Video: Jeep Canadian Open DH

Aug 20, 2012
by Karl Burkat  
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 Classic missed high five at the end.
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 I want to marry casey brown.
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flag RampageRules (Aug 20, 2012 at 13:30) (Below Threshold)
 i second that
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 ahhahhaha dude i love that south park episode xd
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 Hahaha, what other race would you see a racer stop on the side during his run to gunnie a beer? Incredible.
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 Haha, Duncan Riffle is such a bro!

also, i wish we had girls like that come to races in the UK :p
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 If I remember it wright, Steve Peat did it (stopping on the side for a beer) during one of this year World Cup Race, in Windham I think.
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 because he had a puncture Smile
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 I thought I saw not ONE, not TWO, but THREE beers gunnied on the live webcast. So rad. I propose a new race called the BEER RUN DH.
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 There was a Fromme race on the north shore (Wade's Exellent Adventure) where for one of the climbing sections if you shotgunned a beer before, you got a minute off your time haha.
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 Hey Video kids... you killed it.
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 Yeah Stevie... keep the wins coming!
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 Hecklers Rock has the best crowd in the whole world in DH racing.
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 everyone else was shirt-less ,even Tippie, so why wasn't Rachel?
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 sorry, meant to give you +1
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 This is why whistler won't ever have a World Cup. They would never allow Hecklers Rock to take place under the uci. Best vid of Crankworx by far. Showing the amateurs and the pros and almost all the best bits of the course. Excellent job pinkbike. Riffles move was and will remain a classic crankworx move.
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 I hope the UCI never gets anywhere near Crankworxs or Whistler. All they would do is screw it all up and kill the spirit of the races and comps.
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 Stevie Smith.
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 Sick edit! I hate to piss and moan, but that song was truly terrible! Would you really hang out with your friends and listen to that?
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 Just be glad it didn't bust into some dub-step. There was a point early in the vid that I thought it was going to do just that and the hair on the back of my neck started to stand. Luckily, it didn't go there! Wink
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 who's the undercover agent lurking at 4:58?
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 I was thinking the same but substitute "corporate stooge" for "undercover agent". Whoever he is, I'm here and he's there so he wins.
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 True support for the video editors. Solid effort.
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 such an awesome vid! put a big grin on me face!! Big Grin and the fans are just the best!!!!!
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 Wicked job on the coverage and edit, banger work!
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 UCI could learn something about race coverage from this Race, the Coverage was amazing.
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 UCI could learn a thing or twelve from watching this vid and/or the replay of the event itself.

Awesome footage and edit, btw!!
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 we should pay them more, nice race Stevie
  • 1 0 pretty sure this is the remix of it guys!
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 No one took a chainsaw up to the rock this year? Frown
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 way to go stevie. i'm on a 2012 wilson and its the best bike i have ever rode. the full carbon one looks tight
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 What happened to Brosnan ?
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 He decided not to race as his shoulder is still hurting and the course was burly. World's is next week, and a bigger target.
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 anyone know the song?
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 not entirely sure which remix this is, but the original is Zedd - Spectrum
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 This is a remix but this one is a little bit the same :
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 I'm pretty sure it is the original Spectrum. It sounds the same as it does in the music video that was just released, but that might be due to the laptop speakers.

iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>/iframe>
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 Looks like the Devinci carbon is doing a good job!!
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 I want to marry whoever that guy was rocking the manitou dorados!
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 y wasnt danny hart there?
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 Still recovering from his injury I beleive, and wants to be 100% ready for the worlds!
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 That right there's why i love mountain biking
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 It would be so awesome if Steve Smith won the World Cup now.
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 2:11 Gotta nice ass.
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 good catch bro Smile
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 Well done Steve, too bad your changing teams next year.
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 Unfortunately, I don't have proof, just a rumor I heard. He is heading to a team that lost a few high profile riders recently. It is unfortunate as I enjoyed seeing a Canadian rider excel on a Canadian bike. Hopefully the rumor turns out to be unfounded, but by the sounds of it, it is true.
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 Yeeeeeaaaaaah Stevie!
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 haha look at the woman at 4:56... wait, man? I dont know.
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 how did you spot that?
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 R the athertons racing or not this crankworxs?
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 Devinci..... All day
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 Who picked the music? Could have done a little bit better IMO
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