More Interbike Details - Interbike 2009

Oct 23, 2009
by Tyler Maine  
While the video crews were off at appointments, some of us were able to scour the desert or trade show and learn about new products from anyone that had time to talk to us. Check out some new shoes and components from Shimano, new bikes from Cove, Scott USA, clothes and armor from Mace, and hand built frames from Dobermann Fab.

Details inside,Shimano shoes are some of the best you'll find for cycling and they should be as they've been making them for years now. Their newest MTB offering is the all new M-161. The M-161 comes in at a retail price of $150 USD and has most of the bells and whistles you'd find in the over $200 offerings. Just like its higher end siblings, the M-161 has a 3 strap enclosure system (2 velcro and one ratchet) to keep your feet secure and transferring all the energy into the pedals. Unlike its siblings, the M-161 does not have a carbon shank, but for the general consumer that is a bonus. Trying to clip in or ride clipped out while standing on a piece of carbon is one of the scarier things one can encounter while riding. The sole on the M-161 is rubber and will help you get through the rough parts and back into your SPD once you have the time to adjust. You'll also find a nicer foot bed inside the M-161 that will make your feet a lot happier on the long days.

The SH-AM40 shoe from Shimano stays in the line up as their Freeride/Flat pedal offering for 2010. It continues to use a Vibram sole for grip and a long wear life.

More news from the Shimano camp is the introduction of signature series PRO components in the form of the Athertons and Thomas Vanderham's own line up of parts. Each group of parts has been tweaked and customized by the riders to create very personalized parts that you and I can buy and run on our own bikes. Thomas's line up is a lot more robust in appearance, while the Red, White and Black of the Atherton set up stands out more.


Thomas Vanderham:

Cove Bikes is from the North Shore of Vancouver BC and have been helping to push the Freeride and Gravity riding movement since the beginning. For 2010 they have re-introduced an all new G-Spot and made refinements to the Hooker. Please note that the models you see in the pictures below are in fact different from the end production versions of the G-Spot that will hit stores in late March. At 6 inches of AM/FR rear travel the all new G-Spot is ready to be found and is eager to do some exploring. The Hooker on the other hand has been turning some serious tricks under Cove's slopestyle rider, Eric Lawrenuk. The STD was looking to infect in Vegas as was its friend the Sanchez!

-AM/FR design
-6 inches rear travel
-Forged/Replaceable drop outs
-1.5 inch head tube

-4X/Slopestyle design
-4 inches rear travel
-1.5 inch head tube
-Easton Rad Tubing

The STD:

The Sanchez:

Scott USA has one of the largest and most well rounded line ups of high end bikes that are built to win races, from road to dirt! New for 2010 is the Voltage FR series that offers affordable full suspension freeride bikes for park and slopestyle riders. Oversized tubes, cartridge bearings and 15-180mm of adjustable travel all come together to make a bike that everyone can enjoy.

Voltage FR
-$3499 USD for the FR 10, $1999 USD for the FR 20 and $1699 USD for the FR 30.
-6061 Hydro formed alloy tubing
-165-180mm travel on the FR 10, FR 20 and 150-170mm travel on the FR 30

-Gambler 10 $6999 USD, Gambler 20 $3499 USD and Gambler 30 $2999 USD
-DH race machine
-geometry and travel adjustments
-carbon seat stays on the Gambler 10, alloy on the 20 and 30
-190, 210 and 230 mm rear travel options
-12 x 150mm rear drop outs

Voltage YZ HT
-Voltage YZ LTD $2199 USD and Voltage YZ 0.1 $1399 USD (Pictured below)
-Timo and Lance's go to hardtail for slopestyle, DJs and anything in between.
-6061 Hydro formed Alloy tubes
-IDS drop outs and 12mm thru axle
-ISCG and ISCG 05 mounts

Based out of Vancouver BC, Mace is bringing its A-Game for the 2010 season. A new line of urban clothing is making its debut; it will blend clean styles and tech fabrics with features like DWR anti UV treatments. The armor has been revamped for 2010 with new models using d3o technology and updated features across the line. Their Epic and Freeride clothing lines will both see improvements and additions including a new all-mountain helmet called the NOS. The Mace gear is put through its paces on a daily basis by their team: Dylan Korba, Jay Hoots and Ryan Leech, so it is dialed for anything you can throw at it.

SWAT Jacket (Long Sleeve)
•U.S. MSRP: $165.00
•Back in 2010 with a new look and better fit.
•Redesigned front chest plate looks less like Darth Vader’s chest plate
•New CAD modeled shoulder cups and spine protect for improved protection
•Kidney Belt keeps everything in place for maximum protection





Kidney Belt

Kidney Belt

T-III Legs
•U.S. MSRP: $75.00
•Have been reworked with revised straps and additional protection
•Large wrap around knee cup for safety’s sake
•New rear calf protection
•Coolmax Knee liners for improved breathability

Task Short
•U.S. MSRP: $110.00
•Now features four way stretch for improved comfort and mobility
•Durable water repellent and anti-UV coating
•Large cargo pockets to hold whatever you need
•Big front thigh vents keep the air flowing

Dobermann Fabrication is a small hand made frame company out of Gatineau, Quebec. They are best known for their strong, long lasting street hard tails like the Pinscher and the Molosse, but now it's their full suspension designs that are getting noticed. Last year at the Claymore Challenge, Clinton McMahon wowed the crowd with his balls out riding onboard an unknown frame. That frame was none other than a Dobermann Le Pink.

Le Pink is a short travel (4 inches), DJ, slopestyle, street machine. The geometry is based off their very successful Pinscher hardtail.
-1 1/8" head tube
-12 3/4" seat tube = lots of stand over
-Horizontal drop outs
-2 sizes, Small=21.5"TT and Large=22.5"TT
-Cromoly tubing
-15 1/4" chain stays
-Custom options

Dobermann's DH Bike is all new for 2010 and it goes by the name Stella and features a full 4130 Cromoly tube set and is a simple single pivot design.
-Custom valved Elka shock
-8 inches of rear travel
-1 1/8" head tube
-3/4" pivot axle
-Large R12 bearings
-12x150mm rear end
-ISCG mount
-Custom options

There are a few more stories in the pipes and we'll get them to you as soon as we can. Check out the whole Interbike 2009 photo gallery here.


  • + 17
 Sorry, but the Dobermann DH looks cheap. Perhaps it's the colours but I just think it's not the best looking DH rig
  • - 6
flag mumbuff (Oct 23, 2009 at 1:59) (Below Threshold)
 I think it's just those tacky-looking fluorescent forks.
  • + 15
 I don't know, the frame itself looks, and I don't want to say it, cheap.
  • - 6
flag bikerboywill (Oct 23, 2009 at 2:33) (Below Threshold)
 yeah i know what you mean, i think its cause there no hydroforming or anything posh like that, any one know if you can just get the voltage fr as a frame
  • + 3
 i think its also because of the gloss finish and tacky colours
  • + 1
 Same, I think its cause of the skinny cromoly tubes. It just doesnt look right.
  • - 5
flag melonhead1145 (Oct 23, 2009 at 4:04) (Below Threshold)
 looks like it would flex loads, and just not be too strong, sorry but its not gonna sell
  • + 2
 I quite like it Big Grin
  • - 10
flag darkelement (Oct 23, 2009 at 4:47) (Below Threshold)
 It's just the colors that are ugly and make it look tackey,and yeah it looks weird,with skinny ass tubes :S,but Flex lol cromo will flex one-fifth as much a aluminium,but over awesome bike aside from the single pivot Blank Stare
  • + 1
 it just doesnt look strong, i didnt mean it would flex it just looks that way. and it looks like they spent $5 on building the frame, i couldnt imagine many people buying it. doberman should stick to DJ, street and ss frames cos that Le Pink is super sick!
  • + 14
 DARKELEMENT-It's just the colors that are ugly and make it look tackey,and yeah it looks weird,with skinny ass tubes :S,but Flex cromo will flex one-fifth as much a aluminium,but over awesome bike aside from the single pivot

YOU DON'T HAVE A CLUE... cro-mo is way more flexible than ALU, do a bit of research, you are talking outta your ass
  • + 2
 lol, everybody knows cromoly is bendy and aluminum is rigid.
  • + 3
 some kids have no idea why their street rigs are made of cro-mo and XC hardtails are almost always aluminum, if you cant figure that out you should not even open your mouth(darkelement), and I guarentee that dob was enginered to perfection, tube size is specced according material properties, not marketabitlity
  • - 10
flag audeo03 (Oct 23, 2009 at 6:38) (Below Threshold)
 Steel is more rigid than aluminum. PERIOD. Look up Modulus of Elasticity for each and then make an informed statement people.
  • + 12
 Steel is stronger than aluminum. Steel is heavier than aluminium. When steel frames break they usually bend. When aluminium frames break they snap. fact.

For example do they make shock springs out of aluminum or steel?

Steel is not more rigid or stiff than aluminum. read please, (look at his beard too, he must know what he is talking about!)
  • + 8
 Hahaha, yeah guys with beards don't lie.
  • - 4
flag audeo03 (Oct 23, 2009 at 9:25) (Below Threshold)

XC Hardtails are aluminum because of weight. Steel is more rigid than aluminum, period. Look up Modulus of Elasticity...
  • + 3
 audeo03 maybe you need to look up modules of elasticity...

Material------Modulus--------Yield Point--------------Specific Gravity
Aluminum------10-11------11-59 (4-22 annealed.)---------168.5

Steel is up to 3 times as elastic as aluminum. i think you are actually thinking of strength (yield point).
  • + 2
 steel flexes alot, not to mention that pivot placement would give it horrid pedaling. i would never buy it. i think they should stick to hard tails
  • + 1
Alu is used on XC frames for stiffness and power transfer....steel is used for a forgiving flex, weight is not the issue as both materials can create a frame of the same weight....this has been commonly known and accepted for last 20+years of mtb history
  • + 8
 wonder how much the cove hooker will be
  • + 1
 I think the frame is something like £1650 but i'm not sure in canadian dollars.
  • + 2
 2200$ CAD for frame and 4200$ for full build
  • + 1
 I dunno, but I do know if you want a half and half it'll cost more.
  • + 4
 Ten thumbs up to Cove. I'm on an STD and a Sanchez right now and the quality is amazing. Not to mentioned the dialed geo and amazing customer service you get from Cove. They make you feel like you're part of the family. Cove STD + Elka Stage 5 is retarded awesome.
  • + 7
 I love the new voltage FR:P
  • + 2
 on both the doberman bikes the but where the shock attackes to the top tube seems scarily small, especially on the downhill bike. i mean look at the mount on the g-spot and then the doberman, it seems way too small to withstand any serious impact
  • + 2
 Mace gear still looks like absolute poop in my opinion, and would work about as well. So far as I can tell the only decent armour is Dainese, 661 and some bits of the Raceface armour. Rockgarden and Mace and the others just don't cut it.
  • + 3
 POC gear looks sweet for next year to.
  • + 2
 True about the POC, some of their stuff is top quality as well.
  • + 2
 Brule, mega props for showing the non-drive side on the bikes - so many people just show the drive side and then we can't see the suspension design if there are cranks on it. Someone knows what he's doing!
  • + 1
 The real trick to make a suspension bike stiff or flexy is not all about material but mostly about the PIVOT!

Some suspension bikes feels like a big wet noodle because the pivots are crap.

The Stella DH use LARGE R12 bearing and a 19mm axle for the Pivot.
The same bearing and axle size use on a MID BMX BB.
This bike is stiff as hell! + those bearings are the most common bearings in america available at any good hardware shop for 10$ each (20$ to change the bearings on that DH bike)

The different material choice mostly change the "harmonic" vibration of the bike, it sure feel different then a aluminum bike and it not a bad thing : )
  • + 1
 Amazing how people or little kids make comments on a design without knowing anything about it. Anyone here seen the bike on a hill, anyone here ride it? Didn't think so from a bunch of know it alls and just because you can read the specs of different metals doesn't make anyone an expert on bikes. Aluminum frames have to be built with larger diameter tubing and thicker wall thickness as well. Going from a Chromo frame to an aluminum frame like say a hardtail or road bike beleive me you feel the difference. I spent a day with one of the Doberman guys last weekend and he abused the shit out of the bike and even bent a crank arm on a wipe out.

  • + 4
 im digging that new g-stot
  • + 2
 Ya the dobermann DH bike looks very breakable
  • + 2
 doberman looks like the biggest piece of crap, STICK TO HARDTAILS!!!
  • + 3
 im gonna get a le pink
  • + 26
 wait wait wait.
A dobermann DH bike?
  • + 6
 i know right? the cove std is my fav here but u never know that dob could be something
  • + 44
 sorry, but this dh bike from DB looks like it was made i my backyard...
  • - 3
 no that dob dh bike is the sex, always had a thing for steel dh bikes, have riddena few and they always feel better, they echo less than alu bikes, weigh around the same, and i think thin straight tubing looks so much neater than a lot of the disgusting hydroformed monsters that are appearing atm!
  • - 4
flag audeo03 (Oct 23, 2009 at 6:34) (Below Threshold)
 AMEN Chazdog! All these idiots out there screaming Aluminum rules...
  • + 7
 Haha i love how the Dobermann has semi slicks
  • - 10
flag DARKSTAR63 (Oct 23, 2009 at 7:52) (Below Threshold)
 Chazdog is on the money. That bike is gorgeous!!!!!
  • - 6
flag chazdog (Oct 23, 2009 at 8:00) (Below Threshold)
 thank you, i feel your love lol. gonna appear a tad hypocritical when my new bits get here, but i was trying to get an steel dh bike, honest!
  • + 3
 Chaz: I'm gonna have something to show you come spring!
  • + 2
 Saw you have a Nem-pro. Nice frame, but Brad's a bit of a dolt. Took me filing a claim against him to get a handle-bar shipped from Ebay...
  • - 10
flag DARKSTAR63 (Oct 23, 2009 at 9:22) (Below Threshold)
 Whats with the neg props????
  • + 4
 presonly i think the scott voltage is the sickest bike there, wouldn't mind one myself.
  • - 9
flag DARKSTAR63 (Oct 23, 2009 at 10:44) (Below Threshold)
 SCREW you guys, lol.
  • - 12
flag chazdog (Oct 23, 2009 at 11:13) (Below Threshold)
 lol, i pos proppeed you!
  • + 5
 cove has their shit dialed!
  • + 2
 That DOB DH bike looks like I could snap the frame by sneezing on it. I'd like to try it, but the design just isn't very confidence enducing.
  • + 6
 i'm suprised no-one else has commented on the fact that there's about 2mm of space between the shock's piggyback bit and the seat-tube, i'd like to see someone fit a shock pump in there :S
  • + 4
 Snap goes the doberman!
  • + 2
 ever ridden a steel dh bike?? they feel sweet, and dont need overcomplex, overbuilt alu tubes to gain strength. the steel doberman is made of a totally different metal, with much tougher properties. stop hating on a metal you dont get!! you wouldnt diss a steel jump bike for skinny dropouts, but if it was alu then you'd complain about the weakness of the tiny tubes. Get some perspective! who's ever called a brooklyn weak ffs!
  • + 2
 No ones hating on a metal buddy, calm down. The design just doesn't look that solid, that's all.
  • + 2
 Since its steel I'm sure it will be plenty strong. But its just a single pivot with an interrupted seat tube. Nothing to get too excited about.
  • + 2
 just for the record steel bends before it snaps
  • + 2
 and? it goes to trash anyway..
  • + 2
 Dude I want the DB pinscher sooooooooooooooooo bad to
  • + 2
 that voltage yz is gonna suffer serious chainslap
  • + 1
 i like a bike that is made up of a href="">carbon fiber tubes/a>.
  • + 1
 i like a bike that is made up of a carbon fiber tubes.
  • + 1
 one STD for me please!!!!!
  • + 1
 hmmmm what to get, transition double or cove hooker?
  • + 4
 the hookerSmile
  • + 4
 Hooker for sure.
  • + 1
 ya the hoker it can do every thing that the double can do and more also has a tiny bit more travel
  • + 1
 hooker, no question
  • + 1
 teamn2, they both have 4 inch travel
  • + 0
  • + 1
 double theyre amazing i wish i didnt sell mine Frown but i had to im gonna get a voltage FR this summer tho! cant wait
  • - 1
 umm no the double has like 2.5 or 3 inches of travel the hooker has like or 4.5 im not sure exactly how much but i know the double has less
  • + 0
 the old doubles had 2.5 inches but the newer ones have 4
  • + 2
 od doubles are 3 inches new are 4
  • + 1
 i like a bike that is made up of carbon fiber tubes.
  • + 1
 I agree^^ It looks cheap and tacky. However i do want that scott gambler
  • + 1
 the Gamblers are amazing but i find them a little over priced this year.
  • + 1
 Yeah, I thought that last year as well. I really wish they would just sell as a frame also. They are missing out on some sales that way.
  • + 1
 i know. i want to build one up in a few years but i dont like the complete builds. and i think the 3 is a big rip-off.
  • + 1
 steel is real! Like the Dobermann bikes!
  • + 1
 i want the scott voltage FR and the DB pinscher soooooooooo bad Frown
  • + 0
 steel dh bikes are the best.
  • + 0
 the dobermann Le Pink is sick.
  • + 0
 the size of the bar on the scott, wähhh how ugly is that??
  • + 0
 Dobermann DH? Cove Hooker comeback? 2010 will be an awesome year.
  • + 1
 nioce stuff
  • + 1
 amazing stuff
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