field into a super rad park that has it all, jumps of every size, flow, pump tracks, skills area, and a trials area. This bike park was made possible because a core group of guys who had a vision for their community. We are proud to have worked with Strathcona County and the Strathcona Bike Association on this project. Big thanks to the local bike shop, Mud Sweat & Gears for their continued support!

Trials extraordinaire

Local trials rider, Darren Hantelmann, makes it look easy.

New DJs

Local kids didn't waste time trying out the dirt jumps!

A full pumptrack

The pumptrack is a favorite for everyone.

Chilliwack, BC
A flooded Fraser.

Mother Nature wasn’t exactly cooperative for this project, from March monsoons to Fraser River floods in June, we had our challenges to get this bike park built. In the end, we are stoked with the community support and the finished product (that is above water)!

River side trail makes for a sweet loop around the park.

With a multi-purpose trail that winds around the park, alongside the Fraser River, this park truly does offer something for everyone, parents included!

Lots of lines in this pumptrack

The pump track has so many transfer lines it's crazy.

Skills area DJs and mini pump track...

We used cedars from the site itself to build the wood features, giving the park a super sweet rustic feeling.

Advanced line.
With a crew of solid riders in the area, we worked with Norco rider Sam Dueck to come up with an advanced jump line with wooden ramps and a trick jump with a sand landing for those hoping to dial in their skills.

Hinton, AB
Fresh dirt for the wall ride

Still on our list of all time favourite parks, it is always so awesome to have the opportunity to go back and butter up the Hinton Bike Park with maintenance.

This year we worked on Slope Wars, the slopestyle course that the Coastal Crew originally helped build in 2009. Ben and Jon made it look like new again and have it running smooth.

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Hinton Mountain Bike Association Youth Committee getting down to business.
The Hinton Mountain Bike Association Youth Committee getting down to business to make sure biking sticks around in Hinton Instead of complaining on the internet and talking turkey about the park, these young guns have organized themselves and have requested what they would like the park to look like for the future! – how rad!

Happy Creek Bike Park Maintenance (also in Hinton)
It’s true, this community of under 10,000 has two bike parks! That should be inspiration to every community that is still looking to get their first one built! Built in a great little location, catering to a large number of youth, this mini park has a great set of smaller jumps and a tight little pump track.

Fresh dirt at the mini park in Hinton

We went in to give it a facelift, revitalizing the jumps and dialing the pump track by adding a new cross over line.

Sweet new singletrack in H-town.
While in Hinton, the Hoots crew took some time to do some re-routes on XC - Jack’s Trail and buff up parts of Happy Creek Trail. Be sure to check ‘em out if you’re in the area!

Aldergrove, BC
Time for some drainage.

The Hoots crew at the Aldergrove Bike Park putting in some shovel time to butter up the jumps and re-establish some drainage. Stayed tuned for some more touch ups to the park in 2013!

The year was full of construction projects and we managed to squeak in some great design projects as well. 2013 is quickly shaping up to be nothing short of amazing. Hoots Ltd. will continue to build riding communities and facilitate getting more people on bikes.

Our project line up for 2013 includes Devon, AB (a.k.a. Biketown, AB); Petawawa, ON; Fruitvale, BC; Toronto, ON; Parksville, BC with more on the way…

Ride ON!
Jay Hoots
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  • + 106
 If I hear any hate towards Hoots I'm gonna lose it. Not every bike park he, (or anyone) builds is perfect, but there is no denying what he and his company have done to promote mountain biking in Western Canada, whether it be building parks, trails, educating people on proper trail building, or just getting people stoked to ride. Good job Jay and keep up the good work!
  • + 18
 Not to mention the countless hours Hoots donated behind the scenes when North Shore bike advocacy was in its infancy. Jay will never ever blow his trumpet about it but I for one remember it even if others forget. Hootie - thanks for being you.
  • + 5
 The fact that he's doing something is good enough. For the haters, just pick up a shovel and let the shovel do the talking for ya.
  • + 4
 Hahaha, how could anyone hate on a bike park? Jesus, growing up the only three that existed; Whistler, Mammoth and Diablo Bike Park. Spoiled brats.
  • + 3
 Looking forward to seeing him build a park in Toronto next year..
  • + 2
 Hell we didn't even have bike parks back In day I can't believed how we lived. With out them !!!!!!!
  • + 2
 the tofino park looks sick
  • - 3
 its ok, those wooden pump tracks look really fast rolling and sick, but they're not, i was there and the only thing that was possible was the mid line the small line and the little little pump track. p.s.HMBA106^^^ Brandon semenuk can.
  • + 15
 The metal pump track is pretty crazy. Lots of work, and a whole different skill set than moving dirt. Also pretty cool to see the little girl with the basket on her bike riding it - works for everyone.
  • + 3
 That looks a lot like the modular pump track that Sombrio drives around the US. The surface is a kind of plastic, not super grippy or super slippery. The guy with whom I spoke when the Sombrio track visited San Francisco said it was imported from Europe, for insurance reasons. It's a really fun ride--hope to see more popping up in places where permanent dirt pump tracks wouldn't work.
  • + 2
 The DMR pump track at the london bike show this year was like that
  • + 13
 In France, when we try to do something like that (or smaller, just ONE jump..), the builders are called by the cops and they have to destruct everything.

Please come in Europe and bring your joy of living ! Smile
  • + 3
 Not every where in France @voxran... Not every where... I own a company that does the same as HOOTS 's one does, and believe me, if you just put a bit of official efforts into legal ways, you'll see crazy shit getting of the ground.
Keep on going J.HOOTS, people and kids needs places to ride or to get into riding.
  • + 1
 I agree with you Voxran... MTB vs hunters : Hunters wins, fatality !
  • + 3
 I just read all these comments with a French accent... Sorry about our guy ruining 7 years of your country's biggest sporting event. To be fair, it wasn't just him.
  • + 2
 I read ALL pinkbike's comments with an horrible french accent in my head ! Big Grin
  • + 1
 Haha, that's sounds terribly wrong...
  • + 11
 We need more Hoots in Ontario! Nice work!
  • + 3
  • + 1
 Come to 'murica!
  • + 2
 I work at the bike shop in Petawawa, Ontario and a few years ago we had some crumby dirt jumps put in at the civic centre but my boss has been working with Jay to bring a Hoots park to Petawawa. I was super stoked to help out doing DJ demos to show the public the need for a better park, as well as help with fund raising for the project!
  • + 3
 We need more Hoots everywhere!
  • + 4
 Jay Hoots = Legend!
I've been lucky enough to have been in his company on more than one occasion, none more so than at are Mtn Sweden. The guy can ride a bike for sure and inspires everyone around him. We last met at Whistler Crankworx 2012 where he was with a handful of kids that he was showing the MTB ropes to. Can't say enough nice things about this guy..
  • + 7
 we need that kinda stuff in uk!!!!
  • + 5
 Yes, Hoots please emigrate !!
  • + 0
 Need any help from France as well?
Just take a look at my profile Wink
  • + 2
 And Southern California got bugger all except for a load of mouth and b.s. from angry concerned citizens! I hope Gravity Logic get their butts down to Snow Summit like the rumors are saying so we can have some bike park fun too!
  • + 3
 SoCal isn't as anti bike as you make it sound. The high school I teach for has agreed to let us build a pump track on campus so our mountain bike team can train. Two other schools are doing the same. Pretty cool I think!
  • + 6
 As a thirty year old punk rocker I do not think I would be allowed to hang around school yard pump tracks! We have places to ride here, but they are totally unregulated and dangerous [mainly for hikers cus I ride like an a*shole sometimes]
  • + 1
 You're always welcome at ours!
  • + 2
 Jay we need you down here in Montana! We are currently in the process of designing a bike park and a couple of ignorant, arrogant morons are ruining it! We need an expert to come save our community bike park before it's too late!
  • + 2
 awesome, really dig the work... would like to get hoots and sustainable trails to work on this project i'm advocating for to build a flow trail about 8km long...
  • + 1
 Nice!!!!!! There is big cry from Summit county residents in Colorado Keystone bike park just to be on good track but last five year big corporation Vail company do not support the park at all!!!! which is causing 70% decreasing season pass sells .Yet they are lying constantly how much they are supportive about the bike park but when you hear from people what is going on behind it is just no brainier CEO it is not fired same lies different years there is even nobody maintain the trails even there is working like 20 employees :-)Now winter park getting bigger and they realized they lost hundreds of thousand in last few years and in future yet they still argue building trails are expensive and they will have to start making money before start building .On top of that Vail company pushing have world cup race at at Vail ski resort They do not deserve that at all I like to see event going on somewhere else Like Angel fire in New mexico Those guys over there rocks building as much they can!!!!
  • + 1
 Wow, Eric 'Bikeparkitect', so stoked to see the first of your modular pump tracks installed here in North America. Looks fantastic, I'd love to check it out. Eric, I hope PinkBike will do a stand-alone story on the modular track, I want to know more about it.... how did you develop it, how and where do you build it, how popular are they in Europe. Very cool. Talk soon, cheers from the Interior! And Jay, thanks for the Williams Lake park, inspired me to get a DJ in 2012!
  • + 1
 Hey T0m! Thanks for your kind words! Check out how the London Bike Show went last weekend:
  • + 1
 That pump track in Devon looked pretty sweet. Wish I could say the same about the track in Sherwood Park. It lacks in flow and line options. Still though, it's better than no pumptrack at all, so I'm grateful for that at least.
  • + 3
 during the summer i wonder if the metal pump track can melt people's tires....
  • + 6
 It isn't actually made of metal. Building materials include:

top grade lumber
marine grade plywood with anti-slip surfaces
ecological resins and paints for insect and weatherproofing
rust proof torx-head screws with vandalism resistant features
zink anodized bolts and hardware
  • + 1
 really dig the work, hope to get hoots and sustainable trails to work on this project i'm advocating for...
  • + 1
 way to post twice
  • + 1
 sorry about that, my comp locked up didn't think the post went through... should have waited
  • + 2
 Builders holdin' it down for the love of it. Shoutout to those guys, if I lived there, I'd dig and ride everyday. Balanced lifestyles.
  • + 1
 they made a park in salmon arm it was the SHITTEST bike jumps i have ever riddin! they over charge the shit out of the government. I had made better jumps when i was 12, also a cocky goof
  • + 1
 Hoots is the man!! Glad to see him still promoting and inspiring the sport just like he always has. Lik hmba106 said, anyone talk shit about him I'll kick you in the teeth
  • + 0
 those wooden pump tracks look really fast rolling and sick, but they're not, i was at the tofino one and the only thing that was possible was the mid line the small line and the little little pump track.
  • + 2
 If it wasn't for Hoots I wouldn't ride bikes, Thanks again for those first laps man
  • - 1
 The Hoots crew does rad work, but I have to say the park in tofino sucks big time. Nothing flows, its impossible to carry speed through the jumps, pumptrack is uphill in either direction you ride, kinda a let down. I hope the other parks are better!
  • + 3
 good article unlucky for the guys who's park got flooded
  • + 1
 EPIC work!!!! Way to go to all of you hard working builders at Hoots INC!!!
  • + 1
 helping others doing what you love and gettign to ride the best spots in the world??does it get better?
  • + 1
 Love your bike park work! Trailforks has a database of the bike skill parks in BC
  • + 1
 Hey Jay! if it's not to much trouble we'd really appreciate one in Campbell River at some point Big Grin
  • + 1
 the tofino track is pretty fun fo sho.
  • + 1
 riden with hoots and ride guide just the once and hes a top bloke. hope the project goes well Smile
  • + 1
 Boots! What the f@k!? We need more bike parks in Toronto. Deliver what u promised lol kidding.
  • + 2
 Sam Duecks jumps look so nice
  • + 1
 Oh how I dream and hope for this to someday happen in the BAY AREA!!!!!!!!!
  • + 2
 This is sweet. I wish there were more initiatives like this around me!
  • + 1
 Wow, seems like some very cool stuff going down in Western Canada... eastern canada... not so much?
  • + 1
 So stoked about the bike park in T.O, so close to my house!! I would love to help out with that.
  • + 1
 If that ever happens.....
  • + 0
 Seems to be an awful lot of people complaining that they don't have spots to ride. If you want to ride it then you have to build it, simple!
  • + 1
 Hey Jay, about the park in Toronto, does anyone know when that's getting started?
  • + 0
 Man I love seeing Hoots build parks like this. The 100 mile House park is so awesome. Now they just need to come to PG Wink . Great stuff.
  • + 1
 very cool to see bike parks and stuff around Edmonton tup
  • + 1
 That's whats UP! good career choice hoots!
  • + 1
 and not a single one in uk Frown
  • + 1
 dear hoots please come to canmore ab, and build bigger jumps
  • + 1
 Come down to utah and build a few! please?
  • + 1
 they should build one in rockland ontario lots of riders but no trails 8(
  • + 1
 build parks in SO CAL NOW PLEASE
  • + 1
 wish Aus had something like this
  • + 1
 visit alpine california or even just san diego plz X)
  • + 1
 this is where the uk fails!!!!!!!
  • + 1
 We need something like that in mission!!
  • + 1
 HOOTS !!!!! We need you in belgium
  • + 1
 I live in the wrong country fact.
  • + 1
 build something like this in NZ!! PLEASE!
  • + 1
 If you can hit up Haliburton Ontario! Sir Sam's could use some DJ stuff!
  • + 1
 Hoots parks are AWESOME!!!!
  • + 1
 And Chilliwack was a let down Frown But oh well Razz
  • + 1
 St Albert this yr. After the thaw. So excited!
  • + 2
  • + 1
 FRUITVALE!!! That just made my day, I knew I moved here for a reason
  • + 1
 there is talk about another park in the clairville conservation area...
  • + 1
 STRONG work! Way to go, you should all be very proud.
  • + 1
 One of the best guys in the industry!
  • + 1
 Agreed. Genuine and fun to ride with!
  • + 1
 Jay Hoots = Absolute Living Legend!!
  • + 1
 I wish they would build in campbell river... We need a pump track.
  • + 1
 build a park in Niagara!
  • + 1
 Fruitvale no waay!
  • + 1
 Nothing in Calgary!?!?
  • + 1
 Canmore has one, close enough Wink
  • + 1
 True. But it would be nice if it was closer.
  • + 1
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