Video: Jah Mon

Nov 6, 2012 at 0:07
Nov 6, 2012
by Geoff Gulevich  
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Alpine Bike Parks of Whistler, BC was hired by AFD Petroleum to develop a gravity trail network in Black River, Jamaica. Geoff Gulevich, Jamie Goldman, Jacob Hyde, and crew went down to build and ride the trails as well as explore other cool stuff in rural western Jamaica.

Look forward to more in depth trips and stories from this future mountain biking destination.

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 Did you donate bikes too? If not, im not trying to take a turn for negative town, but what's the purpose of building a world class trail if you don't have a bike to ride it on? Is it for the locals to ride on the nonexistent bikes or is it for the possibility of having a race there and the town benefiting from all the revenue? Or is it just a place for people (like yourselves) who can afford downhill bikes? If so, i don't think wasting the hours and hardwork of the locals to build a trail for just you and your buddys is very cool.
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 Gap jump over a barb wire fence,not the best thing for the locals to try on their Walmart bikes, i agree mate,just another jolly up to make a film.
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 Looks awesome - You have to think what brings more money into the economy - bike sales or tourist visits. Suddenly made me think of visiting Jamaica...
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 There are plenty people in Jamaica that can afford good mountain bikes. The thing is, getting the people interested in the sport.
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 I don't why the 15 props...
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 I live in SLC, UT- home to arguably the greatest snow on the western hemisphere. Do you know how many people have lived here their entire lives and never been up the canyons? However, the snow is a HUGE part of the economy here. This is I think the third Jamaica bike video I have seen recently. It has sparked my interest, while the locals may not be rolling bikes with ENVE equipment, they will most certainly benefit from us that do. I tend to think that us, as trail-riding adventure-enthusiasts want to help the sport and those that nurture it.
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 it explains in the beginning of the video it is a way to try and get tourism money. so if you teach the locals to build trails they can build more of them more people will visit and the locals will make more money and live a better life!!
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 a company, hired these guys to build trails...whats the problem?
You must know everything there is to know in this world
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 I'd be super stoked if there was a wc race over there, would make such an awsome differance!!
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 Gawdodirt is a fifteen year old propped by other fifteen year old. Your comment is both uneducated and ignorant and seems as though you didn't even watch the video.
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 1:07 LoL, of course they donated bikes to the future talent
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 It's interesting that an oil company wanted the trails built.
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 Yes! I could not agree more. The glass is always half empty to these damn kids.

(But I did think it was funny that all roosted every berm)
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 yeah it cool to do that trail. there's only a small problem with having it in black river is the rural area ppl are poor and probably can't afford bikes to ride and not being exposed to the skills etc don't have the experience. Black river has its share of tourism and could earn more from this venture. personally, Kingston and its environs would be opted to accept and develop much quicker from trails. Being that the larger population lives on or about Kingston and its proximity to the mountains makes it more suitable for this type of sports- Surfers, Skateboarding, all these niche sports are taken to in Kingston. Do some research- if you need help lemme know. At any rate good going guys!!
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 We already have multiple trails near Kingston in the mountains, at all levels and are also working on a Tour of the Blue Mountains.

We have BikeNutz in Kingston ( and SMORBA( andy Giles and Jon Gosse) and the Fat Tire Festival on the North Coast,( see the website-) who also come to our yard.

Most of our trails are natural but we get local help to clean them and have an "official" bar at the end of most trails, to help the local economy. A full suspension cross country bike is best but we have DH weekends where we get an up lift and use the heavy gear. We actually grade the trails from "peanuts to "Totally F*****Nuts". We also have some long all mountain rides, part trail, part disused road with ups and downs ansd spectacular scenery

anyone who is interested please talk to use.

We recycle equipment to the locals who have no fear and descend well.
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 Im amazed how the internet has turned into this. Ppl just complaining and seeing the bad side of every single thing.
They've build a mtb trail, can't u just feel good for them ?
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 Wasn't the point of the project to "create grassroots tourism opportunities"? As in, the local guys maintain and manage the trail, and gringos come ride it, bringing their greenbacks with them? Thereby generating a tourism industry the local economy can benefit from? Or did I miss something?
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 you got it right i think we are the only two who didn't skip right to the riding in the video!
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 I really don't understand all this hate... Everyone complains when there are no bike trails to ride. So then someone goes ahead and builds a bike trail for anyone to ride for free, and everyone complains again... Is it just me or does anyone else see a huge contradiction? Give me one solid negative argument as to how this will not benefit the local people. They get an economic boost and can have fun riding it themselves, how is this bad at all? You should be stoked that big companies such as AFD are investing money into the mountain bike community. AFD also organizes a race series in small Alberta towns that depend on the oil industry, bringing more interest to mountain biking and in turn developing more trails in the area. In my eyes, AFD is the shit!!!
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 This is the exact thing that mountain biking needs to get the spotlight shone on it, big company sponsors!
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 I don't think anyone is arguing that it won't bring some small benefit to locals in the short run. The argument is that the barrier of entry into the sport is far too cost prohibitive that the locals won't even be able to enjoy their own trails and never really get into the sport. This is a bad thing because the trickle of tourists coming into the area to ride DH more than likely won't bring enough economic value to make it worthwhile for the locals to maintain and build more in the long run. The only way to really get the ball rolling and keep it rolling is to make riding more accessible for tourists and the locals themselves. The more locals riding and ripping their own trails, the more the sport will expand and the more trails will be built and maintained. You need trail building/outreach like what they are doing in the film, but on the flip side you also need to make the sport accessible to people.
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 Ok but then how does it negatively affect the local people?
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 Is it possible for the riders not to skid every single possible corner, and just destroy the hard work the locals and them just did. All these videos doing this are really starting to annoy me.
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 it's a bit ridonkulus don't ya think?
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 if you didn't notice there are berms behind the skiding so they are utilizing the hard work the locals put in not destroying it, besides isn't a dh trail meant to be ridden.... hard
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 THIS IS A GLASS HALF FULL SITUATION... Here's a reason for the people that its not as obvious for. I like a ton of other people have moved for work to Florida from up north and I am missing the DH parks. I have to either fly or drive to NC, WV or PA. I'm in Miami and a flight to Jamaica is only $99 and 30mins. Also, for all who haven't been to Jamaica,,I've been twice and I've traveled to a lot of other places and I swear the people there are easily nicer by far than anywhere I've been, they have hospitality in their blood,,contrary to what you may think. This is just another activity for people to do there and with all the riders trying to get that exotic unexplored ride in remote areas this is one hell of a destination. And its easy to get good green very cheap too! Also, it is not just poor PEOPLE theyre are a lot of Jamaicans with a lot of money to invest in rigs if some get to that point, it is like surfing back when people would travel to Tahiti and India where they never saw a surfboard now the sport is alive abroad. And with pro Whistler guys building the trails..its a no brainer. THE SHIT IS BADA$$.
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 Good to hear words from someone who has been there and done that, instead of the masses of prepubescent no-marks who haven't even left mommy's tit yet
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 I lived in western Jamaica, Negril, for 5 years and traveled to the island all my life. The mountain biking can be super fun techy jungle riding and fast trail bombing. All most everyone there has no money for fancy Amercan bikes but they do have bikes, most under $100, that they can and will ride on the trails. The kids are unbelievable athletes that take to mountain biking very quickly. This is an awesome opportunity for locals to have fun on quality trails and no you don't need expensive gadgetry and suspension to experience mtb. This is a great tourism promotion because Jamaica has some really fun riding opportunities. I'm glad it is finally coming around down there.
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 14 years, 17 trips to Jamaica later..............I wrote a long winded novel that won't load here so here's the condensed version:
-You won't find disc brake pads in Black River.
-Jamaican kids buy 20" baby bikes and make them look like BMX bikes.
-If you have a major injury you need a speedy plane ride home.
- Jah's trails and foliage are bike destroyers. Corral, lava, acid,'s all nasty and parts lave 1/8th life span.
-any susstainable trail building needs constant care and regular traffic and will be used by everything from donkey to mango pickers and installed wood features may be someone's deck or roof part the following week.
-there are no trail bikes sold in Jamaica.
-The trails are on the north coast and in the Blue Mountains

check my blog on this topic

2wheels1love. I am sending positive vibes out to Black River I am rooting for the best.
It's going to be a tough road.
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 it is now a few years later and recently Lorrain Blancher did a 2 week trail building, teaching, guidance and they have begun building an intermediate course for kids so they will not die on that risky DH. The area is littered with natural trails that just need a little care to turn them into bike trails. I have found that half the battle is speaking with and helping those who live and rely on trails in Jamaica. They need to get to market with goods for sale, to school,etc., etc. trails are the way of movement for a lot of the people.... I have met rastas on donkeys.
The amazing thing is I have been welcomed by ALL Jamaicans everywhere I go. They take my pink and lime trail marking ribbons and decorate their gates and thank me for what I have done.
Next month when I go down for the yearly trail clearing/building before tour season[jan/feb] I am bringing those kids 6 helmets and gloves and am doing a 2 day seminar on safe riding. This area is now on my tour offerings and I am now proud of the amazing work that is going down ALL over the island. Singletrack Jamaica is doing amazing stuff along with Gravity Jamaica.

Respect, marsh,
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 sic man judd duval, i did my first ever back flip at his place in the highlands of victoria bc luv that dude supper motivating and had the best DJ set in his 7 acre yard and now helping jamaica build some kick ass trails i know where im going on vay-k!!!!! sic work on trails i soooooo neeed to shred it.
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 It all needs to start somewhere and having a good trail is the best thing, even if you are riding it with "walmart" bikes, at least then the people who use the trail will see the need for ""real"" bikes and start investing that way instead of wasting their money on iphones or smoking!, then maybe some bikehsops and who knows what, but even if only some people ride it and have the time of their life's then its all worth it!
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 lol so Jamaicans don't have mountain bikes or easy access medical care to deal with any riding injuries... nice idea but this will only be used by tourists, if any of them bring their bikes on holiday
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 I'm pretty sure the video says that at the part "were trying to develop new small grassroots tourism opportunities where true locals can make money...". Personally, I would love to go to a place like that with my bike.
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 I have been going to Jamaica since I was a little kid and my parents have a home in Jamaica. This is great for Jamaica. Their entire economy is based on tourism. This is a great way to teach the Jamaicans a new up and coming way to make money. By showing them how to build trails for bikes they can create their own parks. When I'm Down there on vaca I would love a sick place to ride, and I would pay them to ride their trail systems. In no way could this be bad for Jamaica.
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 Don't appreciate the comments from those who have never visited Jamaica or come and criticize what is good. Good? We have lots of natural trails as madmon says on the north coast or in the Blue Mountains but there is room for development.

The successful trails we use get locals, for a few dollars to maintain them.

If you want a sculpted bike park stay at home if you want a buzz, local colour try the Fat tire Festival- look it up on line.

we applaud Black River ans will do anything to help it develop. many will not know ther is also an off road triathlon, ranked high in the world, nearby at Treasure Beach. we also held aDH race there that attracted the TV.this corner of jamaica is cool and totally unlike the concrete jungle on the north coast

I am david linehan I live here and help to develop trails and local riders
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 It's not about giving the local people of Jamaca a place to rip DH, its about giving them a sustainable income through tourism. Good idea.
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 That's awesome that they are developing tourism opportunities. I hope it takes root! Personally, I think it would be rad to pack up my surf board and bike and head out to a place like this.
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 I think it is a great start and it is nice to see a company pioneering down hill in Jamaica. In time it will generate great opportunities for the local people and their economy.
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 That dirt looks soooooo nice
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 I have a beautiful villa for sale and 2 acres in Negril...180 degree sea view...used to be a great tourist business...lived there for years...when we were there there was lots of beautiful riding...crazy...with the sea right there....folks would do jumps on the bikes off of the cliffs into the sea..see us at
villa for sale
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 I'd be interested to know what kind of planning process they went through. Did they educate the locals on how to property build sustainable trails? What type of trails and features rider/tourists are looking for? What type of associated experience tourists are looking for? What about proper mapping of the area?

I'm all for trails being developed, especially in the Caribbean, but I'm against is big name builders who do bike parks, getting paid by oil companies to do something nice for the locals, making a movie, and bailing. I'm not say these guys did that, but I'm interested in more information outside the fancy video.
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 I feel like they kinda took advantage of the people lol. Free trail build labor. They could have shown some locals riding it. But then again more trails built there means more vistors and money to the locals.
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 3:05 love it, they are literaly jumping a fence hahah I gotta make one of those and pass straight through my neighbour's yard
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 Hucking in Jamaica... prepare for biggest mind-trip of your life haha. Love the section where the lines cross over eachother around 3:47 though, looks fairly flowly X)
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 Hired by AFD petroleum. Any idea how much fuel a jet/airplane uses? Tons!
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 I'm heading to Negril in late-Jan and this looks awesome! Anyone local there on the boards here?
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 FYI..the saying is "ya mon" .. Jah means - God in Jamacia and surrounding Islands
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 this can only be a positive thing! for the local people and for mountain biking. gets my vote for video of month.
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 that trail looks better than anything we have in the uk bar fort bill should get em to come have a build over here....
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 This video is good all around. Piss off Haters.
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 that dirt looks crazy cool and so fun to ride!
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 yeah AFD !
  • + 0
 Such a sick place to ride..
  • + 1
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 Didnt even see 1 local that owned a bike or rode the trail that was built lol .. Yea i dunno
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 Iggys has a video of a local riding it on here somewhere
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