Video: Fall Bikepark Laps

Mar 16, 2013
by Hermann Eder  
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It was late last fall, with the Bikepark already closed and the cold and clouds moving in here in the Alps in Leogang, when we decided to shuttle some final runs. The first day we came up to the top station pretty early in the morning, and the fog was still lying in the valley. The dirt was getting hard, roots and north shores frozen and slippery. That was a pretty epic scenario. The riding was kind of different because the whole ground was frozen already, but still a lot of fun. We also got some shots from John hitting the 26trix jumps. That was the last shredding day of the season 2012, the next week it started snowing and the season was really over. But now the snow is melting already and we are already stoked and can’t wait for this season.


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 That looks such a sick place to ride, the flow of it all makes me jealous of everyone who has rode there
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 ^ what are your problems, biker?
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flag VTwintips (Mar 16, 2013 at 11:39) (Below Threshold)
 He's just jealous because he hasn't ridden there.
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 pretty sure he was making a joke about his name :/
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 Well it wasn't a very good joke was it
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flag go-hard (Mar 16, 2013 at 15:21) (Below Threshold)
 The entourage is cool to bad its a Kona... Gay
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 Do you even own a bike?^
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flag VTwintips (Mar 16, 2013 at 15:28) (Below Threshold)
 (me too)
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flag khndsasre (Mar 16, 2013 at 17:50) (Below Threshold)
 letz do [negativ props] #2

and why my comets always in blue color? ama no gay, girls regulary suck my dick!)
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 Corey you ripper!
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 The Operator is definitely a step in the right direction for Kona. No need to hate.
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 Daopb9 Trek session 8.8 Bitch
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 loving the music for this video
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 Great vid and a great tune. The music in vids has been getting much better on PB. Seems dubstep is slowly dying!
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 Yeah GOOD music is essential to the video... And when I mean GOOD I don't mean dubstep or techno.....
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 I agree. I'm missing the alternative though. I know Two Door Cinema Club is overplayed by I love videos with that style of music.
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 coming from someone who loves dubstep and techno, even i agree that it sucks when combined with a biking video. but i do like other music too, so dont give me too much hate!
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 Jack White stuff is just so cool for vids! Anyone who's seen that downhill video with Broken Boy Soldier on it knows what I'm talking about. And yeah, Two Door Cinema club has the right feel for sure
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 i want to ride this right meeeow!!!
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 Sick video. Lahnvalley Crew never dissapoints.
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 That was a really chill video with great riding. Infact it makes me wanna go ride right now.
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 Leogang, another part of the alps I'd like to visit. Got to work on my skills before that place though!
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 Hello everybody I Will go to Canadá for a year for work And i want to meet people who can take me to the bike Parks, the place that i Will Live is Alberta so anything you can add me
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 Still looks like a killer time to me, challenging track equals great experience for any rider(s)!
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 Looking forward to dry condition.... Wherever - whenever
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 good Music, a Killswitch and a Entourage on a nice Trail. I takes not that much to make me happy !
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 added to favorites
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 when the screen unfolds with a killswitch.... Smile
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 cant wait to go there in the summer Smile
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 what an amazing place to ride! sick flow
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 loved the riding and the song. props
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 REUSED SONG!!!!!! and it wasn't even the good version, let alone the fact that it was missing everything that made the original so good. Nar tricks steeps whips and most of all Micayla Gatto's round booty.
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 Lovely I miss LeoGang.I will be back.
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 this trail is awsomme meow (super trooper)
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 That video was so fun to watch
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 My logic/latin teacher always says, "this puppy..." it's really annoying.
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 Great edit but mismatched song IMO.
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 hi love it ,very nice
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 This place looks like it would be a blast to ride!
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 Yet another awesome park I will probably never ride : (
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 sick video! whats the song?
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 The Denial Twist - White Stripes
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 the denial twist by the white stripes.
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 The Denial Twist - White Stripes
  • 2 0
 The Danial Twist - White Stripes
  • 3 3
 White Stripes- The Denial Twist, Dumbass.
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 White Twist - The Denial Stripes
  • 1 4
 A song is the song of the video that you liked the song in the video because it is a song that is a sick song. Hey guess what? This video has a cool song that is a song in a video. A lot of people are putting comments about a song they think is sick in the video that has a song. ANNOYING?
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 ok just for the record wen i posted my comment I WAS THE ONLY ONE. and then i went back like 5 minutes later and i was like the fith so wtf...
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 The Daniel Twist - White Stripes lol
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 Looks like a hyper
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 love my home bikepark! 3
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 Sick vid
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 Frka you are a twat
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 really nice!
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 whats this song called?
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 Looks like a trek session.
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 kona dude couldnt hang
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