Just The Tip: Bearclaw Invitational Part 2

Aug 28, 2013
by Connor Macleod  
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 It cannot be said enough times: Brett Tippie is the man. Having him on the mike is sooo great.
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 If there's such things as an energy drink addiction, he's got it! Tippie is an absolute hero.
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 "The only pressure is inside the next RedBull can"

Tippies life motto
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 Never fails to put a smile on my face Smile
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 tippie is awesome so should commentate joyride it would make it even better
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 the guy just has so much energy its amazing! I don't think even the person who invented the ring pull can would have been that excited opening the first one ever as Tippie was about that Red Bull can
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 I'd put like $3.50 on Genon to put Tippie under the table in a red bull tall-can crushing contest. Both those dudes make this video.
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 Tippie would have it, he's legendary for the fastest shotgun! Genon is pretty funny, seems more comfortable with the media now. Great video.
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 Tippie walking up behind Semenuk thinking "I bet I'll tell him it looks like he is having fun (everyone is having fun)" Tippie in front of Semenuk "wow this dude is not having fun... I'll ask how you feeling"

Strange attitude that Semenuk... Super super chill... Him and Tippie at the same time are two very different ends of the spectrum...lol
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 now i know why tippie is so hyper its all the redbull he drinks
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 Tippie always got the best video report even better than some sponsor of the event
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 Best freakin interview videos ever. Makes me smile every time. TIPPPPIIEEE!!!!
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 genon was funny
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 Was he drunk?!!
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 A french men can speak this good in english when he is drunk.. So I guess not!
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 He is not french Wink
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 Maybe try writing a gramatically correct sentence yourself before bashing others for having poor english skills.
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 I really enjoy watching Tippie this is way better coverage of the claw invitational compared to the other commentators. I laughed out loud. "No, I think I am going to give it 110%, I'm Brett Tippie."
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 Gotta love Tippie! That was fun, good footage, fun vibe.
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 The Claw is so cool he makes getting a beer shower and a cooler of ice dropped on you look rad!
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 Anyone else want "Deep Thoughts with Brett Tippie"? I could never see the guy being serious.
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 Man, I whis i was there with the Claw and his boys. Great video by the way.
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 Cut him off!! Brett Tippie dont need anymore Red Bull haha. what a rad event just a perfect time for the riders to chill and have fun, thats whats up
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 pinkbike goes better and better!
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 From now on I'm talking all of my tests at restaurants! Darren is the man. What an awesome event!
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 I fucking love the sport of mountain biking, especially the slopestyle guys. Super chill and all about the good times!
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 I know this is gonna sound horrible and strange but since rob warner went in funny in his last web videos , this guy is now my hero at being an absolute bad ass ... Sorry rob
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 The only presure is in the next redbull can, love it
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 Cheers up for Eric "I'm-not-Semenuk" Lawrenuk !
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 eh tippie is so cool man, he is all timer. Nice compliment to messere's mom!
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 Claw lost his glove
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 the fact that tippie has no idea what hes on about makes these interviews the best thing to watch! soo much fun! and by the way is he constantly high or is it the free Redbull? ;D
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 @7.22 - whoever that was who took off in the background.... I don't think they ever came back down.
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the chief
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 Haha, Anthony crashing at 4:08 in the background
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 best contest of the year Smile
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 Love how chilled Pilgrim is comped to Semenuk!
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 4:10 some dude doesnt quite make the landing in the back
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 Tippie totally robbed Claw's high five at 11:07
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