Kill the Bill 2012 | Ride for the Rider Down Trust

Aug 3, 2012
by Alasdair MacLennan  
Kill the Bill 3 – 1st/2nd September 2012 – Nevis Range, Fort William - Raising funds for Rider Down Trust!

On Sunday, 8th of May, 2011 at Penshurst Off Road Cycling Centre in Kent, a serious mountain bike crash occurred during the senior quarter finals 4x race. Scott hit his head as he landed and as a result has suffered extensive brain injuries and was in a coma for 5 months. Thanks to his helmet and the KSS Air Ambulances, he is able to be still here fighting and will continue to do so for the rest of his life.

FW Press Release Downhill Fundrasing Event Kill the Bill 3 Rider Down Trust

Borderline Events has teamed up with the Rider Down Trust to raise funds to assist with Scott Shepherd's rehabilitation and provide him with an adaptive bicycle. The more riders we get, the more money we can raise for this great cause. Based on 150 riders we can raise just £200, but this figure will go up with every rider. If we fill the event with 300+ entries then we could raise over £3500 to help Scott out.

We’d really like to fill this event and would like your help to make this happen. Enter yourself, get your friends to enter, tell everyone and spread the word...

Kill the Bill 3 is a normal downhill event offering BC points to Licence holders and will run the usual format of Saturday practice, Sunday morning practice and 2 x race runs.

Charity number: XT33603 – Rider Down Trust

FW Press Release Downhill Fundrasing Event Kill the Bill 3 Rider Down Trust

Event Details:
• Round 3 of the Fetish Downhill Series
• When? – Sat 01st and Sunday 02nd September 2012
• Where? – Nevis Range, Fort William
• BC points
• Race podium and prizes
• Anyone can enter whether licence holders or not
• Mechanic on site all weekend
• Toilets on site all weekend
• Cable car uplift - Damage free
• Catering on-site all weekend
• On-line Entries open till 31st August or when full

All that’s left to do is enter! Click the link: For the Facebook Event page click here.

Thank you for reading and we look forward to seeing a huge attendance at this event,

Mike Marsden
Race Director
Borderline Events


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 This is a great event; wish I could be there (a bit far though).

And to Scott, I wish you all the best with your future and recovery. It’s horrible to see a fellow rider go down as hard as that, and I certainly hope that you are able to find things to do, or challenges to conquer that help keep you stoked. As far as I can tell from what I’ve read though, you sound like your way ahead of that already.

Stay strong!
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 This is what I love in the mountain bike community, Wish I was back in England so I could take part and I Wish him all the best for the future.
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 you are such a bellend
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 shut your mouth gibbs
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 go cry to mummy
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 Did Scott go over the bars and land on his head?

I guess I always kind of thought that a helmet would prevent those severe brain injuries. I wonder what can be learned from such accidents.

Healing vibes to Scott.
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 Scott went head first into a pile of logs after the bridge on the PORC 4x track. The logs went directly through the open bit of the full face and landed in between his eyes.
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 OMG that's horrible. Next time I'm doing a course layout or safety walk through I'll be sure to note potential off trail dangers such as that. I mean its good to know that the helmet did its job, but sounds like a very freak accident all around. Best of luck to Scott, his family and friends, on or off the bike.
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 It was a freak accident, the whole logs thing was just tragic bad luck.......think about the places you ride and race, rocks, trees, fallen trees, fences all just off the line you ride....maybe they could have been moved but seriously no one could have predicted what happened. Scott loved riding and racing at PORC he knew the course and he was also very aware of the risks, he is improving its small steps but he has come a long way since the accident....all the support he has had from within the biking community is unreal, check out the riderdown website for details also see if you can find a video online by nico turner to see Scott doing what he did best Riding his bike. I know that events like mean and the support from fellow riders means so much to his Mum, sister, friends and family. It's also Scott's birthday today.
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 I think he was probably talking about the guy with the feather in his full face helmet rather than Scott?
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