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Video: Life Cycle - We Are Enduro

Dec 7, 2012
by Matt Wragg  

The very talented Vittorio Platania spent a few days filming with the Sanremo-based Life Cycle enduro team earlier this year, here is the result.


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 nice riding! but music choice...
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 yeah great vid but the music doesn't fit in the slightest!!
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 would have been better wit the black keys
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 just the end killed it...
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 I actually really liked that song with that ride.
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 All for "Euduro" as a discipline, but none of the riding in this video was video worthy. And the skill level displayed does not really do the discipline any justice. Looked more like a bunch of cross country riders in baggies and full face helmets.
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 Agreed I was looking at this thinking, i'd hit this on my entry spec XC hardtail...
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 Great to see single crown forks being used where needed Smile But i will agree, the music was a bit off and the angles seemed to be repetitive as well ..
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 camera angles are so repetitive, just boring
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 also the song..please put another one next time!
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 Contrary to the most, I liked the music. These guys rip going downhill, why do they need to pretend they climb the whole way standing or with their seats in "rippin" position?
I´m in Sweden now. 40cm snow on the trails. Sweet to remeber that sky is blue and that it can get dusty!
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 some bikes climb better while remaining seated, others like to be worked over i guess?
The trail or trails look really fun,...i caught myself going into a trance and thought I was seeing double.(two of the blue man group maybe?)

or maybe it was two guys that forgot the "so which kit are you gonna wear" call prior to the trip!
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 Some of those guys are going pretty good, but it just wasn't very exciting, and the camera work wasn't very good, and the music sucked. Just looked like some above average trail riders trying to show off for the camera but unfortunately riding usually feels cooler than it looks on film
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 Agree with the abouve comments, great vid, bad music! What bikes were they? looked like nukeproof mega am? Also what helmets?
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 All Ibis Mojo hd .. Wink
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 t.h.e. helmets.
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 nice vid and riding but music...well I think it is not the best you could chose
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 To those that commented on "climbing out of the saddle" and "good to see single crown forks".....go put your Lycra back on and count your f*cking calories!
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 Good to hear some different kind of music instead of that DUBSTEP, PUNK, ROCK, ELECTRO shitty stuff you hear all the time in MTB videos... Quintorigo RULES!
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 nice vid, awful music
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 loved it but does anyone else not like it when people leave the bike noises in for the simple fact that squeaky brakes REALLY suck to listen to? seriously, it makes my ears bleed.
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 Its great for the occasional shot but it definitely needs to be spread out more
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 Valentina always gets my vote!
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 Sweet italian trail
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 awful music and they sure dont know how to climb
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