Jill Kintner and Bryn Atkinson join Norco Bikes

Jan 4, 2012 at 12:23
Jan 4, 2012
by Karl Burkat  
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Norco Bicycles has partnered with Jill Kintner and Bryn Atkinson, as title sponsor, to re-launch the Norco World Team. For 2012 the team will racing the downhill race scene aboard the newly designed AURUM downhill bike. Bryn and Jill are dedicated to reaching podium positions at every race they attend and representing Norco on the world stage.

Jill Kintner is one of the most successful female cyclists to compete on two wheels. With a collection of titles in BMX, 4x, slalom and downhill that spans from an Olympic medal, to world titles in 4x, and multiple national championships in all 4 disciplines she is a dominant figure on the race circuit. She finished 9th place overall for 2011 in her first year of World Cup downhill, and for 2012 is looking to come back with vengeance and best this result.

bigquotesWith a new trainer and new bikes, we are now running a program with our partners of our choice; it feels like everything is clicking into place! The new Norco bikes have an incredible feel; I especially notice a difference in my balance point and turning ability thanks to the Aurum's GRAVITY TUNE. These bikes are really well designed, and I am honored to be a part of the Norco family. - Jill

Bryn Atkinson has an inspiring presence on a downhill bike. With a highlight reel that includes numerous top 10 World Cup results, 2 US Open championships, a Pro GRT series championship, and many feature video segments, he has the speed, style, and ability to get the job done.

After a great start to 2011 with an 11th place finish at the first round of the World Cup, Bryn broke his femur and elbow, and was forced to sit out the remainder of the season. This injury fueled his motivation to get better on the bike, and come back stronger in 2012.

Healed up and "ready to rip", Bryn is back in top form for 2012

bigquotesI'm super excited to start fresh with a company like Norco. Their 2012 line of bikes ride smooth and are really capable, I can't wait to get em' world cup dirty! - Bryn

The team will be hitting premier events such as: all UCI World Cups, Sea Otter Classic, Kokanee Crankworx, select USGP events, etc. Jill and Bryn will also compete in their respective National Championships.

bigquotesNorco Bicycles is excited to have both Jill and Bryn join the Norco family. Their experience and expertise will be a great asset to the continued development of the bikes and the engineered technology platforms we are so proud of. Everyone at Norco would like to wish Jill and Bryn the best of luck in the coming season and welcome them to their new home here at Norco. - Pete Stace-Smith, Norco PR Marketing Manager

Partners of the Norco World Team:
• Norco Bicycles- Frames - Aurum, Sight, Rampage, Custom Slalom
• Crank Brothers- Wheels, pedals, Seat Posts
• Fox Racing Shox- Suspension
• Shimano- Drive train
• Renthal- Bars, Stems, Grips
• Maxxis- Tires and tubes
• Lezyne- Pumps, Tools, Mini tools, Inflation systems, Bottle cages, saddle bags, Led Lights
• 5.10- Footwear
• e*13- Chain guides
• Dakine- Riding apparel
• Oakley- Eyewear
• Fi:z'ik- Seats
• Cane Creek- Head sets
• Alpinestars- protection
• Tld- Helmets

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  • + 45
 Norco is coming in hot for 2012!! New bikes, New team. My guess is the Aurum might very well live up to its name this coming season!
  • - 36
flag johnny-compton (Jan 4, 2012 at 13:11) (Below Threshold)
 watch out danny hart! actually, it's gunna take alot to top his performance at the world cup last year
  • + 86
 I think some people seem to forget the Gwin won more rounds in a single world cup season than anyone ever had before...
  • + 19
 2012 Norco's are looking SICK. Hell Yeah, and I'm really intersted to see what the "custom slalom" bike is now that they've dumped the 4x4... This is really cool, but what a loss for Transition Bikes aye...
  • - 37
flag Devinallan000x (Jan 4, 2012 at 15:25) (Below Threshold)
 norco doesnt come close to transition this is balls
  • - 28
flag universe (Jan 4, 2012 at 15:29) (Below Threshold)
 True Devin...so much faster.
  • - 35
flag SJA59 (Jan 4, 2012 at 16:37) (Below Threshold)
 Down Grade in my mind.... Why leave Transition when they are doing so well for them?
  • + 37
 it's called cash. norco has it in abundance while transition is a small player. norco world team. that's the reason right there. all uci world cups. transition doesn't have the cake for that. as a pro, with a limited lifespan for your career you follow the money not the best riding design. at the wc level, skillset and overall fitness is the real deciding factor which is helped by a big budget to pay for training, coaches, support etc. any top ten rider can slay on any top ten bike. who pays them the most is who they ride for
  • - 14
flag ninjaty (Jan 4, 2012 at 17:29) (Below Threshold)
  • + 6
 lol totally true. id ride for wal-mart if they paid me enough!
  • + 7
 lol, that would be the day. Target racing team all the way.
  • + 26
 SERIOUSLY??? I mean I'm aNW guy who LOVES Transition for everything they are and all they're trying to do for our sport... But what's wrong with them moving teams??? Calling the new Arum a "downgrade" from the TR450 is pretty ignorant... They're both AWESOME bikes and I'd be stoked to have factory backing from EITHER company. Look at it this way, if it gives these two a chance to further their careers and have an amazing season I for one think they deserve it. And if they got a nice raise, more the better. These are two icons of our sport and frankly if the head of a bank can rake in all that dough for not doing ANYTHING then these two ought to be getting paid for the risks they take and the level that they ride at. Transitions loss is Norco's gain and that's just fine. It's not like Norco is just some box company that doesn't care about the sport... They're freakin NORCO, they are one of THE formative brands in the industry and just because folks haven't particularly liked their bikes as of late (and the 2012's are as good as ANYTHING on the market if not better then alot of other brands.) doesn't mean they've been anything but great bikes. Norco deserves to have great riders riding for them as much as these great riders deserve all the best backing in pursuit of the podium (not to say Transition wasn't supporting them, but I'm sure Norco has a bigger program/more money to put behind them)... Sorry for my rambling, I'll go back to my cave Wink
  • + 6
 this guy^^^
  • + 2
 I will say, that I am disapointed to see Norco not offering a public version of their "Custom Slalom" bike or really ANY smaller travel play-bike. Transition's line-up is geared more to my style of riding. More DH/FR/AM bikes and less XC/wimpy stuff. Norco doesn't have anything now to compete/compare to the Bottlerocket or the Double. That's unfortunate IMO. The Truax is a sick looking platform, but it's got too much travel for buffed jump/flow trails. I'd love to see a Range built up with some more DH/FRoriented parts... I do think you get more bike from Norco for less though and that's just "economy of Scales" in action. The Truax2 at $3550 is all but untouchable by Transitions line up so there's a trade-off to both companies aye.
  • + 4
 Like to see you last in an enduro event. or 'less xc/wimpy' stuff...XC riders work harder than you probably ever will on a bike....race a cat 1 or 2 XC race all out for 45 mins, and see how 'wimpy' it is.
  • + 2
 I guess I mean "wimpy" in terms of the bikes being spindlier and lightweight versus beefy and DH/FR oriented. That's my preference for riding. I'm well aware of how hard XC riding is, I didn't mean to call XC riding "wipmy" just the bike lines of the two different companies have a very different feel to them IMO. I grew up here in the NW riding XC before DH/FR really existed. You're from WA so you know what our terrain is like. I look at XC racing like sadomasachism (sp?): Some folks get pleasure out of it, I just see them kicking the crap out of them selves... I'll ride up, but I don't get joy out of it.
  • + 1
 medic, sorry for calling you out, I was operating under the assumption that you are just another pre-teen kid on here, talking down another form of riding just because they don't partake in it. Clearly not the case, I apologize. As for the definition of masochism, I totally agree...Racing xc and cross here in the nw, that is exactly what I would qualify it as @ certain times. And we are lucky to enjoy the terrain we have available to us, in the northwest region. From bellingham to oregon, we have the best of everything up here.
  • + 1
 No worries man, I re-read what I typed and it soun ded a little "narrowminded" aye Wink Yeah, the NW is where it's at. I've lived alot of other places (Australia, UK, SE US, SW US, Central Cali), and I keep coming back cause to me, this is home...
  • + 17
 thats rad!!!! ...norco has some great bikes.
  • + 15
 Best thing to happen to biking since the wheel... Norco needed some big ticket racers.
  • - 29
flag heavymetal45 (Jan 4, 2012 at 18:03) (Below Threshold)
 Now they just need some good bikes lol.
  • + 13
 ^i sure hope thats a joke norco has some of the best bikes around.
  • + 1
 yeah, bro.
  • + 1
 Never heard that one before.
  • + 4
 didnt they have ben reid last year? hes a high world cup rider.
  • + 1
 Yeah, him and Danny Stanbridge were (and still are) on the Dirt Norco team.
  • + 3
 @ yeahbro, I thought it the most appropriate way to agree with you. I like norco's approach to 2012. They strive - we win. Truax is likely my next bike. Thanks Norco!
  • + 1
 yeahbro who knows what is a joke. I was joking in the last comment (agreeing with Dev about Trans being faster) and got downvoted to hell. I ride 2 norcos. Thems the breaks! Smile
  • + 13
 Sad to see Jill won't be riding for a local company anymore. Rode with her and Bryn at a local slolam race and have to say they are super humble, helpful, and Jill is really connected to her local riding scene!
  • + 3
 Word. Great people... Sad to see them leave Transition, but I also think they deserve any and all good things that come their way. I've met them down here in OR and they always took the time to talk to the fans. Very VERY chill and good people.
  • + 10
 Thats awesome news, now rider's on the "AURUM" to show how good this bike is. I was wondering when the "Team BRYILL" bike announcement would happen. But I was thinking it might have been EVIL.
  • + 0
 team BRYLLiant!
  • + 11
 Jill and Bryn are great ambassadors for our sport and for any brand they are associated with. Norco you have done well!
  • + 12
 Good news for Norco, the new Aurum looks sooo rad!
  • + 7
 When i think Norco, I think VPS, 3inch wide tires, Super T's and amourplated frames. Then came the years of a new desgin every year or so. Now they have matured, gone back to the drawing board and created some very nice bikes. Good luck to em.
  • + 1
 Yeah so true.When i see the older guys on our trails with the Sherman tanks you have to wonder how they lift them out of the truck.Now the young guys have these sweet looking rides and get some serious speed on them too.Norco went off the scene here for a year or two but I think they are coming back in a big way....
  • + 4
 Norco has 2 great teams in place now, the World" team as well as the "Dirt" team. I have ridden both the new TR450 and the Aurum and in my OPINION, the Aurum slays the TR450. That is the way I ride, both bikes are pretty nice but there is something to be said about the plush ride of a Horst link bike over the 4 bar system Transition uses. I have a guy working for me that has felt the other way, he loves the TR450, but...he just ordered an Aurum. Before everyone goes hating on Norco for defining and helping build this sport, ride the bikes and make an honest opinion on them.
  • + 6
 So stoked to be part of the Norco Family and race for em!! This is awesome news that Norco will finally show more face at the World Cups!!!!
  • + 1
 My comment was deleted ... I don't understand why. Shame on PB, I didn't say anything near offensive to have it deleted.

Some fools in here neg prop for no reason. I think this whole "prop" system needs an upgrade, it's way too abused which ruins the experience for legit users.
  • + 1
 I think someone should have answered your question. Many users probably read a few weeks ago their contract ended. Sometimes props don't work perfectly, but it's the best system out there we've found.

  • + 1
 FSR is and always will be one of the best bicycle suspension systems out there. I love my ABP/Full floater, but A.R.T is fantastic as well.

Podiums are a no brainer with the group Norco has now.
  • + 4
 Can't wait to see the sick builds with the fox suspension and aurum frame
  • + 1
 Congrats to them, you know Jill going to dominate. I hope Bryn has the perfect season with NO crashes. One world cup style crash on that hardware not going to be fun.
  • + 3
 Good move, Norco! Can't wait to see the bikes in action!
  • + 2
 That's a sweet build and kit they've got! Looking forward to some custom colours hopefully. I really love the aurum.
  • + 2
 Bada BOOM! Great news for Norco.
  • + 3
  • + 8
 This is great, it will be cool to see Norco being a real player with their new bike and riders.
  • + 3
 No Transition WC Team this year unfortunately
  • - 12
flag iesubach (Jan 4, 2012 at 13:15) (Below Threshold)
 It's been official for a while!
  • + 3
 sam dale is riding for transition factory next year
  • - 7
flag duncanp (Jan 4, 2012 at 13:38) (Below Threshold)
  • + 1
 thats cute^^
  • + 1
 cause theres only so many 'elite' teams. transition dont have an elite team. also, i make a comment saying athertons are on gt and it gets deleted??
  • + 1
 ignore that/delete it, i have nae idea what what on earth i was replying to..
  • + 1
 Super stoked to be a part of e Norco family!
  • + 1
 The Partners are sick Big Grin They'll get a TLD helmet 3 Big Grin
  • + 1
 This is big news to me! I wonder who transition will pick up now?
  • + 4
 having bas and tom van steenbergen is awesome
  • + 1
  • + 0
 Wonder if Reidy and Stanny will now move somewhere else?
  • + 3
 no norco said they will be back
  • + 6
 I hope Reid will stay, hes a sick rider even if he didnt had realy good results last year!
  • + 2
 Different teams I think, they'e on Dirt/Norco as opposed to the Factory Team.
  • - 1
 oh yes, you must be right!
  • + 3
 Ye Reid is so sick! But they're Dirt/Norco, so they should stay!
  • + 1
 Both Riders will be with norco for the 2012 season.
  • + 1
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