King of Beacon Stage Race 2013

Oct 30, 2013
by Eric Ashley  
King of Beacon is a new race to Spokane; celebrating fall weather, enduro style riding, and the high desert terrain found just outside the city. Coordinated by Josh Tofsrud, of All Gravity Series races, King of Beacon was well received and riders should look forward to the second instalment in 2014.

The format of the race was broken up into three stages. Stage one following down the DH Course at Camp Sekani. Stage two winding back around and climbing past the DH Course finishing by circling over to the summit at Beacon Hill. Stage three was a quick pedaling descent back to the base of the DH Course.

Chill temperatures and overcast skies appeared to be a poor omen for the race. But the day did not disappoint as the clouds parted and the sun began to glow shortly into the second stage. The course made use of many of the trails between Camp Sekani and Beacon Hill offering riders several different views and conditions making for a refreshingly diverse ride.

This year's King of Beacon… Cameron York.

Join the race next year to see if you can become King, but until then enjoy all the pics from this year's event.

Cameron York starts stage one strong from the top of the DH Course.

Chris Wamsley floating over the course's first drop.

Tracy West speeds down a boulder along the DH Course.

Brad Dowd picks his line down the "Rushmore" feature.

Matt Minnick demonstrates his own interpretation of "Rushmore."

Ryan McLucas looking ahead for what the trail brings next.

Zach Devorak spots his gap through the trees.

Cliff Kiracofe riding through the trees on the DH Course.

Justin Fernandes crests the first summit of stage two just as the weather begins to clear.

Willie Hobbs pedaling hard through amber waves.

Cameron York ready for a descent following the first climb.

Bobby Burken battling with Upchuck trail.

Matt Minnick pedals past the remnants of autumn.

An abandoned building wreathed in foliage.

Beer first, then heckling. Rider: Ryan Lynn.

Cliff Kiracofe making his way uphill.

Ryan McLucas enjoying every moment of the ascent.

Lauren Darienzo picks up the pace in response to some encouragement/heckling.

Colleen Bowerman choosing her path en route to Beacon Hill.

Barely visible Zach Devorak climbs towards Beacon HIll during stage two.

Mellanie Joy rising above the clouds.

Matthew Mackay feeling the toll of the winding switchbacks.

Billy Page and Chad Randall churning away at the hill.

Colleen Bowerman rounding one of the last turns seperating her from the end of stage two.

Willie Hobbs drops in over the rocks at the beginning of stage three.

Cameron York traverses a rock formation on Beacon Hill.

Dan Garrett passing beneath the power lines stitching across Beacon Hill.

Tim Schlosser descends along Vince's Tire Trail.

Bobby Burken riding atop a sandy section during stage three.

Billy Page following in Chad Randall's tracks.

Mellanie Joy rounding the end of the Simple Tools trail.

Ryan Lynn weaving through Rabbid Rabbit approaching the finish line.

Event coordinator, Josh Tofsrud, waits for the results to print out. Arguably, he has the best office in the world.

Race's end.


1. Cameron York
2. Chris Wamsley
3. Justin Fernandes

1. Matt Minnick
2. Tim Schlosser
3. Brad Dowd

Sport 19-39:
1. Ryan McLucas
2. Bobby Burken
3. Ryan Lynn

Sport 40+:
1. Cliff Kiracofe

1. Zach Devorak
2. Billy Page
3. Chad Randall

Sport Women:
1. Lauren Darienzo
2. Mellanie Joy
3. Colleen Bowerman

All Gravity Series


  • + 10
 I misread the title as "King of Bacon Stage Race" and was disappointed at the lack of pork...... Looks like a good place to ride though!
  • + 1
 damn! beat me to it...
  • + 2
 Does this mean that there's a chance that the Double Down Hoe Down will be back in 2014?? This year was the first time I'd ever gone and it was fantastic. Parts of the trails scared the crap out of me....Love riding on the "Eastside"........
  • + 1
 No offense to ANYONE riding in these photos but, isn't interesting how you can tell amateur riders from professionals? The body language and form really tells all. Looks like a great place to ride.
  • + 1
  • + 1
 Actually thanks to the photos and Moose's comment I realized a look like a noob cornering and was reminded to re-read bikemag.com's howto corner article from a few weeks back. Which in turn helped me shred much, much better tonight. Trying to break my sportbike habits of leaning my body way to the inside...
  • + 1
 Being a Spokanistan native... I should have made it, but couldn't... Could have contended in the 40+ category! Or at least 2nd place for showing.
  • + 1
 Awesome! Nice job racers and Josh for the coordination efforts. Hopefully next year i can participate, beacon hurt me just over a week ago but I'll be back..
  • + 2
 Eric thanks for the write and pics. The race was a blast!
  • + 1
 Awesome! Wish I could made it! Next year for sure tho!
  • + 1
 Super fun and enjoyable weekend of racing. Thanks AGS for putting this on.
  • + 1
 Yeah! King Of Beacon!
  • + 1
 Ryan McL REPRESENT! \m/
  • + 0
 wait its not raining?
  • + 1
 Wrong side of the state for constant rain.
  • + 2
 It hasn't been raining on the wet side of the state either.
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