Kicking Horse Bike Park - Trail Crew Update 4 - 2013

Aug 19, 2013
by Steve Crowe  
The straight goods on Kicking Horse Bike Park, straight from the trail crew's fingertips.

How the season usually ends. This is yet to come but seems a long way off right now.
It doesn't look like this yet, far from it. But this is usually how the season ends up top.

Currently, we are still sweating buckets, but the chill is coming and the gondola will grind to a halt in only a couple of weeks. But it ain't over yet. The crew is still pounding away like English bank notes. Why, just on Thursday we had guys working on three different projects. Let's review, shall we?

Unfortunately I don't have any photos because I haven't been too involved with this carnival other than the odd test roll. It's better if you see it. And ride it. This as-yet-unnamed trail will continue up further into the bowl as a future project. The purpose of this trail is three-fold: one, to extend the time spent in the alpine because it is quite stunning; two, make that time fun; and three, encourage riders to get off the 10 Rd because that one corner sucks (I'm not even going to tell you what we call it). So, because I don't have any good images for you, I'll insert video installation #1 here as a distraction:

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When the wind is right this is a launch pad.
Also, I'll add this image from elsewhere in the alpine showing Sick Dizzler making his time up there fun.

Speaking of the alpine, I've got to get this off my chest:
What would your mother say if she knew you left your rubber laying around She d feel shame. So should you.
What would your mother say if she knew you left your rubber laying around? She'd feel shame. So should you.

Hop A Long
Perhaps our worst-named trail got a significant facelift after the landing of the first table.

Wet organic berm.

Tore up the organic berm after the first table and replaced it with dirt.
This used to be a swamp 10 years ago so it had numerous layers of attempted solutions. They had all rotted out by this year, plus the berm was short and almost completely organic, so we got in with the heavy machinery and fixed 'er up but good (we hope).

Swamp Donkey
Speaking of swamps, we kicked some more ass lately. The big Hitachi has been out for numerous days, as well as the mini-ex. The first-trial shape is there almost. Needs days of hand tooling yet. If you are keen, ask a patroller if there are any tools available and go at it. We already know we'll have to get back into the trees and reshape some features, but feel free to throw rocks into the forest (careful of wasps - we got chased out last week).

Testing one of the berms.
Testing one of the new berms.

First roll down into the trees.
First roll down, into the trees.

Set a course for the moon Cap n Morgan.
The Cap'n setting a trajectory for the moon.

Making tranny.
Cap'n Brian Morgan, making tranny.

More of the wet stuff that has given this trail its current name.
More of the wet stuff that has given this trail its (current) name.

Superberm got a bunch of holes patched, so that's nice.

So we have plenty to keep us occupied for the last couple of weeks of summer, including some bike riding. Come check on us while there is still time!
Big shout out to the crew this year. Great things are happening.

This stormy cloud leads to thoughts of winter...
Roiling summer skies.

New machined road out to Terminator and Double Header ski runs was punched in this summer.
The new Terminator/Double Header traverse will make the winter trail crew's lives easier. And it will allow groomer access to Terminator.

Watch this space many of those trees are being sacrificed for a better ski product.
Watch this space: glading is currently underway in Crystal Bowl for the ski season.

Finally, as a tag-on, the fellas insist I include this video again because they think they are pretty funny and don't want anyone to miss the opportunity to know that. So I bid you adieu with a tip of our clown hat:

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Ride on,


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 Those rocks you were taking out....Put em in the swamp. Roman paving. Old Shore trick. OK the Romans did it first.
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 I met a couple of your trail builders a couple weeks back and took some shots of the process. If you'd like, I'd be happy to forward some to you!
  • 1 0
 Any chance for a bonus weekend or three? Only two weeks left of riding makes me very sad Frown
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 You guys rock! Always getting me stoked to come visit your mountain!
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 I was grinning the hole time I watched this.

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