Video: Ace Hayden - The List

Sep 6, 2013
by Lone Wolf Productions  
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As a young rider I can remember shooting photos and videos with my friends; writing out lists of riding areas we wanted to shoot the following day. As it turned out we were not the only ones who had this habit. The riding list is a common occurrence and almost any rider you meet will have at one point in their past wrote a list whether it be for some photos, a video, or a trip to a new location. Out of all the locations I assure you that no other place has had more lists written regarding it than the Whistler Bike Park. Due to the amount of coverage Whistler gets in the media its reputation precedes itself allowing riders to almost know the trails and hot spots without ever putting rubber to dirt. This lead us to ask "what would it look like if a pro rider and ex-resident of Whistler were to write his list"? We decided to find out and put Ace Hayden to the test. It didn't take long for Ace to come up with his favourite spots and show us how to cross a few things off the list.

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 Using a rock as a backstop, smart.
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 Shotguns and knives because MURIKKA [x]
Cringworthy scripted phonecall [x]
Do the usual lines people do when riding the park [x]
Case the no joke rock triple [x]
Ghetto music 'yo from da streetz [x]
Write D1 on the list but don't do it. [x]

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 Tough crowd, your videos are so sick though congrats.
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 so the user name makes sense.
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 WHY would anyone become an ex-resident of whistler?! Especially if your still riding!
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 come to Kamloops and find out
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flag philip92 (Sep 6, 2013 at 13:46) (Below Threshold)
 Are there many trails in Kamloops?
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 Harper Mountain hype
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 buddy lives in westsyde
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 Whistler is only for the rich and by the looks of his car that pretty much sums it up.
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 So there more trails and shit in Kamloops then in Whistler?

Don't blame me for not knowing, i live in f*cking Holland.
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 Kamloops is just a different beast then Whistler. Tons of trails longer riding season and the birth of free ride
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 Thanks!, But how can the riding season be longer in Kamloops then Whistler.
It's not that far from each other?

Is it because in Whistler the mountains are higher? just guess something.
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 because it snows way more in Whistler, and the Bike Park is only open for a specific timeframe (late May- early Oct). Even though the mountain may be rideable, the lifts aren't running. This doesn't apply to XC and other pedal/push access, obviously. Squamish is 1 hour away and is more rideable in the winter than Whistler. North Shore is basically rideable all winter.
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 We also reside at the tip of a semi arid desert. It's. crazy landscape change in a small distance.
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 that's beautiful. Sound like mountain biking paradise
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 I know MANY ex-Whistler residents!!! It seems most people move away for the same reasons.....too many yuppies, tourists, snooty locals (although there's a lot of super rad locals too), and the astronomical cost of living.
Oh and coastal snow sucks.
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 Yeah Ace that was so sick! Fun to watch
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 its a pitty that the length of the intro doesnt reflect the length of riding footage in the video.
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 Shalemaster is so En Vogue! Tons of clips lately.
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 dope !
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 yewww flyin gota love wisler
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 Lone Wolf Productions faved
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 this is just what i need at 1 .40 in the am . gonna load the car .
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 ride a Commencal and own a gun...i dont believe it.....
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 good combo right Smile
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 DAyuumm.. sick
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 I want that pump.
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 The Bullitts - They Die by Dawn
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 that was a sweet edit. really showed off whistler more than most vids which are just pieces of a-line and huge air
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 Wooooooo, another video at Whister. Soooo exciting
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