Lake MX170 Shoes: Parts Check

Feb 18, 2010
by Mike Levy  
If you are a rider who clips in, or have clipped in, in the past, Lake shoes are probably already on your radar. Lake has a massive lineup of shoes to choose from for nearly every occasion but inside we'll focus on Lake's high performance MX170 mountain shoe and its noteworthy Boa Lacing System

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Lake MX170 cycling shoes

Lake started in 1982 and today their array of cycling shoes spans the entire gamut of disciplines. Whether you are a male or female rider, Lake should have a shoe for your needs. Be it cold weather specialty footwear, to performance road or mountain, and even a platform specific shoe called the Station. Below is the MX170, one of Lake's lighter weight race oriented models that features their Boa Lacing System.

Lake MX170 MTB shoes
Lake MX170 MTB shoes

All of Lake's high end shoes, including the MX170 shown here, use their proprietary Boa Lacing System. The Boa closure system distributes pressure more evenly than a Velcro or lace-up design is able to, while also being micro adjustable. The mechanical system is based around a single composite filament that crisscrosses the tongue of the shoe in the place where you would usually expect laces to be found. A small dial on the back of the shoe adjusts the tension via 21 small clicks per full turn. Each click only takes on a slight amount of the filament and therefore very small adjustments are possible. The Boa system not only applies even pressure to the upper and lower saddle areas of your foot, but also the heel. Once you're done your ride and ready to kick off your shoes all you need to do is give the dial a firm pull and it will be released from its ratcheting position, giving you enough slack to easily remove the shoe.

The Boa lacing filament crisscrosses the tongue of the MX170
The Boa lacing filament crisscrosses the tongue of the MX170

Lake MX170 Details:

• Designed to be a lightweight race shoe
• Upper is made from soft action leather
• Outsole is real rubber Lake Mountain X race sole with optional Mudstuds ™
• Uses Lake's heel mounted push/pull BOA lacing system
• Sole is drilled for SPD and other two hole mounted cleats (Time, Crank Bros. ect)
• Available sizes include men's standard and wide (EE) whole 39 - 48, 50, half sizes 39.5-46.5
• MX170's weigh 400 grams
• Black/silver color scheme
• MSRP $159.99 CAD

Boa Lacing System dial
Boa Lacing System dial

Natural leather is used for the uppers and the surface has both antimicrobial and abrasion resistant treatments performed to it. The sole of the MX170, and all of Lake's mountain shoes use only natural soles that are said to provide more grip and security than a composite bottom. The aggressively lugged soles of the MX170's also have a place for you two install the optional Lake Mudstud toe spikes if conditions get rally nasty. The shoes accept any of the common two-bolt mounted cleats, including SPD, Time, and Crank Brothers.

Aggressive soles on the bottom of the MX170
Aggressive soles on the bottom of the MX170

Fit should always be the deciding factor in any shoe related decision and Lake makes it a bit easier by offering men's standard and wide (EE) whole 39 - 48 sizes, a 50, and half sizes in 39.5-46.5. Those riders out there that need extra wide footwear or always fall in between a common size will appreciate all of the above.

Do you have a set of Lake shoes that you love? Are you a platform user who is thinking about going to clips? Or maybe a clipped rider who is going to platforms? Lets hear about it below!

Visit to see their entire range of footwear.


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 Just so everyone here is in the know, Boa was not developed by lake. Boa is a Separate company licensing to footwear companies, The technology is available on lots of other Products, Most notably being snowboard boots but including bowling shoes golf shoes hunting boots ect. Great technology, but not the only bike shoe with boa
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 Agreed, the artical does make it seem like they invented BOA system. Even the "Details" section makes it sound this way. Not too bad bad of a shoe for xc riding or just spd's.
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 This is a wonderful opinion. The things mentioned are great
and needs to be appreciated by everyone.
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 fugly. this is not basketball...
  • 4 1
  • 6 2
 What the f*ck? Have you ever seen a pair of basketball shoes??

More like football shoes (and no it's not soccer, it's called football).
  • 1 0
 more like track spikes
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 When will there be product-photos of dark coloured parts in front of a white background?!

Nice shoes, though!
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 see i like the design on these shoes. its personal taste with shoes i think to be honest, i have lake MX 81 and there ace, even though there bright yellow on black
  • 8 3
 Anything to do with clipless on here gets slated as it's not trendy enough. Then again I can't exactly say I'm a fan of my five tens either and think they look like something you'd get from the Doctors to cure bad feet... Sure, these Lake's look a little different to the disco slippers from the likes of Shimano (my preferred footwear) etc but actually look really good for it, there's always a place for individuality - I can't stand those Skate style SPD shoes and much prefer the proper rigid soled xc based shoes such as these as they hold your feet that much more securely which is more comfortable on long rides (80 mile+), and give you much more feel when riding downhill. It's nice to see that these have the option of toe studs too for when the need arises, something that Shimano unfortunately deem unecessary on a lot of their shoes now it seems.
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 thats the problem now,bikign is turning too looks rather than how well they work. were turning into bmx'ers
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 possibly the worst looking spd shoe on the market - looks like a Gola or Hi tech football boot!
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flag j9king (Feb 18, 2010 at 6:41) (Below Threshold)
 5-10's on flats all the way! no need for those
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 They look like addidas basketball shoes....
Booooo, these look poopy!!!!

They probably work well though? Maybe....
hats off to the first one wearing these on the trail...
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 this is pinkbike, everything except skate shoes are lame. I'm sure even if a Sidi Dragon was up people wouldn't like it.
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 not correct, these shoes are ugly for real. They actually look like they're intended for going out.
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 I just bought a pair of MX155's...i'm picking them up today. I can't wait - i'm told these shoes will be much more durable than my shimano shoes that only lasted one season!
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 You guys gonna put those on?
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 there are much better looking xc specific spd shoes out than these and tbh they look like my old puma football boots a bit but look a lot cheaper lol
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 I'm scared to look different, i'd never wear those soccer,basketball,bowling,ballet slippers!!
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 Upload your shoe pictures and let them battle it out. Or a href="">Shoe battles/a>
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 Soccer shoes???
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 wow those are ugly... cool design though
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 they are gay , whoever buys or wears them is gay , end of ....
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 I wear shimano spd's on flats and they stick like chewing gum to a fat ass even without the cleats, no thx.
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