Video: Marshall Mullen Digs His Field of Dreams

Feb 19, 2014
by Rupert Walker  

It took Malibu, California native Marshall Mullen five years to perfect his private backyard oasis of dirt jumps. All this work has given him firsthand insight into what it takes to execute a line that can be ridden seamlessly. This video shows his appreciation for the art of creating your own trails.

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 Yea I'm 19 and I build jumps in my back yard in my Malibu home and my bike costs more than your car. lol
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 gotta give props to the parents for providing land, a bobcat, loads of money, and support to their kid
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 Your jealousy is so transparent.
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 My name is Marshall Mullen. I'm not poor.
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 there needs to be a slope style comp there
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 Not jealous, I think it funny and awesome! Could you imagine being 19 and having all that?
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 I'm so jealous and i'm not afraid to admit it.
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 The crispiness of that berm, the pure vert side of that roller... TEACH US YOUR WAYS MASTER MARSHALL
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 They look like they came out of a mold or something! You rock malibu mullen!
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 No dig no ride.
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 Build your trails and see others people -who ride thoses trails- happy, is a great feeling. And for me, riding what I dig, take level on this, rebuild something bigger after some times, and so on, make me happy too.

And sorry for them, but the riders who never took a shovel where I ride with my friends, don't understand what makes our sport better.
(Our spots are often subject to natural or human destructions, and require a lot of works everytime...)
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 Riders who don't dig, don't deserve to ride.
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 Congratz for what you've done buddy!!! when you dig you know that the work you've done is MAD! CHEERS !!! SO SMOOTH!!!!
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 It took me the better part of 3 years to perfect a DH line on our local hill. Last August I felt honoured that it was used for a race. What a great feeling to know the race organiser deeming my work to be good enough to host a race. Sadly it was partially on private land, the landowner and police turned up and consigned it to history.
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 Oh shit fucking cock suckaaaaaaaz
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 'trail building.. it's not easy.. lol jk psych my parents own a fucking mini ex and they let build what ever i want on their property you fucking peasants. now praise me and my trails.'
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 But he's learned sooooo much in the process!
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flag jv86416 (Feb 21, 2014 at 15:41) (Below Threshold)
 winkgrant - jealous much? I guess I'd be pretty negative all the time too if I tried for a career in MTB that ended up going basically nowhere. The guy clearly has a passion for building and has done a great job on those trails by the looks of it.
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 Zinger! A passion for building... more than the next builder? Who builds a line on his parents property in Malibu?
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 I don't see you ripping Gilding a new one for having similarly lucky circumstances? Sounds like you know nothing about him
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 You're right, I don't really know much about the kid. However, I have a lot of respect for Gilding because he has more than one line and any one line at his place is by far more impressive. Also, he doesn't ride a $3500 - $4000 dirt jumper nor does he live in Malibu.
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 'Yeah it's really dope to have this opportunity and I'm super fortunate to have parents who let me use their land and excavator to build trails. Not a lot of kids get to experience having jumps in their yard so I'm very grateful for the position I'm in. It's been a lot of hard work getting these jumps dialed in exactly how I want and I'm stoked to have my own trails riding perfect for my friends and I to shred.'

Something along those lines would’ve been suffice. Idk, what do I know?
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 Don't like it don't watch it, no need to hate on the kid because his parents have money
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 Marshall has sponsors and so does Gilding so what does it matter how much their bikes cost lol? I get what you're sayin Wink I just hear a lot of quick assumptions. He didn't choose to be rich.
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 I watched it because I'm interested in trailbuilders and cool backyard setups. I was disappointed by the message after watching and haven't re-watched it (unlike, for example, videos of Gilding's yard).

The fact that a kid of no particular renown from a wealthy family has such strong sponsors is also a little disappointing... it kinda undermines the role/point of sponsorship. There are plenty of great riders and builders who don't get that kind opportunity.

Hate me all you want for voicing my opinion.
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 Water them jumps !
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 mad $! enve on a dj!!!??
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 He lives in malibu....
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 #sponsorENVE... there we go
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 Haha clever, i do ENVE his sponsers, i also enve his finacial backing if he lives in malibu, the average house there costs over 1 mill. Real estate especially open land like that doesnt come cheap. But yes i admit i am jealous.
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 Having been there myself I can assure you that the only flat spot is the one between the lip and landing of that massive gap
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 It's hard out in the streets of Malibu! Props for making the best of your situation! SICK!
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 Sorry but it really doesn't take five years to build a trail like that when you've got a bobcat or some machinery...
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 Does when you constantly change it to increase the flow and go bigger!
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 I've lost count on how many times I've changed my local jump line. It's called evolution. Also land limitations force you to change shit up, or your scene/trails get stale.
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flag andrewgiesbrecht (Feb 19, 2014 at 16:10) (Below Threshold)
 its called manning up and using a shovel 100%
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 Why would you use a shovel 100% when you have a bobcat or loader...?
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 Huge respect to anyone who builts their own jumps, regardless if you rich or poor or in the middle. the road is he same, just how we get there changes. I for once start it building a clandestine jumps and I appriciate other peoples work way more.
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 Didn't Zach Dank and crew build these jumps initially?
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 good call, i'd forgotten about that.
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 what are the rims hes got on that p slope
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 Dollar bills compressed into a high-strength composite.
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 Theyre Enves. They are soooo expensive
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 The tuck no hand at 1:11 was huuuuge Smile
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 living the dream
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 Really good seeing good trials, wish I had some land to do what ever I wanted with it
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 Meh, you have all that space and you design flat sports between almost every jump?? hahaha! ..nicely carved berms dont make up for that.
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 now lets all get out an build a trl
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 An artist, on & off the bike.
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 what breed of dog is that?
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 when i die. this is where im going.
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 Sick work and ride

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