Jared Graves' Yeti SB66C - Interbike 2013

Sep 17, 2013
by Mike Kazimer  
Jared Graves Yeti SB66C
Jared Graves' Yeti SB66C, the same bike he piloted to a third place finish earlier this month at the 2013 World Championships in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, was on display outside of the Yeti tent at the Interbike Outdoor Demo. We took a closer look to see what it takes to get an all-mountain bike onto the podium of a downhill race.

Although debate typically swirls around bike selection for the Pietermaritzburg downhill course, this year most racers ended up running their downhill bikes, since the track did have large, high speed jumps and tricky rock garden sections worthy of a full-on DH rigs. Graves went the other direction, and chose to run his size medium SB66C since this season the majority of his riding time has been spent racing this bike in the Enduro World Series. Graves also knew there were pedalling sections on the course where he could make up time on less pedal-friendly downhill bikes. What's especially impressive about his bike choice is that he ran it with very close to a stock setup; on the whole the bike is remarkably similar to what could be purchased from any Yeti dealer. Sure, there have been suspension tweaks and a few special touches that a World Cup racer of Jared Graves' caliber deserves, but the frame itself is exactly the same as any other SB66C, a full carbon affair that uses Yeti's Switch Technology suspension design. This design uses an eccentric to alter the position of the bike's lower pivot, creating a bike that's designed to be an efficient pedaler, but with a more linear end stoke for supple absorption of large impacts. With a DH race ready build Graves' World Champs SB66C weighs in the neighborhood of 33 pounds.


At Enduro World Series races Jared Graves typically runs a 38 tooth front chainring and an 11-36 rear cassette (although he was running what looked like a 11-40 cassette at the Whistler event, likely by using a General Lee wide-range cassette adaptor). For Pietermaritzburg he switched to a setup more conducive to downhill racing, with a 40 tooth Shimano Saint chainring up front and the lower eight cogs of an Ultegra ten speed cassette in the rear. The biggest cog has been removed, and the teeth of the second largest cog have been ground down, creating a guard to prevent the chain from coming off into the spokes. This is a simple, yet effective way of saving weight and only running the gears that will be necessary on a high speed course such as Pietermaritzburg. Chain retention duties are handled by e*thirteen's LG1 chain guide, a simple, race tested guide that's proven its reliability at numerous World Cup races.

Jared Graves Yeti SB66C
  Jared Grave's SB66C has a full Shimano Saint gruppo, with e*thirteen taking care of things in the chain retention department. Shimano does have a chainguide system in the works, but we've only seen it on a handful of bikes so far. For enduro racing Graves' usually runs XTR cranks, often times with a Stages power meter, but for World Champs he ran 170mm Saint cranks, with no power meter in sight. As far as braking goes, with a 203mm front and a 160mm rear rotor paired to Shimano's powerful, four piston Saint stoppers, this SB66C has enough stopping power for the fastest and steepest courses around.

Jared Graves Yeti SB66C
  A Fox 36 Float with 180mm of travel replaced Grave's usual Fox 34. The longer travel fork further slackens the bike's head angle, likely putting it in the range of 65 degrees. While most of the setup of the bike is stock, you can be sure that there has been custom suspension tuning done to both the front fork and the Float X rear shock. In a post-race blog update Graves mentioned that Fox had altered his fork to increase its small bump sensitivity, as well as increase its end stroke ramp up. This custom tuning is what separates a pro from the average Joe - every detail is looked after to ensure that a racer's setup is capable of propelling them to a podium-worthy finish.

Jared Graves Yeti SB66C
  Elite racers are a forgetful bunch - why else would they need to write their name all over their bikes? Joking aside, when you've amassed a race resume as impressive as Jared Graves' you've earned those little perks, like your nickname on a Fox 36, or a set of custom ODI Ruffian grips.

Jared Graves Yeti SB66C
  A 50mm Renthal Duo stem holds a 740mm wide Fat Bar Lite. With the trend towards wider and wider bars, it's interesting to see that Graves has gone with the 740mm bar width instead of running Renthal's 780mm offering. It's obviously not slowing him down any...

Jared Graves Yeti SB66C
  At Pietermaritzburg some racers were experimenting with semi-slick tires or single ply casings, but Graves decided to play it safe by running a Maxxis Minion DHF 2.5 in the front and a High Roller 2.4 in the rear, both with DH casings and set up ghetto tubeless using a split tube.

What next... Graves winning Olympic BMX on a downhill bike The course has taken some criticism on account of his bike choice but mainly it reflects sky-high diverse bike riding skill.
  The SB66C in action. Jared Graves leaving nearly everyone in the dust on his way to a third place finish, his first DH World Championships podium.



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 Beautiful bike - lets face it - He could ride a potato fast.
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 as long as it's turquoise
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flag bikehard11 (Sep 17, 2013 at 19:10) (Below Threshold)
 actually, no.
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 Happy to see my tire on the podium of the WC's.
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flag AlexArmanetti (Sep 17, 2013 at 19:15) (Below Threshold)
 I'm honestly under the impression that I could be pro. Graves is such a great rider!!! And he has an awesome bike!
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flag AlexArmanetti (Sep 17, 2013 at 19:33) (Below Threshold)
 I got neg props just for saying that "I honestly think that I could be pro". You guys don't understand. I don't think I could beat Graves, Smith, or the Athertons, but I do think that with some support and a better bike that I could get up to the level that I know I could be at. Just because I don't have 10,000 dollars for a bike doesn't mean I can't go as fast as these guys. Come on pinkbikers and please stop being so weird about that stuff and gain some reading comprehension(no fense)
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 I honestly think I could be a neurosurgeon. I mean, I have no medical training whatsoever, but if I was just given the chance, and a good sharp scalpel, I know I could be just as good a brain surgeon as anyone else.
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flag AlexArmanetti (Sep 17, 2013 at 19:42) (Below Threshold)
 You guys are nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alex Out!
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flag AlexArmanetti (Sep 17, 2013 at 19:44) (Below Threshold)
 You don't get my point! I'm a fast rider. I have podium finishes at races and I know I can be faster! And medical practice is way different.
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 you have no idea lol
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 Let's face it, if you were capable of being a pro you'd have been scouted.
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 I'm not hating Alex, just amused. If you really want to race at the world cup level, don't talk about it, just get out there and try to do it. Talk is cheap! As Jimmy Cliff sang "You can get it if you really want, but you must try, try and try...you succeed at last." If you are as fast as you say you are, you WILL get sponsors. If you are lucky enough not to be hindered by injuries, maybe you will be racing as a pro someday. Best of luck!
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 Alex I don't want to dash your hopes…you're young and anything is possible, but i just watched your videos and need to tell you that you've got a lot of training to do. I mean you wouldn't even beat the bottom 2% on the Phat wednesday races in whistler. You have know idea how fast these guys are at this level. It's like they float down the track
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 Hey Alex
I'm guessing your bike is always clean and your kit is brand new?
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 Alex, everybody thinks that at some point and you could if you really train and find a good program (the utah equivalent of C4RACE in Squamish) hell I think that every year and then the next year I get alot faster and realize I sucked the year before, you will get faster if you push yourself so just keep racing and try to have fun at the same time, good luck!
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flag uphill-blues (Sep 17, 2013 at 21:00) (Below Threshold)
 I got pretty intrigued by the neg props Alex got that I had to read them. WTF is with you guys? He said nothing worthy of even the slightest diss. He's just so impressed by Grave's riding, that's all. You're all f*cking c*nts.
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 Just trying to kill a young guy's ambition, that's all.
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 I thought you had to have 27.5" to be fast? Wink
  • 6 1
 @mikelombarty turquoise?
  • 8 7
 @aldovisini haha yeah bro, the extra 1.5 carries so much speed, but 29 is just too big. If only we had 26.75! That would be amazing!!!!11!11!!1!!!
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 @turquoise Yeah. The signature Yeti color?
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flag woodyc (Sep 17, 2013 at 23:12) (Below Threshold)
 I'm with uphill-blues!
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 Wear you PB neg props proudly....!
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 You would know
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 People say stupid shit all the time, it's part of natural selection, someone has to do it, but good luck champ i hope you do get to the WC some day! I know i wont.
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 Ï could be a worldcup racer aswell, although it will have to be in the special olympics racing against blind, paralyzed people Big Grin
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flag AlexArmanetti (Sep 18, 2013 at 7:57) (Below Threshold)
 You pinkbikers once again need to gain some reading comprehension. Thank you thoughs of you who are trying to give me advice and getting neg propped aswell. @scary1 I understand that the bike doesn't make me faster, but considering that I have to do downhill trails on a XC bike that's actually classified as a recreational mountain bike isn't easy. I also do XC, AM, and Street all on the same bike. Arizona also doesn't have any enduro races or downhill races where I know I could do well. So you guys don't need to tell me that I should have been scouted. Considering that I don't have any support from anyone except for myself and my family. @gravelmans You will and you'll think, "Who is that guy", and to your disappointment it'll be the guy that you gave crap to. But to each their own.
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 Yo dawg, I think that the motivation you are getting from all the negativity will last a life time! My question is: have you applied for sponsorship with a local shop or anything? That would definitely be a good place to start. Go get em cat!!
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flag AlexArmanetti (Sep 18, 2013 at 8:43) (Below Threshold)
 Thanks man. No I haven't. Main reason being that shops are looking for XC racers out here. I will start applying starting next season. And with all this crap going on here, I'm sure that the motivation to go pro will be way way greater than it was before. But thanks again @drop20.
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 @alex, you have a better chance of making it on the road as a fast junior more than you do as a male pro on the mountain. There is a lot more junior support on the road too.
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 Hey Alex, you are right about AZ not having much of a DH race scene ( I live in Phoenix and travel pretty far sometimes to race DH) BUT in case you weren't aware Bootleg Canyon holds some really fun races and the drive is under 4 hours. Three race series coming up Jan 19, Feb 16, Mar 16th. When the time gets closer get in touch with the boys at Gnar Gnar Tours, they always have a van heading up there, they could probably also rent you a proper DH bike. FWIW, unless you are doing some REALLY incredible riding (and getting videos/photos of such riding) you aren't going to find support knocking on your door without some promising race results. One more thing, unless you have seen elite WC racers in person, it is impossible to wrap your head around how quick they actually are. Videos don't do these guys justice. Sure, with enough determination you might be able to get to that level but trust me, it's a whole other level with a TON of steps along the way. Just trying to offer some insight.
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 @AlexArmanetti we do have Enduro races in AZ, Flagstaff hosts one each year-I've gone a couple times. There was one on Black Canyon trail last December-unfortunately I missed this one, and again this December. I even made a "Stravaduro" here in the valley, we had 6 stages, 7 days of racing and all times were recorded with strava. Wasn't any real prize money, but it was a race that we had fun doing. The point of racing isn't going to the ones you know you could do well at, it's going to all of them to get better and eventually you will do well. The scene is there, you just have to look for it, and not cherry pick races to artificially boost your standings. And as Eabos said, check with Gnar Gnar, they do trips to Sunrise frequently as well.
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 Theres a TON of used dh frames out there.Put yourself out there to find one and start socking away money to get one you can afford in a a few months.Start aquiring parts to transfer over and soon enough, youll have a dh bike.
Just about everyone who gets into dh starts this way , so its not like its never been done before.
I would say that most top dh racers would kick alot of pro xc racers asses in xc racing.Xc racing is great for dh conditioning.
Also...I cant remember if I mentioned "modesty" before.
I can tell you if you act like a know it all with an ego that..nobody is going to want to help you out.
Ive ridden with too many people with much more talent than me that never turned pro.EVERYONE knew how talented they were.
Im just gettin a vibe, here.
People in the dh scene are always willing to get more people into it and will help you build a bike and find parts.
Make friends, shut up; take advice and work for what you want.It dosent get handed out just cuz you can imagine being a wc racer.
Good luck with it all.
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flag AlexArmanetti (Sep 18, 2013 at 10:26) (Below Threshold)
 Yeah guys, thanks. I'm not trying to come off as cockey or anything like that. I'm currently getting a job next month to save up for a decent bike by my birthday next year(hopefully). I've heard of those bootleg canyon races, but I'll have to check them out some more. Thanks guys and would those other ones stop neg propping me?
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 Alex, Graves is at the next level where 99.99% of us will never be. The guy has skills, fitness and more importantly for being a pro, he has consistent placings in races and (bonus!) in more than one discipline. That's why the sponsors pay him the bucks. I'm not convinced you fully understand how fast these guys are and the years, even decades, of training (fitness and skills) that is required to get that fast and place consistently. If you wanna be a pro, step up, make those tough sacrifices and drive those 8+ hours for that one race, sleep in your car, pay that coach, log those XC and/or roadie miles, 'cause everyone of those pros did. Stop telling us how good you are and show us what matters: race results. Who'd argue with a top 10 series placing in your age category, for three years running? Not me and neither would potential sponsors.

PS People are always gonna neg props on PB. It's anonymous commenting where we slag anyone for anything just because we each think we're the both the self-elected perpetual President of 'Effing Awesome and Expert of Everything MTB related. What did you expect?
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 if you can do it anywhere, mtb racing would be it. Some fitness, a little skill and you could make it to the "pro" ranks. Its got to be the easiest sport out there where you can achieve that. Not saying you'll do well, but you can get there relatively easy. Just use skateboarding as an example. There so many ams who are so godamn good its mind blowing, but mostly all of them will never make the pro ranks. Many will out skate seasoned pros, many will skate at a really high level for most of their lives, with not much to show for it. I wish it was like this in mtb racing. It should be harder to make it to your local pro class. I started riding one year, started racing dh the second, made it to the local pro class within another year.... and I suck. No way I should have ever made it to pro. There should always be a semi-pro or elite class then a pro class for the real pros who make money at it. Otherwise its a slap in the face to them collectively.
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flag AlexArmanetti (Sep 18, 2013 at 12:10) (Below Threshold)
 Oh I know it takes hard work. I put the miles on my bike. I average probably 2-5 miles daily riding my bike on the road, My average trail ride is 5 miles with a couple 20 milers in there when the weather is good, and my first race I came in second with a 14th overall(XC). I want to do more races next year which shouldn't be much of a problem because I'll be getting my drivers license. Once that happens and I get a new bike I'll be on my way to a year or two of pro racing while chasing my aerospace engineering degree. I realize that I'm a little ambitious. I want to compete in lots of enduro with a little DH as well.
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 Good luck alex, I'm sure you will be World Champ next year.
  • 7 18
flag AlexArmanetti (Sep 18, 2013 at 14:44) (Below Threshold)
 Haha. Hopefully. One thing I have learned about all of this is that I got a lot of views on my videos now. Kinda crazy. Again I'm not cocky, I'm just sure I can be great. I have a good attitude and I know how to speak to people, but sometimes my writing comes out the wrong way.
  • 7 1
 Alex, i will give you one thing, you certainly are persistent!
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 Why dont you run for election mate? you'd probaly make Obama look stupid tbf
  • 4 3
 I'm just neg propping this guy for fun now....
  • 4 5
 @jodean31: anybody running for election would make Obama look stupid...
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 Mitt must have a serious intellectual disability.
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 Hey Alex, im a pro racer and have a 10, 000 bike...I also live in scottsdale.So if you need to see that a 10, 000 bike dosent make as much of a difference as you want it to, let me know. Dont be fooled by thinking the latest and greatest bike is the thing thats holding you back.These guys on top are at another level, that when you see it in person you know it. HARD work ,consistency and persistence is the key to maximize whatever skill and talent you might have. Modesty goes a long way too.Keep it in check.People will see if your a true talent on a bike , you dont have to tell them.
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 You just shattered my dreams!
Why must you do this to me?
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 As I've heard it said, "It has more to do with the indian, than the arrow."
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 hey now... how else is marketing supposed to work? of course it's the bikes fault for alex, I obviously don't win enduro races because I run 26" wheels and don't have 650b, it has nothing to do with me not trying
  • 3 8
flag AlexArmanetti (Nov 28, 2013 at 10:31) (Below Threshold)
 You guys miss my point!!! @finnrambo If I went out riding my $500 hardtail in an enduro race I would end up destroying it in the process! So yeah, It is the bike's fault! It's also the fault of the place I live in for not having any enduro or DH races! It's also the fault of me, not having $120 to register in a race in New Mexico and then spending another hundreds of dollars to get a hotel! On the bright side, Since you guys started "acting like idiots" and not understanding "my situation", I've gotten a job to pay for my dream bike! Oh, it's also my fault for being only 15 and making hard to find a job! Why don't stop being sarcastic and give me some pointers instead of bashing? That's my problem with pinkbike also. NO RESPECT FOR YOU! Also @scary1 $10,000 worth of bike does make you faster if you know how to use it!
  • 9 1
I forgot...youre 15.You'll never be smarter or wiser than you are now.

Everyone on here understands your "situation".You just dont like the answers.
If you cant ride a hardtail without destroying it, you're not smooth enough anyway.Work on that.
I distinctly remember getting my ass handed to me, along with everyone elses, by one Sanjay Shanbag, who was on a hardtail in a dh race.
Suck it up, buttercup.
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flag AlexArmanetti (Nov 29, 2013 at 11:27) (Below Threshold)
 Are you stupid?! I'm extremely smooth and unlike many I choose lines wisely! Don't be giving me crap on the riding of someone you've never seen! No, I understand the answers of the idiots on here. You guys are insidious fools who are like every single one of the sheep that lives on this earth today. You guys follow the order of everyone else. Kinda like monkey see, money do. Wow you must really suck at riding for being beat by a guy on a hardtail. Yeah, I'm fast on my hardtail! I've stayed in front of guys on local dh trails for long periods of time until the rocks become to big for me to jump over. I've received many compliments on my riding based on my style of jumping over rock gardens in order to gain speed and stay smooth. My friend has an intense uzzi with 180mm travel. There is a trail that we ride often that is mostly downhill. He set out to beat "my record" and did, but only by less than a minute. While that sounds like a lot, he has almost double the travel and rear suspension which is saying a lot. Don't mess with me stupid!!!
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flag AlexArmanetti (Nov 29, 2013 at 11:32) (Below Threshold)
 Also @scary1 atleast I'm smarter and wiser than you. I currently study aerospace engineering at Scottsdale Community College. Again 15 years old. 3.8 GPA. The only reason I don't have a 4.0 is because of a B in physics. I'm completely aware of the answers on here and I'm also aware that I made a stupid comment at first, but all of the others after were completely fine. You guys need to learn to develop a thicker skin! At least I learned my lesson; never start an online argument with idiots.
  • 5 2
 so mods would you rank this as alt. account trolling or normal trolling?
  • 6 1
 Huh.....thats the first time someone 30 years younger than me would think to call me stupid.
Get back to me when you get some hair on your boy parts, by then you should be old enough to offend me.
....oh, and by the way.I watched your extreme videos.You are neither smooth or fast.
So, cuz your such a tool, this old man has decided to keep racing in PRO class until you're ready to get your ass handed to you.
Ill keep going till im 50 just to make the point.Thanks for the inspiration ,"genius"
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 God this is great.
  • 1 7
flag AlexArmanetti (Nov 29, 2013 at 18:15) (Below Threshold)
 @scary1 I never said that my videos were extreme you retard! I simply put the videos up to show the trails out in Park City, Utah that I was riding. I agree that a lot of those videos were crap! Just because "those" videos were crap doesn't mean my riding is. In fact, I bet that I ride faster and smoother than you! I typically don't take advice from people who use words such as cuz. It takes away from the wisdom that you supposedly possess. My argument is valid and you just keep giving me crap about what I believe. Unfortunately this is the fault of the internet and the rumor that spreads around that everyone who claims something is full of crap. I do find myself to be a fast rider that has the disadvantage of only being able to ride a hardtail. I recently rode a Specialized Enduro carbon and was in envy of how much faster it made me and all the confidence it inspired. Your argument stating, "A 10,000 bike doesn't make you faster", is quite intriguing to me due to the fact that it is invalid given the circumstances I'm in! I will further say that I have been called a show-off by many simpletons and it enrages me almost as much as someone saying that I'm not a good rider. I'm a great rider given the bike I have to live with and plan to train my butt off for next season. As I said before, I'm saving up for a new bike, preferably an Evil Uprising and will start doing Enduro riding. How am I the tool? Did you get all of that?! @larryssman7 Yeah, @scary1 sure does know how to anger someone! He also doesn't realize that he isn't talking to the average 15 year old. I love talking to people who are older than me and have always gotten along with them, but I can't stand guys like this!
  • 4 1
 I'm sure a lot of them can't stand 15 year old like you. You're giving us younger people a bad name. Keep up that humility and sense of sarcasm, and I wish you good luck on your cycling career.
  • 1 6
flag AlexArmanetti (Nov 29, 2013 at 18:35) (Below Threshold)
 It's quite opposite really. In fact, most people really like to hang with me because I know what I'm talking about. I often talk with my math and science professors who think that it's awesome how young I am and I'm in college. While I am sarcastic I use it in a way that conveys almost perfectly how this stuff seems to me which is childish. This guy is being childish and supports his argument the same way. I often provide concrete details that reinstate my main point and that's what makes my argument valid. I'm also not starting a mountain biking career. I just want to be a really good rider and compete in a couple of big races mostly on the enduro circuit. I don't give young people a bad name as much as young people have been brainwashed into thinking that everyone who comes off strong is an idiot. While that is true for some it isn't for all.
  • 1 0
 I never said you were sarcastic. I said you had a great sense of sarcasm - as in knowing when you're being made fun of.
And you definitely do come off strong.
Here's some tips: Shut up and ride. No one cares what comes out of your mouth, if you can ride well it will show, people don't need to be told (and they usually don't like that).
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flag AlexArmanetti (Nov 29, 2013 at 18:45) (Below Threshold)
 Oh, sorry man. I misunderstood you there. I'll take your advice for sure. These online arguments are becoming crazy between this and youtube.
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 Who the **** talks like this?
Youre not an average 15 year old CUZ you go to a community college?
Is it possible that its because you're a giant douche and thats not normal?
Your opinion of yourself will never be surpassed by anyone.Congratulations!
So, when you get your big boy bike and still cant accomplish shit on it, please come back an visit to tell us the myriad of reasons why you still cant make it.
And also, I know you wont forget...but, also remember to tell us of the greatness that you percieve yourself with and how much more intelligent you are than the "simpletons" that point out your doucheyness.
  • 5 2
 oooh community college, you must be Albert Einstein or something.
  • 1 8
flag AlexArmanetti (Nov 29, 2013 at 21:28) (Below Threshold)
 Right back at you scary1.
First off, use proper grammar when stating an argument.
Second, At least I went to college.
Third, No, because I'm not you are and I'm not normal because I don't take crap from a dumb crap like you who obviously has no talent in any field. I can tell you don't have a college education because you would support your argument in a much more clear manner. On the bright side, you probably were on the honor roll at school. Oh wait, everyone is!!!!
@finnrambo Shut up and gain a few brain cells. I take trigonometry, I'm in the third (out of 4) installments of Italian, and take an English class, which apparently most of the people here need. @scary1 I like how you keep calling me a d***** instead of coming up with any type of word that would point towards intelligence. I only respect people who argue responsibly. Your first comment about living in Scottsdale and stuff was fine and I appreciated what you were trying to say, but I disagree with the idea that a $10,000 bike doesn't make you faster. @finnrambo I completely bypassed High School and take advanced classes that most high schoolers don't take until they're in their senior year! If that!!! I don't think there is any kid as smart as Einstein, do you? And don't count those stupid kids that come up on google articles, "Kid smarter than Einstein". It's impossible to be smarter than a guy who came up with laws of Physics! Just because its a community college does discredit it you idiot! SCC has some of the best Professors in the state. We have one of the best Physics teachers in the state who's class I took.
  • 3 2
 Were you the one Teaching your Physics class?
Im pretty sure they teach The Newtonian Laws of Physics by 7th grade.....
Einsteins' Theory of Relativity?

Does any of this sound familiar?
Or are you going to insist that Einstein came up with the laws of phyisics?
One way, you're a arrogant, ignorant little prick that thinks he's so smart, he dosent have to pay attention to anything that is taught to him.
The other, is that your parents were smart enough not to send you to a real highschool because they knew someone would get sick of your f***ing little 'tude and knock your teeth down your throat within the first week.
So glad I had the opportunity to straighten you out on your little physics tantrum.....do they have dunce caps in community college?
  • 4 0
 I mean this in the nicest possible way, but...ah, never mind, both of you should just shut up! Don't you have something better to do than rant on Pinkbike? Go out and ride or make money or do something productive....obviously, both of you are "smart" or something, so go make a forum to argue in and label it "endless pointless internet argument" Happy Saturday!!
  • 7 0
 I lol'd a little bit
  • 1 3
 I agree with drop20 on this one!
  • 28 3
 Wish I could have my components with my name on them, sucks being slow Cry
  • 7 2
 lol this man is a genius
  • 11 0
 getting your name or whatever written on the ODI clamps is a standard offering if you order on their website.
  • 2 0
 There are plenty of companies that do custom laser etching. Or you can get stickers made with your name on them.
  • 4 5
 ...Not to mention that having your name on your bike doesn't make it go faster, in ANY direction...
  • 1 0
 i honestly laughed out loud clicking on Nygaard's link, LOL!
  • 7 0
 Cool to see the breakdown of what goes into the setup of a pro's bike. The custom modified rear cassette is something that usually just goes unnoticed unless you take a closer look.
  • 3 1
 despite of 96er killing 26inch, 800mm bars slaughtering 700+ bars,seems like just an AM rig with some tweaks are enough for him to be on the podium in DOWNHILL race. higher-end components and new standards are just bonus when compared to skills . so glad to see Graves on DH podium again.
  • 2 0
 Posting his setup (from PinkBike, of course):

Frame - Yeti SB66c - medium

Fork - Fox Float 36, 180mm @90psi

Shock - Fox Float X @ 180psi

Wheels - DT Swiss 240 hubs, Aerolite spokes, 500rims

Tires -- Maxxis minion 2.5 Front, 3C Maxx Grip @27psi - Rear Maxxis High Roller 2, 2.4 Maxx Grip @31psi, Both Ghetto/split tube tubeless

Cranks - Saint 170mm

Brakes - Saint, 200mm rotor front, 160mm rotor rear

Cassette - Ultegra 11-23

Derailleur - Saint

Shifter - Saint

Chainring - Saint 40t

Pedals - Shimano prototype (stiffer engagement)

Chainguide - E-13 Lg1

Seat - WTB Devo Yeti Team Edition

Seatpost - Thomson Masterpiece

Bars and Stem - Renthal 740mm Fat Bar Lite, 50mm Duo stem

Grips - ODI Ruffian MX

Headset - Chris King

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 I pretty sure that custom cassette guide is just the low gear spider from a cassette with the teeth cut off the last cog.... and the holes are there normally.
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 Nice catch - a closer looks shows that's exactly what's going on, and I've edited the article to reflect this.
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flag maxlombardy (Sep 17, 2013 at 19:45) (Below Threshold)
 plus the article says he's got "the lower eight cogs of an Ultegra ten speed cassette in the rear. The biggest cog has been removed, and the teeth of the second largest cog have been ground down, creating a guard to prevent the chain from coming off into the spokes."
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 Is that cassette guard just the rest of the cassette taken to the grinder. It looks to me like its a 10 spd cassette with the 9th taken out and the tenths teeth ground off .
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 You see those funny black scribbles under the photos? Yeh, they're words try reading them.
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 I think they may have edited it after I had written the comment.
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 @Tsoxbhk - It was, so don't feel bad for missing it. =)
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 That's great!!!!!
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 Someone please explain the "ghetto tubeless". I understand what it is and how it's set up. What I don't understand is the advantage over "regular" tubeless. ???
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 Some riders have said that it makes for a much tighter tire fit, which it does, that can limit the chance of pulling a tire off the rim in a hard corner or popping of the bead and dropping air. I'd say it depends on the tire/rim combo, as I've pulled tires off mid-corner when using a ghetto setup.
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 Ghetto tubeless is where you take a tube, ideally a size smaller than your wheel (so 24" for a 26"), cut it in half so that in effect you have a rubber rim strip and a valve remaining, then do the rest as if it was regular tubeless. As for the advantages, it's cheaper, which is why a lot of people do it, but I must be missing something because I don't imagine price is a factor for this bkes setup.
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 Thanks mike, that clears it up a bit. So tubeless rims+ghetto tubeless might= ultimate solution (if you can still get the tire to fit)???
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 No, not 100%. And I probably not recommend running a ghetto setup, regardless of what is shown on the bike in this article. I've seen them come off and it can be a disaster. If you're not peeling tires off of your rims as it is, I wouldn't bother.
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 SB66, I think the best combo is a UST specific tire and a UST specific rim... but sometimes bikes don't come like that and you can't afford a custom wheel build or your favourite tire doesn't go so well set up tubeless. In those cases, I recommend ghetto tubeless. With ghetto tubeless there is only one point where air can escape - between the cut tube and the tire (because the the tire does not touch the rim). Running 'regular' tubeless, if your rim has spoke holes then you have to use tape. Right there is leak source number one. The tire still has to have a nice bead interface with the rim - there is the leak source number two, and the interface between a non-UST metal rim and a no-UST rubber tire sometimes is not as good as a split tube and a non-UST tire becuase there is a bit of squishing between the two going on (rubber meets rubber).
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 Never, ever am I going for non-UST bead and rim. Everything else - just a hack. Stan's BST, ghetto.. Screw it.
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 The ghetto part is recyling an inner tube instead of just buying the Notubes conversion kit with the rubber strip and valve. A better version is you cut the valve out of a presta tube like QBP or Schwalbe branded ones (which have removeable valve cores) and then use that in concert with Gorilla tape to seal the rim and also build up the bead seat area so the tire fits tighter.
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 Use a 20" BMX tube on a 26" rim. Its supposed to be stretched on. But trimming the excess tube and relying on a thin layer of rubber to hold your tire to your rim is hella bunk
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 I must say that my 20" tube and Minion 2.5 exos seal and hold even better than on my tubeless specific stans wheels. Cheap, easy and in my opinion best tubeless method. (Disclaimer: if you stop in the bikeshop I work at, I'll sell you a stans kit and a tubeless ready tire instead)
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 Maybe better then Stan's. But Stan's time has passed, as now all good tires are available with proper beads. WTB's TCS (UST shape) is just so much more consistent.
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 This tubeless system isn't run because it's cheaper. We run it because it is the most proven system for the way Jared rides... The team is supported by DT Swiss, and they currently don't have a true DH tubeless rim, so we can't just put any old tubeless rim on the bikes. Also, after a fair bit of testing with different tubeless and tubed setups, the ghetto tubeless had less failures than anything else.
It's also not called ghetto tubeless because we recycle old tubes... I use a new 24" tube everytime i remove or replace a tyre on the rim.
Put simply, this system is the most reliable on Jared's bike. And he is most confident with this system. So he runs it. Has been all enduro season without a flat.
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 Get UST tires, wrap 2 layers of gorilla tape as a rimstrip, Fill the tire with 2 cups of stans (Shake before you apply) then break all your tire levers your own trying to get the tire bead over the rim wall! If you can, you'll be happier than a puppy with two peters. If it was easy to get on, add another layer of gorilla tape. You want that shiz to be tight!

I'm using Bontrager g4s (technically not UST) with DT Swiss fr600's (two layers of gorilla tape) and am having the time of my life!
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 Thanks Shaun. Good to hear it from the horses mouth. I only heard a few days ago that "everyone at Yeti is running ghetto tubeless".

Since you're here, did you get better results from thicker tubes (i.e. is dirtworks911 right in saying it needs to be hard to get on).

I use 20" which means they are stretched more and therefore thinner. I'll try 24". Ta.
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 So, DT does not have a proper UST shaped rim, so you run ghetto? Well, that's fine as it works. But I would not do that anymore. I have to change tires myself, in the woods, and all the ghetto style setups are a pain to get on and off, takes a lot of experimentation to find the setup that is perfectly reliable. And when it does not.. screw that. WTB TCS + Schwalbe (or others) - easy on and off, easy inflation, no need to break all the tire levers you own...
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 He is running the tube folded over the rim, not cut inside the rim like a stans tube.

This has 3 major benefits:
1) Adds an extra layer of rubber between the tyre and rim, which drastically reduces pinch flats.
2) Rim height is artificially increased by 1 or 2mm, which reduces the chance of pulling the tyre off the rim.
3) Adding more sealant than usual will cause the tyre to bond to the tube, which can help reduce burping.

In my experience running both types of tubeless for long periods on a variety of tyres, i find that DH tyres (>1kg) never puncture but can sometimes pop off the rim at low pressures. Tubeless tyres (at around 800-900g), typically puncture from pinch flats at rim level just above the bead (50% of times), sharp rock or big thorn hole (20%), sidewall tears (10%) and ripping knobs off (20%). So generally my rules are:

With DH tyres regular tubeless is fine
With single ply casing tyres, ghetto tubeless eliminates pinch flats which roughly halves the amount of punctures.

Bonus tip: If you dont change your tyres often, you can use the ghetto setup with an extra layer of superglue added in the fold between the split tube and the tyre. This is the ultimate setup, which can be ran with mind bogglingly low pressures for insane grip. Slightly annoying to remove afterwards, tyre can be reused, tube goes in the bin.
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 Mugen, sounds lile you create a single. I would run singles in a heartbeat.
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 Yeah thicker tubes are a bit better iamamodel, 24" doesn't need to stretch as much. It is important that the tyre is a tight fit, but you don't want it to be near impossible to get on. DH tyres are the hardest to fit that i have found.
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 Ummm... Really? No mention of what wheelset is on the bike? Seriously dropping the ball guys.

Also, interesting choice of 200/160 rotor pairing. Is this because the pro DH riders don't really have to worry about brake fading since they don't brake much, but when they do, they need massive stopping power?

Granted I don't have Saints, but at the end of a 5 mi downhill in cold on-off rain, my rear brake had almost no power left running 185/160. It really sucked and couldn't go as fast as I wanted since I couldn't trust my ability to stop. (the front was fading too but at least had SOME power) can't imagine what running a 160 rear at the pro DH must feel like.
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 Ur using 70 front 30 rear so it's not to big of a deal using a smaller out back
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 The bike has DT Swiss 240 hubs laced to EX500 rims.
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 Yup, Dt 240 hubs with Turq stickers, EX500 rims, and Aerolite spokes.
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 @iamamodel - Thanks for sharing some of the little tricks you guys use to make the fastest faster! I guess us armchair QB's aren't a threat anyways, buts its always cool to see what makes the best, the best!

And I'm glad that I'm not the only one struggling to find the optimal ghetto tubeless set up. Sometimes is the best improvement I've ever made to a bike, sometimes it makes me want to throw it off a cliff.
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 Awesome share on his bike set up as he does after every EWS race too. Graves is one of my favourite riders - level headed, professional and comes across as an all round good guy. Go Graves - next year the EWS is yours!
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 I have a yeti 575 and it flies along the downhills and is pretty decent At the uphills aswell
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 Screw Interbike! This is really hurting my wish-wallet!
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 Well, thats pretty much my ideal bike. You can pedal it up and then literally podium at a DH race.
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 wow.... 180mm fork in that frame? always thought one shouldn’t go that far beyond factorys recommendation.
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 That's for us mortals who are concerned with warranties.
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 203mm F/160mm R rotors i hope its a typo cos otherwise it would f*ck my ocd right off
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 WC DH... sounds right to me as it's 80% about the front brake.
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 I love the way this bike looks but I'll personally switch the white fork to a black one. I'm keen on getting a set of shimano's saint brakes for enduro racing, Maybe too heavy? What do you think about using saint stuff like crankset, brakes or chainguide for enduro/trail riding?
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 Might be a dumb question to some, but why don't they run 2 tubes in a downhill tire?
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 I heard of downhillers running 2 tubes years and years ago. One tube stuffed inside another tube that had been split open. To prevent pinch flats. I guess it's a weight thing now, and a lot of riders are going tubeless so pinch flatting isn't a concern.
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 Super nice bike for a super skilled rider. Love it!
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 Nice to see Graves is dispelling the "moar wider is better" trend. Can't wait until 1000mm bars come out.
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 Yeah bar size should depend on the person, little people with 800s isn't ideal. I've seen a couple articles on pros bikes and they're not running full width. I run 760
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 800 is too wide for myself. Cant leverage the bike in the corners or get down tight trails
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 800 is simply not for riding tight trails but really makes sense in downhill racing
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 I ride uncut fubars (765) and they feel pretty good on my freeride bike. My buddy has like 810s or some ungodly thing, I can't stand them. I don't know how he even rides that thing.
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 740mm bars are going through the roof!
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 The Shimano chain guide mentioned as "upcoming" has been available in Australia for about 10 months
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 It takes a balls ton of sweat and "SACRIFICE" to get where ANY pro does....I'm not missing my Saturday cartoons!!!
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 SB66 "the superbike!" ;-)
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 This bike looks long and stable and just fucking beautiful. I really like it even though I like the idea of bigger wheels.
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 Wondering how tall he is...riding a medium. (Reach aside)
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 i wich yeti make a 650b,150mm rear travel super bike ! the sb-76 that what im looking for .........that sb-75 y 140mm and not 150mm ??? but i would love this sb-66 as a DH bike.
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 Why can't that bike be in my garage.
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 Ask him if he'll sell it to you when he is given an new one. He may want to keep it for emotional reasons, or Yeti may want to keep it to hang up in the foyer, but many pros sell their bikes as part of their income.
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 I would keep it if I was him he got third at worlds!!! On a modified trail bike!!!! That's freakin history!!!!
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 Very nice looking bike. Nice work Graves.
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 26" Rules !
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 As the dude would say: far out Smile
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 hey on the trail why did our comments get deleted?
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 i dont know, i just wanted to say how good the bike looks
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 yeh i know so who ever deleted them would you please explain your selves
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 hey on the trail
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 Oh hey yarno
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 hows it going
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 Pretty good, how about you?
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 yeh im ok so whatcha doin buddy
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 oh it didnt get deletd poeple just dislike us Frown
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 Neg Prop, neg prop.... You got deleted because you should just message each other not use the comment section for future reference
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 oh really i didnt know you could use PM. me and my friend always talk in comments. YOU FUCKING STUPID CUNT YOU DESERVE TO FUCKING DIE.
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 Keep flaming little man, the sooner you are banned the better. You don't contribute anything to PB.
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