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Jul 31, 2013
by Stefan Morrocco  
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Morrocco Media's sports video analysis from the 2013 UCI Fort William Downhill Mountain Bike World Cup showing just how important this analysis is to the top riders. It demonstrates how critical line choice is and, even, basic technique. Riders were gaining 1/3 of a second in just one corner and if you think how close the racing is these days, that 1/3 of a second could be the difference between winning and second place! This is a service offered by Morrocco Media (, so get in touch if you want to discuss further. It clearly illustrates how we can help you find the fastest lines, test bike set-ups and compare yourself to other riders during a race weekend. We can help identify small technique issues that can be worked on over the weekend to gain those extra tenths of a second.

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 I want to get this done to me... 99% of the commentary would be 'Euan was a pussy into this section and pulled the brakes 73.5% more than he had to' though.
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 i laughed so hard reading your comment! Salute
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 Look at mid screen to the left for the drunk kid in red. @ 0:15 he does an amazing bellyflop to dirt while his evil twin is doing cartwheels.
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 LMFAO at thestigmk1's comment. Too funny.
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 Would be great to have this direct comparison in world cup broadcasts. The rider in the hot seat vs. the one on the track!
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 Massively agree there dude! Be great to watch! This tech is amazing
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 Race Teams would benefit most from this new technology. Big teams such as GT Factory Racing, for example would be able to use this technology to analyse how the youth riders could learn from the older more experienced and faster riders. The teams in WC racing would also be able to afford this technology.
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 that's a great idea dude
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 Guarantee their already doin it
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 That is so awesome and surely expensive. If I were a world cup racer I would go for it!
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 Forget DH, we can finally sort out this 26" versus 650b versus 29" once and for all!
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 Thanks for the positive comments guys. Glad you all like it. Can't do much about the accent though!
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 Better than Josh Bryceland's... Big Grin
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 Very cool, I would like to see more!
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 We have been using this software and doing similar things in track and field, swimming and weight lifting for more than 10 years (recently using GoPro's for capture), in both the lab and field. While it's very interesting to watch, it's invaluable for coaches in providing feedback and technique comparison for their athletes, more importantly it is reasonably affordable. With the level of professionalism in DH now days I'd be surprised if this hasn't been done behind closed doors a lot more than people realise.

If anyone computer/media savy is interested, Dartfish do have a month long free trial -
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 This is so awesome. Really great to see a clear way to compare rider technique and line choices, and see how the net result plays out. Can't wait to see this incorporated into live broadcasts...would be fantastic to have instant replay analysis after runs. Great stuff guys!
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 It's neat because if you watch the riders in video segments (it's less noticeable in race coverage) that have been in films, especially 3 minute gaps (Look at Blenky, Gwin, and Sam, or hell any of them and you see very very very distinct riding which is so damn cool), you can see a very distinct riding style that each rider has. Gee loves pushing further out in corners where he pretty much possibly can and really springing back fast as opposed to a more controlled approach (really noticeable in the first segment in SIN and the NZ part in Follow Me), and it's cool to finally see this style that is noticeable equate into a better time through a section at a race in direct comparison to other racers.
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 Couldn't agree more! I'm sure people are going to geek out over all this data Smile
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 It's like MarioKart. But Real.
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 That is utterly evil! Hopefully this will improve people's riding skills but also force WC course builders to create new tracks or at least new track sections.

Really brilliant! I wish you a great success with this Big Grin
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 Amazing. Morrocco Media please do a comparison of the final line sections for Remi Thirion at Vallnord in comparison to some of the other top finishers. This tool and utilization is so cool. Thanks for sharing
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 This is so sweet
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 You guys stole my idea :p I always wanted to break down profesional athletes from a biomechanical level after I got my B.S. Are you guys looking for interns?
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 "Here the rider in red and black"......that is the man Steve Smith!!!!!
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 It's Nick Beer.
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 Correct you are! Sorry man meant to give you + props for that...... Apparently I suffer from fat finger syndrome!
Good eye man...
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 Luke, Follow the light, you must.
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 Can this kind of analysis be done at a race? I.e. post or even mid practice?
Without that, I can't see it being anything more than a novelty and a post-mortem examination.
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 It certainly can be done both mid and post race and there is potential for live-feed analysis. Heart rate and power meter data can be incorporated in analysis too.
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 its och if your trying to do a Scottish accent, its ach if you are Scottish tbh
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 Very clever stuff!

I bet every rider and his dog will be studying Gee's line through that corner next year Wink
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 Hell yeah! How cool is this!!?
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 Lol at zer0c00l44 .... At you not with you ...
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 remind anyone of harry potter's omniocculars at the world cup?
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 that is cool overlapping riders like that
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 nice technology!! does a ghost rider hit a tree? :p
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 This goes to show how much of a f*cking surgeon Gee is on the bike!
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 brutalizer!!! nice technology
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 That is incredible.
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 very interesting
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 Ghost car.. well bike
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