Video: Larocque in Mongolia - Teaser

Sep 17, 2012
by Mongolia Bike Challenge  
We love riding and racing in Mongolia. It is an experience like no other. So much so that we have a hard time trying to convey to people the depth of the experience. That's where videographer extraordinaire, Aaron Larocque, comes in. The Victoria, BC contingent of Team MBC have been working with Aaron on projects on Vancouver Island over the past couple of years and knew he was the perfect guy for the job. Not only is he a talented videographer, but a pure adventuer at heart. He was 'in' at the first mention of Mongolia. You can check out his recap of the 2012 Mongolia Bike Challenge p/b Orbea here and stay tuned for a full 'behind the scenes' release in the coming months!

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Photo Credit Nic Genovese

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 I really don't think there is any greater sport than biking. It allows people to experience some of the most amazing places in the world.
  • 55 1
 what about Curling?
  • 2 0
 i agree! the whole life sytle and everything is just awesome
  • 5 0
 hahah curling
  • 7 1
 The idea of arguing that one sport is "greater" than another is one of the worst ideas ever.

That being said there are a few more sports/ activities that allow you to explore more of the world. Wink
  • 2 5
 Hahaha, NorCalNomad; the idea of you not getting your "opinion" in on people's comments is one of the best ideas ever.
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 No it's not my opinion that there are other sports that let you explore more of the earth.

That's a fact.

Just to name two; Sailing (there is water than land....), Mountaineering (not too many trails up on 8000m or other technical peaks, and hiking/ backpacking gets rolled into this since you have to do those with mountaineering). I do neither of those btw.

Bikes are for the most of the time limited to trails. Yes it is incredible what bikes can do, and where they can take you. But if you boil it down there are many places they can not help you access. Don't think I don't like biking, why do you think I'm on this site...
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 Curling is rather awesome. You get to wear the greatest pants anyone has ever set eyes on.
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 @ Pieman6 - I present to you; Don Cherry.

That is all.

Sincerely, the rest of Canada.
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 Yeah but he's got the entire suit going. Curling is all about the pants haha
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 Tonsil Hockey is also a great sport...the best??? Who knows these things?
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 Mr.Aaron Larocque you sir are a God in the film industry
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 Nice, i was in Mongolia this summer and that is definitely it! Great tracking shots and use of the AF100 cam. The best part of Mongolia? When it's hot out, all the guys with the biggest stomachs would lift up their shirts and let those bellies fly. I noticed a quick clip of that in the vid. Too bad about the food there, though.
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 i dont usually like xc videos or races but this makes me want to get out and do a crazy marathon ride somewhere remote. good job Aaron i love your videos!!
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 Smile Adventure ! The essence of riding a bike. These type of people, and mind set are forming a future of our sport, in which I'am proud to be apart of. So many great documentary styled videos these days i.e. (where the trial ends). Great to see.
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 wow, I would love to try something like this. looks epic.
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 Wow that's amazing. Before people start ripping on the flat/not tech trails, This is something you do for the experience, Not the Riding.
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 that was amazing, good work Aaron
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 Amazing video! And God ! This people can pedal!!!
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 Haha I think I'm the only Mongolian on Pinkbike. Anyways, YEAH GO MONGOLIA!!! Loved this video! Feel like trying this even though I won't finish it...
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 downhill bike at 2:15!!! haha
  • 2 0
 larocque shox?
  • 2 2
 i think a cyclo cross may suit the terrain better

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