Kyle Strait RAW - Part 2

Feb 5, 2012
by tsage  
Kyle Strait takes you on a tour of his garage, to the mexican restaurant and down to the local fishing hole.

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Kyle is excited to be riding for GT Bikes, Fox Clothing, SRAM, Truvativ, Avid, RockShox and Oakley Eyewear for 2012.

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 Are you kidding me? What a waste of time. I respect Kyle Strait and everything, but come on. That is not a video worth showing. I just skipped through the last 4 minutes. I agree with Pinkbike supporting the athletes and all, but that was worthless. If anything, that made the athletes, and the people trying to promote them, look worse.

Please don't show stuff like that again.


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 Thanks Mr. Negative Nancy
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 Usually welcome to the team edits consist of a banger compilation of the athletes career, GT pumps out interviews about fiats and hot cheetos. Looks like TSage just wants to become GT's Clay Porter soo badly that hes going all-in for the unconventional stuff. I suggest coyote hunting for the next episode...or what about having strait pull off that qashqai shoulder buzzer once more?
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flag csermonet (Feb 5, 2012 at 3:49) (Below Threshold)
 You must not follow TSage's work. Educate yourself, you have 80 vids to sift through f*cker. Has done plenty of stuff like this in the past, and to me there is nothing wrong with it. You guys are just haters. Take your hatin elsewhere.
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 dude stop bitching and just dont watch it then. like you guys really dont have 4 minutes to waste anyway
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 ^^ dude they have the world to save, time spent on the internet is serious business these days!
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 I'd LOVE to see him riding his new bikes...haven't seen a Kyle Strait edit since his segment in NWD7, which was amazing.
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 What was the point of that vid?
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 hey respect the fact that liam is pissed! he was shorted 4 minutes of his personal porn time.
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 Instead of Life in the fast lane, we get Life in the slow lane here. I'd rather see him out trashing that cruiser bike at the jumps some more, or getting crazy at a wild party where the cops show up.

Come on Tsage, - Your making kyle look like a fuddy-duddy. >>go have Kyle riding some street , and getting into some trouble like a real MTBers.
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 I like the video. Kyle is a good rider. Idhbaker think u just need some Cali sun.
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 great video, best interview from the mtb world in a loooooooooooooooong time. better than a bunch of p.c. p.r. dept manufactured quotes...
bring on the sage/strait/griz reality show.
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 Stacy tells it like it is. Nice to see something new.
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 Please !@#% SHOW stuff like that again.
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 but how about that no footer on a cruiser
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 hey, straits the man. if you dont like it, dont watch it. bottom line.
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 Most of you guys are being dicks. This guys pretty sick he isnt all stuck up like Gee and some others, kyle luckily hasn't forgotten that riding bikes is just fun and dosent take all the fun out of it. Seeing a racer like this is awesome. If you did one about Gee it would be a solid 5 minutes of him sounding like some cry baby talking about how much better he is then everyone not smiling once and and overall just being stuck up. Kyle knows how to live life.
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 Because you know Gee personally, right?

You're no better than the kids judging Kyle off these clips...
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 Nice rhetorical question. Watch his interviews bud.
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 Ah so watching interviews is the same as knowing someone personally, right?
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 I remember when Kyle was in Sweden during the Åre Mountain Mayhem festival. Everyone was like;" wow thats Kyle Strai!"
You never saw him riding his bike though. Just eating our chillin by the slopestylepark.(Also met him drunk as hell at a nightclub)
So I said to my friends;"Im gonna ask him if he wants to race me!" And I went to the RedBullcar he was sitting in and asked....
He answered;"Go take the highway!" and took a bite of his swedish pizza. And here he is basically doing an episode about what kind of food he likes.... -.^
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flag timfrancis (Feb 5, 2012 at 8:46) (Below Threshold)
 he's a big guy hey! especially for an 'athlete'.
I have all the support in the world... just got my bike back... and I'm fishing.
And racing? thats just... get fit.
sorry Kyle, rather watch Gee, or bearclaw, or ANYONE who actually rides and means it.
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 not an athlete? not all athletes have to spend all their time in the gym and have nothing but the most strict regulated diets. There are different types of athletes, but kyle strait is definitely a great athlete.
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flag timfrancis (Feb 5, 2012 at 11:44) (Below Threshold)
 if you think 'athlete' you think someone in shape, at the top of their game. thats all I'm saying.
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 Wow, it's incredible how after watching these two little videos that you guys know everything about him! Well I guess it's not surprising because as we all know, 6 minutes is plenty enough to judge what someone is doing everyday of every week...
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 It's fair to say by looking at him we can get a pretty good judgment of what he does everyday. I'm a full time college student, and have a part time job, along with responsibilities at home, and I still manage to eat healthy and work out 20 hours a week. This is pathetic for a professional athlete.
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 You don't know him, it is as simple as that. You have no clue about his training or comp. schedule, diet or his body type, along with all these other kids on here. It's not pathetic for a professional athelete to not be on top of his game in the off-season but it is very pathetic for people to judge someone off a clip that's a couple minutes long. One of the downfalls of this sport becoming popular are jackasses like yourself with short-term memories becoming more commonplace. Unless you actually know that person, your judgments are just attempts at insulting someone that, I can only assume, you're jealous of. By the way, he finished THIRD at Crankworxs last year in dual slalom. Shove it, you punks.
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 Not gona argue with you, I've followed the sport for 12 years. He's off his game right now, and across the past 3 or 4 seasons has seriously lacked consistency. I think that's a fair comment. Hopefully he has a better future, and finds his form again.
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 So what? Oh I can brag and say I've been following this sport before the first Rampage but what does that have do to with anything? You're still basing your opinion off of two short clips on someone that you don't know. You're talking out of your ass right now, along with all the other kids hating on him. And since when does someone's contest results relate to their passion of riding a bike? I think the only fair comment is that you and the other kids expecting him to preform and make vids of him training and riding are idiots. People like you make me wish that biking wasn't as popular as it is today.
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 Only since the first rampage? What a noob! (joke) I don't care - stop making assumptions on someones age/riding background because they don't agree with you kye is an absolute legend. Aaaand onto the rest of your argument :-

1 - I'm 25. Not a kid. I'm not expressing jealousy, or being a 'hater'
2 -both in my field, and areas of interest, I'm a professional. I train, and I look after my body. This is alongside my commitments and responsibilities.
3 - contest results secure sponsorship, not passion.
4 - he nearly lost his sponsors a couple of years ago, through partying and not riding enough, in fact, his sponsors asked him to loose weight, if I remember correctly - go trawl the net for history on that.

5 - Stop riding him like your his biggest fan! It's the Internet, we're allowed to express out opinions - He makes it clear in the video he's still not training like he should be!

I'm done with you. You wana keep ripping into people senselessly that's your prerogative. I've got a life to be getting on with.
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 I never assumed anything about your riding and you obviously cannot comprehend what I write so here it is... I hate it when people make blind assumptions about people they don't know because it makes mtbing look retarded. That's all my point was so have fun with your life, bud. You're just so gosh darned impressive!
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 Who here rides and his level? Oh wait there aren't any here that can ride on a World Cup downhill level? How about His slopestyle skills, or perhaps there are a bunch of people here that ride better than he does at Rampage? Or maybe there are just a bunch of people here that are slaying the dual slaloms. Oh wait there isn't........ SO WHY DON'T ALL OF YOU NAY SAYERS GO DRINK A BIG GLASS OF SHUT THE HELL UP AND GET OFF YOUR ASSES AND GO RIDE YOUR BIKE INSTEAD OF BITCHING!!! That way maybe one day you can back that trash talking up with some skills. Straight rides circles around the majority of riders on pinkbike. I know I'm bitching too, but show some respect the guy has more skill and power on the bike than anyone here talking about how lousy of an athlete he is.
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 FYI - Kyle just won the Sea Otter Dual Slalom. HUGE props! Don't ever count Strait out, he is a serious competitor and has killer style, skills, and tricks. If I remember correctly, he did pull third in the Claymore Challenge last year throwing down clean 360's off big drops, and smashing double tail whips over huge doubles. NOT an easy feat. Cheers. -Miles.
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 RideOn! More videos of pros like this would be good! We always see exactly what pros are paid to do and now what they really do. Jumping DJ's on a cruiser and fishing when the weather is good and can be out riding hard. Awesome giving us the first hand view of Strait Raw! I too love spicy salsa and burrito's! Living in Japan I miss the Socal vibe! hahahahhahahha
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 you speak the truth niko
  • 1 0
 Thank you bro! RideOn!
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 I don't know what all the haters on this comment board are talking about. Eating Burritos doesn't disqualify any one from being an aathlete. His riding speaks louder than your criticism does. Check out this video of him riding with his friend Cam. I would say that he is anything but washed up! (best part of this vid, however, is Cam Zinks huge backflip, if you haven't seen it, you must!)
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 Why does the video have to contribute to the mtb community?? Just because it's a mtb website doesn't mean every video posted has to show mountainbiking, or be product reviews, or eruo bike videos. I think this video is relevent to mtb anyway, it's video about Kyle Strait, a PROFESSIONAL MOUNTAINBIKER. What gt has done in these couple of videos is genius. From what I've seen/heard about Kyle strait, he's a very laid back, "don't give a f*ck" kinda guy. These videos are exactly that. Everyone needs to stop being so pissy about how pointless these videos are because THATS THE POINT OF THEM. All these people bitching about how "fat" or "unfit" Kyle is, are idiots. You don't have to be skinny and have a six pack to be fit thats almost common knowledge, how many of you regard yourselves as being "fit" or "inshape" but have beer belly. I know I do. I beleive this contributes more to the "mountain bike community" than the videos gt put up about the athertons. The atherton video is very "im gee I ride for gt now, their bikes are amazing" What does that "contribute"? These videos show us that not every professional mountain biker, works out 20 times a day, eats 15 times a day and medittates for 3 hours a day about how they need to be number 1. I enjoyed watching these videos, they are by far the most entertaining MOUNTAIN BIKE videos i've watch all year..

Thank you

f*ck the haters
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 Kyle seems like a nice dude and theres no doubt he's a good rider. the only part of the two vids that I really paid attention was when he talked about 2012 plans and the sponsors support. the rest held no interest for me. no offense to Kyle. I think PB's mandate is to contribute to the riding community in some form (paraphrasing). so I think PB will care about what people are saying about the vids. I also think the sponsors will care. two vids on PB back to back and no shots of him riding the sponsored gear? opportunity missed in my opinion. unless of course that was a GT cruiser...oh, and there was the T-shirt...
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 'f*ck the haters'?? your not RIck Ross mate.
its just a negative opinion. I'm with conv3rt on this one.
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 i like how this vid is different, change it up every now and then to keep it fresh. its not a waste of time, you get to really see his personality instead of someone just talking for a few seconds about the edit he's about to do like in any other that cheeto story was hilarious haha
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 If you love GT so much why don't you marry them!
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 I know Kyle's a Red Bull kind of guy, and the extra padding he's carrying might be handy in a crash, but it's not going to help him much with any decent showings in any WC rounds that he does every now and again, but then again that''s not his focus.
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 Kyle is number 1 ! He is a all American all the way and one of the best all around riders in the world hands down !!! You haters go ride your bike and grow up. Way to go Kyle this weekend at The Otter!!! American Pride all the way.Love to watch you ride you are so smooth, you make it look easy,But its sooo not !!!
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 Kyle Strait has done more for the progression of mountain biking than anyone. He's reached out and helped many riders along the way improving many careers. Love him or hate him, he's one of the best things that's ever happened to the sport. Progressive interviews like we see here are just too much for some to handle, for others it's a breath of fresh air. 2pac created THUG LIFE - The Hate U Give Little Infants F's Everyone. Haters take note - brainwashing the groms who read these commments with you're puke does nothing positive for the sport. Big ups to Kyle Strait for being true to the game.
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 Jumping with a cruiser!!!! way to go!!!!!!
  • 4 1
 Hula Popper is the "way to go"
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 just wasted 6 minutes...
  • 6 1
 and don't get me wrong, i think Kyles riding is priceless, but this video just doesn't do him justice.
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 Dude, pull yourself together. Go workout
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 hes got all them bikes but decides to go out on a bike he stole of a tramp or somit like that
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 I find these edits to be strangely entertaining. Maybe because I have too much time on my hands...
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 you find them interesting because your tastes are ahead of the mtb curve. interviews like this have been all the rage in the skateboarding industry for over 20 years,snowboard industry for 15 years, surf industry for 20 years, and supercross for the last 10. mtb is just alittle bit behind the cutting edge when it comes to being 'hip'. you get it ironxcross, the rest of em will think its rad in a couple years.
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 Stoked for you Kyle!
Great support for 2012 and can't wait to see what you'll pull out of the hat when comp time comes!

Love burritos and hot sauce so digging the vid Smile
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 god damn. so many fucking trolls. sick video. once again entertained
  • 9 2
 you should get out more...
  • 3 2
 your wasting your time ragging on peoples comments.. you should get out more haha
  • 6 0
 we should probably all get out more
  • 3 0
 agreed. stuck in a lab on a sunday...gotta rag on others' comments
  • 5 4
 all these people dissing... are you sponsered by gt fox rockshoxs truvative avid sram and oackley? yea i didnt think so
  • 3 5
 i can't shake the feeling that he's overweight and overrated : he was a great talent when he was like 16 but like so many others out there the potential has never been used properly ( and no , i can't ride as decent as him but i'm not sponsored like him)
  • 6 2
 I can't shake the feeling that you have no clue about what you're talking about...
  • 2 2
 Fully agree mate, if you have the privalidge of being a paid athlete, you should be more professional about it. Fair enough saying he's laid back, but he's clearly off his game compared to other riders.
  • 2 1
 And you're basing that off of what, exactly? These two short clips?
  • 2 2
 I've only watched this one. In England, we don't the option to become professional video watchers Wink

Get a life bud. I'm sure kye doesn't care as much about this as you do.
  • 3 2
 Are you blunt? My point is that you can't base your opinions on someone by watching some clips of them. And why are you telling me to get a life when you're posting as much as myself? Go have fun taking more pictures of your bikes sitting around...
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 no wonder hes not a top world cup pro...if he just eats mexican every day how the hell does he expect to "get fit"
  • 2 1
 why make another one of these videos? biggest waste of time to film,edit,and watch. there better not be a part 3...
  • 2 0
 Dude probably has nightmares about getting fit.
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 The seat bounce, Kyle-Strait-signature-no-footer on the cruiser is one of the most bitchin things Ive ever seen hahaha
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 Good edit.. finally something a lil in the life of.. and different from the same ol' same ol'
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 hahahahaha all the tons of haters on this vid must feel like idiots now that Strait just won sea otter dual slalom Big Grin
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 Kyle loves american livestyle more than bike sad story
  • 1 0
 Sad true
  • 6 6
 This is the worst vid ever posted, what a gowl! (duche bag) what was the point of GT even letting do this vid ???
  • 3 3
 we didnt get to see if he caught anything.. Frown
  • 15 0
 He did herpes and hot Cheetos......
  • 10 11
 I love this guy. He's so down to earth and can talk about anything for ages. Love it!
  • 29 2
 Oh god that sounds so gay......
  • 3 1
  • 1 0
 hooly I respect your openness and sharing...but yes... your comment sounded kinda gey
  • 2 1
 What i meant was hes not running around like a jack ass like Gee Atherton trying to make people laugh. He's just chilled out.....
  • 1 1
 Strait is awesome I personally found it very entertaining
  • 1 2
 what a shit video, fishing is gay. the only good thing on this video was that no-foot on that gay bike
  • 1 0
 that bike looked straight to me
  • 1 1
 this video ಠ_ಠ
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