Day 1 of the 2006 Outdoor Demo at Bootleg Canyon-Bikes Ridden & Parts Seen

Sep 26, 2006
by Rip Video  
Welcome to the 2006 Interbike Outdoor Demo from Bootleg Canyon just outside of Las Vegas Nevada! We all rolled in a few days ago and have been itching to hit the trails here and see what the 2007 bikes on display have to offer. Today Radek, Rock, Pop Tart and Butter hit the hot Nevada desert and rode some bikes until they were beat down. Foes Fly

Make and Model:Foes Fly
Spec Highlights:•Adjustable 8-9" rear wheel travel
• Curnutt Shock with Ti spring
• Marzocchi 66 RC2X
• Funn wheelset

The Fly was for sure the most exotic bike I rode on the first day and even though it was a size too big for me, I still felt comfortable on it which says alot of the bike. While the long stroke Curnutt shock didn't make for the most supple ride it was the most stable rig that I rode for the day, which was a plus on the steep chutes.-Pop Tart

Commencal Mini DH

Make and Model:Comenncal Mini DH
Spec Highlights:•Fox DHX Air shock
• 6" of rear wheel travel
• Marzocchi 66RCV fork
• Formula K18 brakes

If the Foes was the most exotic ride of the day then I'd have to say the Mini DH was the funnest. The 6" rear end was supple on top but progressive enough to keep me from hitting bottom. I was super stoked on the Formula K18 brake set on the bike too, comfortable levers, lots of power and the right amount of modulation. The Mini also has a neat setup up front with an adjustable headtube angle using pinchbolts and an internal concentric sleeve that gives you +/- 1 degree of adustment to let you dial her in, super trick! This is the everything bike for the pinner, it will work on the fast stuff, rip a slopestyle course and can double as a mini DH bike, as the name implies. I'm not exactly sure what the exact reason was but the Mini is one of those bikes that just "felt right" and that is the sure sign of a killer ride. If you are into geese then you should give this goose a chance, you might be surprised.-Pop Tart

Mongoose Blackdiamond Triple

Make and Model:Mongoose Blackdiamond Triple
Spec Highlights:•6.5"-7.5" rear wheel travel
• Fox DHX Air rear shock
• Maxle rear axle
• Marzocchi 66 SL ATA fork

I'll label this bike the most surprising bike of day one. When I sat down and thought about bikes that rail, the Blackdiamond never came to mind but now I know better. When I rolled into Mongoose central at the dirt demo and decided on the Triple, Darren was kind enough to fill me in on the changes made since last season. A slacker 66 degree headtube angle to keep the pinners stoked, a 1.5" headtube for extra front end strength and a lower B.B. height to keep her on rails in the corners. While I never had a chance to ride last years model so I can't compare, I can tell you this little rig turns like a champ. This model comes stock with a single ring chain guide but if you do have to point it uphill, the Freedrive suspension kept me from feeling like I was stuck in quicksand on the short uphill after the lift to the top. This is one slender 'goose at only 37lbs which can only help on the up's and never hurts on the downs. The only thing that got to me was the need to use a telescoping seatpost if you want proper leg extension for certain places but like to slam it when things get burly. I've never had much luck with them but the Titec post seems to be a quality item so there may be no need to worry.-Pop Tart

Knolly V-Tach

Make and Model:Knolly V-Tach
Spec Highlights:•7.7" rear wheel travel
• Fox DHX Air 5.0 rear shock
• RockShox Totem Coil fork
• Magura Louise FR brakes

This rig gets double props as both the most confidence inspiring bike of the day and easily the frame with the mot attention to detail. If you haven't taken the chance to stop and look at a Knolly frame then you're missing out. From the headtube to the thru-axle rear end, the quality and craftsmanship is over the top. Every detail on the V-Tach is finished to the max, its like the McClaren of freeride bikes. Out on the Bootleg rocks where "rough" is an understatement, the bike absolutlely leveled everything in its path. We all know that the 5.0 shock is a solid piece of work and the Totem performed flawlessly but I think alot of my confidence came from how well the bike tracked. Corners that looked like someone dropped a bomb in them became childs play, think about what you want to do and it happens. The thru-axle rear end helped by the Totem which honestly felt like a stiff double crown fork and huge aluminium tubing all made for one solid ride, although not the lightest. Being the lightest two-wheeler out there is not the goal with the V-Tach but if are looking for solid bike with a build quality like no other then this is it.-Pop Tart

Intense Socom

Make and Model:Intense Socom
Spec Highlights:• 8.5" rear wheel travel
• Manitou Revox rear shock with Ti spring
• Manitou Travis fork

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that this was the fastest bike of the day. Get on and turn the dial to 11, this thing can handle it. The VPP system has been around for awhile now and is both proven and reliable so there's no question there as to what's going on. Weld on a 1.5" headtube so you can slide a big single crown fork onto it and you end up with a rig that handles like the famous M3 but the frame is pounds lighter. Being the fastest race bike is the intention and they just might have hit the nail on the head with the Socom.-Rock

Haro Magnum .357

Make and Model:Haro Magnum .357
Spec Highlights:•Fox DHX 5.0 rear shock
• Fox 40RC2 fork
• Avid Code brakes

Sorry Haro, the .357 gets the ugliest bike of the day award. Its only one mans opinion but cosmetically she just doesn't work for me. Good thing looks don't translate to performance, despite the looks she still managed to rip it up on the rocks like a good DH bike should. Despite Haro ditching the floater on the single pivot .357 she still stayed level and smooth when I jumped on the binders hard.
Between the 40RC2 and the DHX out back she performed just like I'd expect a DH bike to, level the trail and not hold me back.-Jon

Cannondale Judge 1

Make and Model:Cannondale Judge 1
Spec Highlights:•Marzocchi 888 Fork
• Marzocchi ROCO rear shock
• Maxxis Minion Tires
• SDG I-Beam Seat and Post combo

The Judge is Cannondale's big DH rig and will be available in 2 options for 2007. The Judge 1 comes with a lot of bells and whistles but at a much more affordable price point than its team replica older brother. The stealthy looking black rig was nice on the Bolder Canyon trails that just want to eat up short travel bikes. The new Hayes El Camino stoppers did their job in loose stuff up there too. -Butter

While testing bikes, we had the opportunity to run into a bunch of folks on the trails too. Here are some of the folks that we met today from around the biking world:

Ryan Leech

Ryan Leech

New Fluid with full XTR spec

New Fluid with full XTR spec

Daniel from Columbia

Daniel from Columbia

Lonnie from down the road from the PB HQ that we've never met until rolling into each other at Boulder City.
Janet from Jackson Hole was testing bikes with her co-workers

Janet from Jackson Hole was testing bikes with her co-workers

While cruising for bikes in the pits, we also came across a few new bits that are more then worth taking a second look at:

We hope that you are all stoked on the first day's coverage from Interbike 2006 at the Outdoor Demo in Boulder City, Nevada. Check back tomorrow for more great news.

For all pictures from Interbike 2006, click HERE.


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 The Intense Socom seems like a really nice rig. Nothing to big and heavy, but still build enough and with good suspension technology to make it an all around winner? Ayone know how much for a frame?
  • + 6
 MSRP on the SOCOM will be around $2400.00
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 Has anyone here at pinkbike ever given anything a BAD review??
I wouldn't mind reading a review from someone with an actually opinion for a change...
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 the v-tach is my fav with a nice set of 888's the ones under the wc better for massive drop
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 Rename this story "Bikes on Mars".
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